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(2)MOTY 07

deadline to enter maps: 2007, 01, 30 (Year, month, day)
Submit a (2)player map that you feel is the best from this year! Debate, caste votes, and find out by the end of the year which map is (2)MOTY 07!

Camels rule

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Sound Barrier1.2Flothefreak RaDiX NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture35
(2)Silver FlushCrackling/Testbug/FlothefreakMelee Obs Picture28
(2)DreamcatcherflothefreakMelee Obs Picture10
(2)Angband 3600 ft. 1.2NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture0
(2)CorsairHangarNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture12
(2)KumbaTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture9
(2)Lost SoulptarMelee Obs Picture9
(2)Cadence 1.3ExcaliburMelee Picture0
(2)Scope LenslneptMelee Picture19
(2)Iron Flush 2.1Crackling (PIMPED by Testbug)Melee Obs Picture19
(2)SpiritforgeTravinMelee Picture15
(2)StarshipptarMelee Picture0
(2)Frosty FortressflothefreakMelee Obs Picture4
(2)SnowShockflothefreakMelee Obs Picture3
(2)ArcticptarMelee Obs Picture10
(2)Mirrari1.21CracklingMelee Picture3
The competition is closed!

Snowshock, FrostyFortres...
Inept, did you enter Exxon for MOTY?
no i entered scope lens
Flush owns.
Shall we remove Exxon?
do you have any problem lancet?
the only person who creates problems in this comunity is you :(

if you dislike exxon then you can nicely shut the fuckie up, it is wan of the best maps of this year if you did not know.

sorrie but i don't have any problem with you okay?
if you find my post offensive i can edit ti :)

modified by Testbug
do you have any problem lancet?
the only person who creates problems in this comunity is you :(

I totally agree.
Sorry testbug, you (and Innept) ridiculed me before for thinking that Exxon was in the last MOTM so I wrongly thought you did not think highly of it. Now that at least you have made clear that is not the case I won't remove it. See? Why is this trouble?

Testbug and Ptar, I just express opinions. If I have blown my top in the past one or two times I apologize but I just try to put forward arguments and most of the time people don't even respond or they just insult me.

: ^ (

For example ptar, I made you an offer to exchange some ideas regarding MOTM in the Forums. If you don't like the Forums it can be by e-mail, but you have not even responded. OK, so you are not interested, you don't have to be and that's OK. But I don't understand why this is "trouble".
modified by Lancet
It's not "trouble". But you argue about everything, everytime, and that is annoying me. It all started when you posted the MOTM forum thread. I thought it was a good move from you, but then you started to discuss everything. You should just "shut up" sometimes and just think what you wanna say. Don't make everthing so big.
About MOTM:
Let them remove the maps they want. If they remove them, the map wasn't that good. they are no noobs. The know what they are doing, most of the time :)

Yeah Lancet, don't be like me, there's only room for one Nightmarjoo in this site.
Sigh.............fine ptar, I will shut up (or at least post less) but I must say that, as far as the maps are concerned, I have no control over whether anyone can remove them or not and I promised not to comment if they did.

Nightmarjoo, but we all WANT to be you.

: ^ )

i doubt exxon will win anything anyway, i didnt even complete that map, i just edited it for inept a bit and the idea was that he should continue and work something out of it. now it was just left like that - a map with some random features and the only thing thats really controversial, except the size, is the no-gas mains.

The map is, as i said, not finnished. Do somethign with it or it wont be missed if someone takes it off.
for me this is a fight between sound barrier (awesome) or scope lens at the minute. I like the gauntlet feel of scope lens, something ive tried to do myself, but failed. I never liked your flush maps very much, sorry. They were just a big mess of stuff.

If i had to pick one map done this year from this site that id wish i did myself instead, id pick sound barrier.
ill just quote starparty, exxon isnt a very serious map, i just was trying something and he decided to make it cooler pretty much end of story
Sound Barrier, Silver Flush, Dreamcatcher, Angband, Corsair Hangar and Kumba all won MOTM or MOTW for 2007.
I think it's gonna be hard to find a map I'll vote for over Sound Barrier =/
I know everyone is going to want to tar-and-feather me, but i really dont like nor see anything special in Sound Barrier other than its mid.
yea but it plays well, which is key. havent seen many maps that play well in a while. I will say my map scope lens doesnt even play that well, but its interesting enough
iron flush plays great :D
Two more fine maps entered. Jade Zone was honorable mention for MOTW 05,07 and Spiritforge was 2nd place for MOTM 05, 07.

This group of maps is mostly quite good.

: ^ )
modified by Lancet
Not a contest without a shitty Ex map.
Gogo Cadence!
@Lancet: yea but they were also made in 2005
I noticed the map IDs but I decided to go by the date of the competition. Also they may have been edited for the competitions.

