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How to make larvae spawn at the bottom right corner19 2014f November 2014 03:03 PM
Posted by:CardinalAllin
Zerg often wall the natural choke with a hatchery, ZvP in particular.

When forming the natural choke for certain spawns, you may wish to make it so Zerg larvae spawn towards the bottom right corner of the hatchery. This is a minor thing but can allow Zerg units to spawn inside their wall.
I think there are two rules.

1. Buildable tiles: There needs to be 2 buildable tiles vertically below the 3rd column of the hatchery. This accomodates creep, allowing the larvae to not stack. Like so:

2. Walkable dot: The tile below the 2nd column of the hatchery needs to have atleast a dot of walkable in the top right corner. This allows the larvae to spawn inside the wall. Otherwise they will walk through the hatchery to the left hand side and die (depending on surrounding tiles). Like so:

There might be more to it, but thats a starting point at the least. The picture are from my map 'The Latin Quarter'. So if the pictures expire, you can download that map, and look at the bottom right spawn.

Thanks pal!
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