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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 10, 10 (Year, month, day)
Posted by 5pool.

Hello hello,

Maybe you've heard it before, but i'm hosting a tournament. Well, going to anyway.

I decided however ,that the maps shall not be standart, since we got enough tourneys like that already.

Therefor, i'd like you to enter a little contest:

Cos is looking for 64*64 maps :D


- 2 players
- challenging (i mean it)
- WORKING obs version needed
- needs to look good

so far, i have the following maps that are, for me, in the race:

- York ( )

- Nutshell Interior ( )

- Fissure ( )

- Narrow Path v1.1 ( )

(The last one i'd like to edit before it enters, but that depens on sp, see if he agrees)

Soooo... Do your best, and make me some nice maps :P i'll contact panshk to see if we can make it a real contest here.


I'm looking for only --> 10 <-- maps. so only 10 will win, and after that, only 5 will actually be used.

Have fun :D

By 5pool.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Fissure 1.1boongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Nutshell Interior5poolMelee Obs Picture0
(2)YorkHoly)Sin(Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Narrow Path v1.1StarpartyMelee Picture0
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture2
(2)Relive v1.0NoPantsRepublicMelee Obs Picture1
(2)KidneyHelp 1.1Nightmarjoo, named by FlaviaMelee Obs Picture0
(2)The Little DipperlneptMelee Picture0
(2)Boys2Men_betahiloMelee Picture1
(2)Crush it IIStarpartyMelee Picture1
(2)The Morning AfterepidiOnMelee Picture0
(2)AirbagNoPantsRepublicMelee Obs Picture0
(3)X marks the spotLaO-ArtanisMelee Picture0
(4)Island of ShameboongeeMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Zerg CanyonNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture2
(2)Walk With Me In HellGregMelee Picture0
(4)Dark New AgeScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture2
(2)EsterHoly)Sin(Melee Obs Picture0
(3)Chaos SquadronLaO-ArtanisMelee Picture0
(2)River EdgeLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

go go go :D
I am submiting (2)Path of Victory as well.
o awsum go fissure
Fissure should be lots of fun - people always seem to come up with the strangest strategies for that map.
sry i haven't read 64x64 delet my map :D
I'm going to upload an observer version of fissure
Seeing as how Narrow Path has no obs version yet - the tool for creating obs maps is in beta testing stage right now, I guess it won't take too long until it can be released ;)
i can always make an obs of it myself, but i was planning on removing the raised jungle, and adding 2 or 3 min blocks there. i have to mail sp bout it first tho ><
I have no shame...
and I just realized you want 64x64 maps, lol :P.
Why is vengence rivers up there?
Yeh I deleted my maps once I found out you wanted 64x... maybe I'll make one!
Kidneyhelp ftw. It's name alone pwns all -_-
"I'm looking for only --> 10 <-- maps. so only 10 will win, and after that, only 5 will actually be used" well that means every map here will win -_-
depends on how many get submitted lol ><
(2)Boys2Men_beta is probobly the best 64X64 map other than PoV
hmm b2m is not bad for a 64x64. I wish people would comment my 64x64 though =/
5pool this is your competition, I would assume you like 64x64 maps, why haven't you commented kidneyhelp!?
POV is not good at all imo, B2m has some decent tactical possibilities
lnept what about kidneyhelp!! :)
hehe, ok a little update:

we're gonna hold --> 6 <-- of these compo's, which will be done for the following:

1st compo winner = start map
2nd - 6th compo winners = loosers choice list (no offence :P )

go go go :D
(wouldnt it be great if i had admin rights to keep track of this stuff myself >< >< )
i always disliked too small maps, but certainly some of these are very experimental and fresh.
Your Name2
I wish someone would help me with KidneyHelp. Nasty said it wasn't his kind of map, and fry told me to spend more than five minutes on a map.
5pool gave useful tips which make sense, but I expected him to ^^ I'd like more peoples' opinions.

