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Last update for (4)Tomorrow : 2011, 08, 03 15:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3979 (4)Tomorrow 128*128LasTCursE1.6betaground

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 132 points


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Comments:   GMCS (25 elements)

Freakling : I uploaded the observer version so you could take a look at the triggers. If you fix all the bugs and stuff, just reupload it as the obs version and i can redo them easily.

Omg... Whenever i upload it it wont change. It sticks to the old version!

Sorry Last :P

Pretty classic map.. ;]]
I was inspired by katrina ;d
modified by CrystalDrag
its me just looking at the pic but i think that purps and blus mains are real small
nah they are all equal ;d may be it's cuz theyr mineral lines are in the center of the mains so it makes them look smaller ;]
modified by LasTCursE
actually even if theyre equal i think they could be looks to me that each base can hold about 4 facs with the supply depots and other stuff
Holly crap LastCurse !!!

I'm soJealoUs, what I fantastic map man, I have 0 negative comments on the map.
Map at first glance seams perfect.

P.S. Katrina is my favorite map, maybe thats why I like map so much :)
This looks so much like the next MOTM :) Its sow good.
katrina's my favourite map too ^^ :} and thx very much glad you like it :)))
I opened map and found that the ice Is walkable, is that intentional ?
Nice map, looks very good.

The mains look kind of small, especially for Terran, it's really just a matter of being comfortable with the building space, which some players might not be.

Sty_lezerg said the ice is walkable, so yeah, is it intentional? Did you want the naturals to be tankable from the ice(assuming tanks have vision)?

I also fear it might get a little tricky to flank an opponent. For example, if the TOP LEFT player(TERRAN) pushed vs TOP RIGHT player (PROTOSS), the terran could take the most direct route, which would take em to the second ramp, in front of the third gas, and then to the opponent's highground area, and then directly into the natural and mainbase. Would it be enough room for a protoss to successfully flank the terran army? The passage the terran army would take would be very narrow, which would, in turn, multiply the terran army's advantage. The protoss would have to take a long route through the middle to reach the Terran's base for a counter attack, or for just a flank.

This is just something i worry about, but maybe i'm overexaggerating. It's something to take into consideration, but this map is pretty bombin. :P
I'm also thinking that the water in the middle of the map should be reduced or removed, as to encourage large battles to take place there and be more "balanced".
Jungle: First thx :) mains aren't that small it's a matter of how you use the space.. but i'll test more of that :) mm about that flanking thing i'm not sure that i can do anything but let's assume that since the terran has a army big enough to make a push then the protoss has Templars and storm.. and you can imagine what can hapend with 2-3 good storms in the narrow path ^^ ;d

Lezerg: i left the ice walkable cuz if you see it in a game you can barely find a spot that the tank can shoot from; but ok i'll make the corners of the ice unwalkable just to be sure :)
nat choke too wide
did you even opened the map and try making a wall in ?~!?! it's not too wide..

T - 2 Supply +1baracs
P - Gate+forge+pylon and canons
Z - 3-4 sunkens..
modified by LasTCursE
I opened the map and I saw something interesting, your ramps are not the normal 1s every body uses, they are different and cool where did u get em ?

O and I wouldn't shrink the water in the middle, it just has such a sexy shape, It would be a waste.
about the ramps.. they are korean and i have 2 types of them if you look closely the huge ramps in the middle are kinda different from the other ones :) but sadly i have this kinda ramps for almost every possible angle except for vertical and horizontal (90 DegreE) :( (i do have them for 90 degree but they are just not good looking..)

i think i sended them to VrooM on AIM while back but i'm not sure..
modified by LasTCursE
I'm talking about pvz FE, the available walls are not comfortable/safe imo. They aren't horrible, but they seem more vulnerable to ling or hydra all-ins than normal.
marjoo yeah may be you are right but, since here isn't a open space after the choke like python,heartbreak.. and there is a ramp after that that makes it more safely from a mass atack don't you think? :)
its my thought but i think if you made the ramp right in front of the nat the zigzag kind and slope it down more vertically more space will be there to flank or maybe make ur main bigger
in other words push the ramp backwards ?;
And/or you could add some doodad or something to tighten the choke.
why everybody is so unhappy with the choke :( won't making it tighter make it more Lurker/Tank Friendly ? ;
really like it. i agree on the nat choke, its almost as wide as the whole mineral area.

Maybe make them all 4 blocks wide, right now, se and nw are 5 isometrical blocks wide, while ne and sw are 4.

and yeah it probably would make it more lurker/tank friendly.. but i'd have trouble defending it myself with tanks.
modified by maximumdan
i'll put some doodads to make it a little tighter cuz if i push the ramp backwards (witch is not such a bad idea) it becomes very ugly and unsymetrical.. the high ground i mean xD ;
Just reminding you what a great map this is :)
i wish that not only thought this way.. :) nobody plays it on iccup everybody prefers destination,python or every map that's made from KeSPa cuz they think they are some kinda pro's when playing ot league maps.. =) i'm starting to think they are right.. may be kespa indeed makes better maps than everybody else.. and my maps are garbage..
modified by LasTCursE
They sometimes do do really good maps, but my maps and your maps are really good 2 (Sometimes :) Not garbage.

I can always picture epic fantastic games in my maps, its just people R retarded and they don't play them, they don't give them a chance no matter how innovative or we.
Sometimes I see great maps on this site and I think dam if one the top players would ...


