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Last update for (4)Lexington : 2007, 12, 25 07:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2130 (4)Lexington 128*128NastyMarine0.5beta

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

i pretty much finished this map a few months ago but i stopped using my old computer so i kinda forgot about it. I really like this map alot as it offers lots of variety which i have heard alot of players like. its best for strategy etc. most of them say they like unsymmetric maps as the tactic will always be a bit different b.c of the lack of symmetry. so i put my thoughts together and came up with this map. comments gogogogoog
modified by NastyMarine
I really like the decorations in this map, makes my deco skills look even more noobish. It looks sweet and very easily playable. I personally think the two chokes (one for nat and one for min only) are a little wider than I'd like them to be because I think with the chokes being this size right now it's harder to defend the nat and ramp at the same time.

On the other hand though, this makes for some pretty interesting gameplay. Rushes on this map may be more effective than macroing/early exp to build mass later. If it was your intention to have the chokes a little wider, then i don't think there's much of a problem. :)
I indeed love this map, its really awesome. I dont usually like maps with low mains high mids but you pulled it off very nicely.
Wow.... Stunning. I love the way you implemented this idea. The design fits so well into the frame and its accented with inherently beautiful decoration - the true definition of high level execution.

Few suggestions... I recommend that you move the natural minerals a tiny bit closer to the main ramp to aid in early defense (mainly Zerg FE). And also, It seems as though Red and Teal's main ramp will be more difficult to defend because it is not "tucked away" like the other two are, it is slightly more open. I'll GMCS further comments.
looks good from the look - but gameplaywise? a tight map with all expos very close get expos step by step -.-
good map
hmmmm nice inverteds. you do them yourself? :D
awesome map the only thing i worry about is tanks hitting the nat from the low ground. i'll see in game how much of a problem it is.
So who's up for Reverse Lexington?^^

I like the map, but I wish corners pathing was less gay.

How is space in the mains?

Could be decorated better lol...

I think flo is wrong. Although idk for sure about tightness not having played it, but from the pic I think that it is open enough, and that the expo layout is good.

I do not like the horizontal main formations. They look really bad, and especially can be manner pyloned whereas the vertical ones cannot.

One possible suggestion, what are your thoughts on switching the ramps of the lowground expo? I think it's too easy to defend with the large ramp close to you and the enemy having to take the little one... and having the mineral only like that already defends it pretty well.
Im going to be fixing stuff but not right now.. im not home and im at a mac.. no editor for the mac :/
I kinda prefer it this way, but it couldn't hurt to have a normal version and a reversed... (Just a lot more work than I'd be willing to do) Gl with that one Nasty ;)
are you working on this map? it's worth it ;)
I second that.
fucking reversed?? are you out of your mind??? :P its not symmetric, nor is there much to base it on anyway. it'd be so hard. someone reverse it in the "reverse your map comp"
no don't reverse it -_-
maybe I will but that would be seperate from what I'm talking about -.-
3 zvts uploaded. I didn't realize how far the nat is from the main's ramp, hard as fuck to defend both, can't even 3hatch it really. Please tighten choke... neutral or something
from one game on it (pvp) i must say i am disappointed. the mains are slightly too small, and the map itself feels very uncomfortable. also see how a very early fight decided the whole match easily because of the main setup. also, i think it is hard to get expansions which is a problem because you need more room for buildings than the mains provide. there's work to be done. maybe you should make the main highground - that way you can also easily deal with the natural's openess by moving the entrance.
well i've already stated that this map has work to be done. Just havent been too motivated to do it. So no MOTM for this map i suppose.
Hey Nasty why don't you finish this map? Come on man, M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N, motivation! go, go ,go, go!
no no no :)
But Nasty, look at what Nightmarjoo wrote in the newspost:

"Last but not necessarily least, I want to acknowledge as an honourary mention, Nastymarine's Lexington, which actually recieved the most votes, but is still under construction by Nasty, who hopefully will perfect this almost amazing map for a future competition".

Just a little effort man.

: ^ )
This map is very hard to pull off properly. So I won't be recreating it again. I've tried four times and still cannot achieve a better version. If anyone wants to take a go at it, by all means go ahead.

--G.t)Alexandra vs icafe.motO(1on1, 1.14p)
--G.t)Alexandra vs icafe.motO(1on1, 1.14p)
--G.t)Alexandra vs icafe.mOto(1on1, 1.14p)
--flothefreak vs chez(1on1, 1.14)

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