I've noticed that mine seems to be the most non experimental of the 64x64 maps here, which probably means mine won't win at all :( but I'd still like to make this interesting at best =/
every 64*64 map is interesting and new tbh. but thats probably just me :P

i like kidney help, but don't mistake my earlier comment

im looking for 6 new innovative maps, but there is a high probability that one or 2 maps will be choosen that are just a bit more standart. this will be done to ensure players can ALWAYS choose a map they find easier to play, or feel more secure playing :)

well see
no, mine is the least interesting. but LT clone..rofl.
but its good to see that many inactive member came back to mapping for your competition :)
:D it is nice to see. tbh im going to do this for every tournament cos hosts. just strange maps every time :D

i think it's cause people can actually win with strange maps.
so how's kidney help 1.1 ?
well its improved now u have the gas in it :P makes the side exps actually worth taking :D
Is it ok to enter 4 player maps to this? It would be playable 1v1, I just want to have 4 different spots
yes, as long as its 64*64
5pool which maps do you have in mind for winning as of now?
-walk with
-path of
-zerg canyon
-nutshell(sue me)
-x marks
-crush it

are i would say best chances of getting into the final 6
made the distances longer on the little dipper...what ya think now
I don't notice a difference =/
york, narrow path, relive, kidneyhelp^^, b2m, morning after, X, canyon, hell, new dark, and the last three I am partial to.

The first four I mentioned are fairly standard imo as 64x64 go, the others try nice new things.

All of these maps are good though.

Today is the deadline!
and remember, this vote will be for the STARTMAP

there will be 5 MORE VOTINGS for the other maps.

thanks :)
oh god I don't know which *one* to vote for ><
admins how do you make the competition voteable?
also how to hide a tourny after a map has been decided on? (for MOTW and whatnot)
u cant vote? i can :)
well i hope zerg canyon becomes motw. then i can go terran and own everyone rofl:)
lol, this isn't for motw ;)

its for use in my cos tournament
I think a [b]Starting map[/b] should definitely not be an island map, but rather a standard map, so I'm voting for PoV ~~
tt, used to bbcode.
i agree with u artanis
From first hand experiance while gaming on the wiztour ladder, PoV played very nicely. Its a good map.
Here is my top 6:

(2)Zerg Canyon
(2)Crush It II
(2)Walk With Me In Hell
(2)Relive v1.0

(2)Ester is great, but only if it has a third wide bridge in the center to fix the path finding.

(2)Airbag, would be also a nice a map if no units can pass trough the gas between the players.
maybe you guys just dont appreciate the effort i put into making a balanced 64x64 map :P

anyways i like

Path of victory ( played it, its fine for a safe map)
Fissure(plays great, excellent feel, strange gameplay)
Crush it ( havent played it personally but looks interesting)

boys2men -LOOKS GOOD, PLAYS BAD. space in main is a joke, and the long cliff is useless because dropping is not good on 64x64

about 5 maps in here look really unbalanced, then there are just some really basic ones like relive.
lol lnept I always apreciate your testing. I trust your judgement in testing because I know you're a competent player, and I know how maps amazing in the picture can suck ass in game.

When do we have to vote by? I'd like to vote later, not sure right now.
preferably before monday nightmare :)
no units can pass through geyser on airbag

I think dark new age is great; 4 players on 64x64 = enjoyable chaos
I joined a new clan full of people better than me (BA lives on still!), hopefully I can some of them to play these maps and get some really nice reps.
whats your new name on east
St0rM_tOne and after I 'prove myself' St0rM[tOne] lol
um guys are you gonna make your own obs versions? that's a requirement for the cos competition, no map w/o an obs can win -.-
I played ester, it was a short game and wasn't very fun. Fissure was just retarded. Watching nasty and lnept play a decent tvt in zerg canyon put me to sleep, and the random neutral zerg units in the canyon are just kinda retarded. They're so few and randomly placed -.-
well most of these maps I can't vote for because they have no obs, and I don't feel like making obs for the authors. Unless they ask of course. Nasty, upload your obs for zerg canyon -.-
the nuetral units are not randomly placed. all placed with intent. ill upload obs
oh sure they aren't random ;)
I'll add obs version for DNA tomorrow.That's not too late right?
lol all the maps that were made and nothing happened
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5pool voted (2)Zerg Canyon
boongee voted (2)Crush it II
Holy)Sin( voted (2)Boys2Men_beta
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Path of Victory
LGI voted (2)Zerg Canyon
NastyMarine voted (2)Path of Victory
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Relive v1.0
NoPantsRepublic voted (4)Dark New Age
ScoutWBF voted (4)Dark New Age
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