Its sad, but the truth is that even if they don't play they I have fun!!
seriously hawt map. 9/10, really like expo layout and katrina style ridges.
Thank you dethrawr =}
How is my map bumped without new comment,me changing it or adding replays? :D
modified by LasTCursE
-All ramps now fully blockable by 1Rax+1Supply
-Removed unwalkable Tile from one of the ramps
-Removed most tank holes
-Made some of the ice unwalkable(altho i left it walkable on purpose the first time cuz it looks better xd)
-All Thirds now have a safe gas (not tankable from the middle cliffs)

I Simply can't find a way to make the nat gas untankable(especialy red and teal's).. but if you find a way i'm all ears =)))

modified by LasTCursE
Thanks, LastCurse. I'll have a look at it.

- rax 1 depot wallin at SE main still doesn't work. It's just a matter of changin one tile, though
- You fixed the tankability at 3rd gas expos but came out with differently vulnerable min lines. This is also easy to fix.
- About the nat gas vulnerability - should be a matter of just tweeking some cliff edges a bit and mybe move some geysers 1 or 2 tiles.
- tankholes on ice: There are still plenty. There are more than just 2 tiles you can use for this, you know. I would alternatively suggest something like the ice-water transition I used in ZZ.
- I also realized that most of your ramps have cover bugs that need to be fixed.
modified by freakling
This map is damn awesome, great job Lastcurse :D
-Tweaked the tile at SE main still i think it was ling proof but now it's sure :)
-Made the ENTIRE ice part of the map unwalkable..
-The ramps are korean and look gr8 ingame(also work properly from what i've seen)

Changing the cliffs means in some cases moving the entire ramp and making it uglyer and considering nobody plays it i don't wanna ruin the beuaty of it ^^
Should i Rotate the 3rd's mineral lines to the wall ?
modified by LasTCursE
Contrary to popular believe Koreans aren't any better mappers than any one else. If anything they have a higher quantity of mappers. Even pro maps have technical issues. Being korean does not automatically make ramps ready to use and trustworthy.
They have cover bugs (on the unbuildable high snow tiles to be precise), that is 100% certain.

Just move gas and formations for N and S 3rds a bit counterclockwise.

I'll have a closer look at the nats. Maybe I can come up with a solution that "does not destroy the beauty of the map".
there is only 1 tyle in the ice tileset that is unbuiladble for high ground snow so cover bug or not i can't remove it..

i'll rotate thirds tommorow :)
You can. Just use the highground snow tile from the ramp doodads.

modified by freakling
k bit uglyer but done ;
modified by LasTCursE
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney
Whats that? what tourney ??
Love the map tho (:
modified by sTY_leZerg-eX
I've actually played a game on this map. The mains feel kind of small, but it plays out well.
Note: there are some tank holes. Im fixing them for the official version, but fix them for yourself!
"Im fixing them for the official version, but fix them for yourself!"

So who's going to do it?
This map maker of course. >_>
The melee version is actually an older version than the obs version... And both have massive tank hole issues.
I can fix them tomorrow.
I fixed em already. :D
And i dled the obs version.
This post is not displayed due to its content
Oh? why not?
Might be from old version but i remember either this map or a map just like it disallowing the geyser to be built because of bottom red bar.
I just went through all my fucking bwmn dled maps and cant find the map that had the problem... O well.
modified by Phobic
I can say for a fact that all the expos+mains work normaly phobic :)
Observer version now has tank holes blocked.
This was an official map??

<1F>Ongamenet <16>League <1F>Official Map
<16>[<1F>Tomorrow<16>] version <08>1.1

<1C>Created by <08>FliSky
<1D>Presented by <1B>I<1B>CCUP <19>Gaming <1D>Server
modified by crystaldrag
it is official but not used anywhere ;D i forgot to correct the ongamenet sign :P
modified by LasTCursE
what do you think about pushing mineral formations backwards from the ramp so you get more space for the buildings ?

(moving teal's gas to the left instead of top or making him have a vertical mineral formation :
Fixed all know bugs and mineral lines.

I also copied in the Obs triggers from Zapretna‚ Zona in case you want to do something fancy... As I said I cannot because opening the string editor always causes my SCMDraft to crash... No idea why.
Ahh Mkay. :)
Problem is i really dont want to do it for about 8 maps. :P
modified by CrystalDrag
Do it in one, copy it into all the others.

OK, changing map name and author in every one is still some work... But these typewriter style stuff goes pretty quick and straight forward... If you want to see some real crazy shit, look at Pyrolysis if you haven't already.
But i cant copy it in others. +_+
But when we have more time to prepare maps for later ones, we can do that.:)
i like the new nats
modified by LasTCursE

EDIT: Redone the zapretnaq triggers perhaps you guys can give em a test ? :)
modified by LasTCursE
Seems like you corrupted a whole bunch of strings... I will try to fix it.
i was never good with triggers lol
Everything fixed.
I <3 This Map!!
Glad you do lezerg ^^
Why does this site dosen't want to change my fucking picture i redo it 10 times and it changes after a day if it decides to..
Do you refresh the page after you reupload the picture?
i uploaded a new picture 3 times the last time i entered the site and wrote that comment and now it's the same old picture?

yes ofc i refreshed it.. at least 5 times lol
modified by LasTCursE

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