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Maps That Need A Remake

deadline to enter maps: 2013, 12, 31 (Year, month, day)
While I was skimming through the database, looking for good tourney maps, I realized how many very maps there are, that have a nice concept, but just do not match modern competitive standards execution-wise. Those would would really deserve a proper remake.

So I will make a start and put them up here.

If you know other maps, that you would like to see remade, feel free to add them. Preferably leave some words to point out, what you like about those maps, and what you think needs to be improved.
Be very selective though, to deserve to be here a map should not merely be good but exceptional in one way or another, so A) this does not turn into useless dump for random maps and B) there is actually a chance and motivation for mappers to pick your suggestion up for a remake.

Do not be shy. Any one should feel free to pick any of these up and remake it. I will pick one or another myself from time to time, if I feel like it.

Important note:
Please, from now on, refrain from submitting any of your own maps. It is kind of insensible and bad mannered. This thread should not be derailed and flooded with attempts to push your own maps. Chances are, if no one else considers your maps remake-worthy, they may actually not be that good after all, and therefore no one would pick them up and remake them anyway, so having them here won\\\'t actually help it.

Also do not add maps, that are probably still worked on by their authors (this basically includes any map by any active mapper). If you really want to have that map finished ASAP for some reason, just leave a note in the respective map thread, asking about it.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Korhal Pride1.3NastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Formula43NastyMarineMelee Picture0
(4)Ridge2Ridge2.1NastyMarineMelee Obs Picture0
(2)SunburnLasTCursEMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Crash CourseK_AMelee Obs Picture3
(4)Destiny 2.0jamssiMelee Picture0
(4)DongjeonhannipMelee Picture0
(4)Voices IVTestbug (scrath:crackie, idea:TkTkVrooM)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Spinel Valley 3.2Testbug/Freakling, Concept: SpinesheathMelee Obs Picture1
(4)Enarey 1.3 MorroWMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Moonlight Punch RomanTwoSMelee Picture0
(4)CrisisneobowmanMelee Obs Picture0
(3)HyperblastLostTamponMelee Picture5
(4)Plating 1.2 MorroWMelee Obs Picture0
(3)SneezedLostTamponMelee Picture8
(4)MorbidezzaM#Melee Obs Picture8
(3)White Dragons ValleyLasTCursEMelee Obs Picture5
(4)Barzak 1.0PhilipJayFryObs Picture0
(4)LexingtonNastyMarineMelee Picture0
(3)Christmas GiftTextbookMelee Picture0
(4)TomorrowLasTCursEMelee Obs Picture0
(4)OdysseyTestbug (Original idea: Crackling)Melee Obs Picture3

The deadline to enter maps is over.

Feel free to add your own suggestions. Or give your opinion, which one of these you'd like the most to see remade. I am planning on picking up one or another of these and update/remake them for future map packs.

Or maybe some one wants to pick one of these up and work on it himself...
Crisis: Very interesting overall expo layout. But the (4)128x112 idea clearly doesn't work out for
this one...
Hyperblast: I'd really like to add a LostTampon map to a map pack at some point... But they're mostly really old and outdated... He made quite good (3) maps though, this would be one of them...
(3)/(4)Plating (MorroW actually made both versions of this map...) is a bit similar...
Sneezed... Is very straight forward... And very retro... But I think there's something about it. A good, and not even too big, update may actually make it work.
Morbidezza: If only the nats were better... and the 3rds... And the mains...
Blackout & White Dragon: More (3)maps, this time LastCurse's... Unfortunately he was never very keen on making his maps actually playable... What a waste of all the work... These two are definitely worth some more work though...
Venezia: I did not even know there was a map like this [but there's even some other, similar map in the database womwhere...]. I really like this one structurally and aesthetically. But the mains are too small and overall space management is horrible, if those are improved there's a very unique map...
Barzak: I did not really like Fry's own remake, I think the multitude of bridges and all the straight lines in the original one gave it a very unique feel....
Yeah those are really nice there are some good ideas out there
I added one of my really old maps, i kinda like the idea, but the execution is really bad..
I kinda see potential 4 a re make..
"Hey, I am too lazy to update my own maps, so Freakling can remake them for me" was not the point of this thread :(
What about this one
Freakling did it himself
Lol... Actually... If you like to work on that map, traceurling, then just do it... It's not so much a matter of remaking it as it is a matter of simply finishing (or at least advancing) it...
Maps that need a remake
4462 (4)Over Under I plan to finish this if JungleTerrain does not... But taking out the mineral onlines and refomatting the expansions
4263 (3)Grains of Sand Thirdss
4394 (2)Sunburn Interesting concept, dont want it to go to waste.
modified by CrystalDrag
Remove Over Under... Both you and Jungle are already working on updates/remakes.
Also maps that their original authors are supposedly still working on don't belong here.

And I think Grains needs more than just the thirds changed :/
Added Serpent Sickness and Hangman just in case anyone is still remaking any of these.

Hangman has a lot of potential, it was always a concept upload and I hope someone who is good with rotational will give it a try.

Serpent Sickness has some really cool elements but my execution is just not the best.
Added some rules, basically common sense, to get some more order into how this thread is used.
I also retroactively enforced them, removing maps that did not comply.
Please do not take it personally. I consequently also removed Grains of Sand. It's really just to avert abuse and confirmation bias on one's own maps.
I still think other than the fact that I added them, that Serpent and Hangman would still apply.
Grains of Sand was your map~ ^-^
Maybe it was not primarily yours, but we are both still very active, so we do not need it to be up here in order to remake it!
modified by Freakling
Added Lexington because Nasty said he isn't going to be doing it and it has a lot of potential.
Lexington was a map that i found some weeks ago, but didnt put up for some reason.
I kinda want to work on some of these maps...but I dunno what are the issues D:
Pick one you like, make a discussion thread, there you go!
Who posted half my maps in here xD
Interested in a cooperative remake of Korhal Pride, Crystal?
Added (4)Odyssey for a remake as (6)Odyssey.
Id like 2 have seen a rm of 1 of my maps :(
After all I am retired from broodwar map making
fuck... i voted twice

Il fix later
modified by sTY_leZerg-eX
Will some one ever vote?
sure "D
Damn, I feel like I need to remake one too!
(3)Blackout -> Map inspiration for Jungle (3)Power Bond
(2)Orpheus -> Remade by Me (2)Eurydice
-Heard that an editor Kroznade is continuing Fighting Mancha.

-Map Laogai by i forgot the map editor or maker (needs one remake too)!

-Same for Son of a g*n by outscar (yeah map name is bad)
modified by addressee
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CrystalDrag voted (4)Morbidezza as 1. choice
sTY_leZerg-eX voted (3)White Dragons Valley as 1. choice
sTY_leZerg-eX voted (4)Odyssey as 2. choice
Corvett voted (4)Morbidezza as 2. choice
LasTCursE voted (3)Sneezed as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Crash Course as 2. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Spinel Valley 3.2 as 3. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (3)Hyperblast as 1. choice
sTY_leZerG-eX voted (3)Sneezed as 2. choice
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