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Last update for (3)Hyperblast : 2008, 10, 24 23:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3298 (3)Hyperblast 128*128LostTampon0.1betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

still playing around with dwebs :P
it's... tight but you are still able to flank
ya, still thinking about removing the island expos to open it up a bit... but dunno
Axe the islands. Nothing about them is good.

Work on decoration.

Maybe try and reshape shit so that the three plateaus have gas expos; if you do so remove mineral blocks around the map (randomly for more fun!).

Work on the nats and mains, they are awkward.
Basically same issue as in your twilight map. I really like this concept, but some things are awkward, on top of some positional imbalances (particularly the nats and mains).

Conceptually hmm... what about opening a small path in the very center so that there's a little more mobility, tau cross style? Maybe place dwebs or even swarms there.

You may have to remake the map to get the space to work better, but without the islands I think you'll be surprised how much space you'll have to work with.
I don't mean to undermine your mapping prowess, but maybe we should have Testbug do it, he's really really good at (3)maps.
small update
kind of akward mains

middle might be too tight

gj on the rotical mirror

dont like the middle

teal blue tvp is impossible for protoss, i swear. turtle way on 12.

concept if i like? hmmm im not sure

pretty bad map
ok... still sucking at mapping
modified by LostTampon

joel ban morrow plz :/
why? lol :)
im one of the ppl who actually backup ppls maps making them better
what's the problem with teal vs blue?
the distances from each main is the same in all the positions. (blue to read is a little laarger, but this is still one of the best 3 player symetri i have ever seen)

what i've found is that red anb dlue will have path issue at nats (specially with comsat stations)

what is the sunken and brown platform for? (near mains) they are too wide, smaller unwalkable tiles or doodads will be enough.

the island expo in the middle mayb be a problem. what about a Andromeda expo? when no one is using that expo, it's used like normal walls like in lost temple. the ways arround will need to be wider when the center expo is being used.

why is teal nat in the other side? insted of being near your main? so you can build turrets in your main.

this is a good map =)
i'll come back with a brand new 3 players map soon okay? ^^
d webs are not needed :S
Morrow it's not a bad map. It's awkward, the execution isn't perfect, but conceptually the map has potential imo, and less-than-perfect execution is understandable coming from an inactive mapper on top of the fact that it's (3) which are always hard to do. This is no worse than your (3)Plating Morrow, which has similar issues imo, but likewise is not a bad map.

Can't say that I like the update much though.

Testbug I like the dwebs :(
A very nice layout. good work here
ROFL , i just checked the preview again and im sorry for my major messup. i thought teals natural and ramp was at 12 o clock like blues. im sorry lol i hope u understand why i said why it was impo pvt 12 o clock now lol

nightmarjoo dont put person to person equal to map to map. if i say this map is bad u shouldnt say one of my maps are bad. its wrong connection. i said this map was bad not the mapmaker.

but i repeat: i checked picture again now and i saw teals natural was at the correct side instead of the other, which changes my opinion to:

middle might be too tight

gj on the rotical mirror

concept if i like? hmmm im not sure

seems to be decent 3 player map, they are sure hard to make.

and yes nightmarjoo speaking of offtopic my map plating isnt better symmerty than this :)lost tampong is a very good mapmaker
Weird mains.
Natural is too small. Protoss is crying when he try to attack there when there are some tanks.

The whole map is pretty tight too. Just remove the island in center so it much bigger and better.

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