But that is an issue we haven't dealt with here isn't it? Can say a 2005 or 2006 map participate in a 2007 competition? And if it does participate and win or even get 2nd or 3rd place, can it then go for the 2007 MOTY competition? If you think it shouldn't, what if the map was edited a bit? We haven't discussed these things.
modified by Lancet
Those two maps? No.
Snowshock, FrostyFortres!!!!!!
I guess it was a matter of time before those were included.
modified by Lancet
if you read my 1st post LAncet, i addes this 2 maps but some1 removed'em

so i sumbited both again. i don't care about frosty dortress, but snowshock is really good ingame
Arctic ftw :)
nah, i like iron flush far more ;d
Don't vote for any other map then Arctic !!!
Good luck with Artic ;)
none of these maps really impress me enought to gain moty
Nasty, you are joking right? Even I have to admit there are some awesome maps here, and many of them were MOTM or MOTW.
None are korean/pretty enough for him to love. Remember, Nasty doesn't care about concept or gameplay, just the visuals.
There is some true here... About the game play...
LGI why do you like Silver/Iron Flush? Both have been tested to play poorly, and all of the theory crafting suggests the map(s) are fairly poorly executed with less than desireable gameplay ._.
My favorite pro map is (2)New Peaks of Baekdu 2.4 ok? And every other with such game play (intresting and always different games).
i goddamned played iron flush 2.1 for like 20 times right now, its completly PLAYABLE -_-

any of you who votes for silver flush should play it and check all the fucking path issues, this map is NOT PLAYABLE -_-

nightmarjoo what do you like about snowshock?
its a racial COMPLETLY imbalanced map, no way you will get even 40%:60% percentages in each MU.

Sound Barrier is a VERY interesting map, but i'm not sure if its balanced/playable at all... for sure flo has uploaded some reps but i dont think a player of his skill level (i'm not trieng to be offensive, its just a fact) might take advantage of things such a map changes on the gameplay.
Iron and/or Silver are awesome and the replays show it. These are trully inovative moderm maps, whether you "like" them or not is another story.
LGI Baekdu is a great map, Iron Flush plays nothign like it though.

Sorry I had thought the other version of Iron Flush was there, not this one. I still don't like it though =/
Every map is playable, but imo Iron Flush looks very awkward and imo has some obvious gameplay flaws. It's a decent map, certainly not bad. I would not say it's good however. It is somewhat innovative, but poorly thought out. Honestly I think it's too hard to make that concept work, godlike execution couldn't make it work given the map size and the amount of stuff you're stuffing in. Many of the issues I pointed out on the original Iron Flush' thread apply to this map still...

I'm not looking for perfect balance, but a good unique and well-executed concept, both of which Snowshock and Sound Barrier have. I don't know how balanced they'll end up. I don't think Soundshock is as bas as you say Crackling, though I haven't thought too much about balance. It felt good when I played it though, and that's what I like =/
However I'm pretty sure Sound Barrier is a solid map. I think though that it should bring out different than modern-playing gameplay. The map might be better suited in the experimental map competition, but IMO it's solid enough to be here.

Iron Flush will probably play like a worse and more awkward version of loki2, which is a horrible map. Atleast you have good mains in loki2 though -.-

Lancet, you can join this conversation when you learn how to play broodwar.

I am up for games on any of these maps oO iM-Nightmarjoo east and iccup, is my msn. I'm back in school now though, so there might be time barriers between me and everyone in Europe who wants to get some sleep lol.
Sorry, I just watched the replays and found them very exciting, they really stood out. Then I asked myself "what could account for this"? And the answer was clear, the map, LOL! I do disagree with Crackling in that I think Silver > Iron as I think Flo made some improvementsbut they are not light years away from each other.

i'm up for a bo5 on each of the maps we were talking about (iron flush, snowshock and sound barrier), lets upload the reps and let the people say which map seems to play better ;;;;;;;;;;
OK Time to vent:

wow does the hating ever stop? I fuckin hate being here where I have to read ppl mocking my opinions on what I'd have to say. I don't focus on just visuals. My map making always revolves around some sort of theme - visuals, story, and conceptual gameplay. I don't directly focus on balance until I execute my idea good enough. Just cuz I have a certain design and an opposite opinion on what I feel would work sufficiently for my concepts doesnt mean I'm wrong. My decorations and style does not reflect the stereotypical title of most korean maps. Assholes.

Lemme break down my perception of what ppl thnk about my maps:

- People really enjoy new submissions from me, and look forward to updates and future maps.

- From what I've noticed, most people I talk to really like my decoration style. I feel I have a fairly versatile and natural type of design skills.

- Generally, most players that I have look at my maps can agree with some of my balance ideas in my new maps. It doesnt mean that it is balanced but it does mean that, theoretically it will work.

- My opinion about the future of mapping: is that the newest maps have more unique features than 90% of any pro map ever made. More extravagant ideas have been toyed with over the past few months and in the end, have created very cool and new ways to play StarCraft. I like that. You don't have to. And I, like some mappers, will attempt to continue pushing the limit of gameplay.

- I've noticed that a select few people like to mock my ideas on mere appearance and execution of some maps which is pretty bogus. I also consistently hear that some of my experimental features are imbalanced though very rarely proven otherwise - like a lot of statements in the site and yes even me too. Now most of these comments dont bother me as much anymore, but I'll explain more: I continue to see those members make a bigger fuss about their experimental designs when ppl comment about it, than when I defend my ideas.

And Joel, a few words of advice, if at any point where your conversing and your making someone angry its probably not funny. And if you dont get it, I'm talking about 50% of your comments here at BWMN.

As for LGI, your just a nasty fuck that likes to make members and me angry a lot. You seem to be angry for being put in your place for being a dickhead. And like always you put others down and pick at their nerves. Your destructive comments always seem to cause more and more frustration between everyone that reads your slander, including me. I just have one question, when will you stop being a dickhead? I think, and not to be cocky, that you really dislike me because you envy that I have still submitted good and likable maps while you have fallen from your esteemed position in BWMN as wise. I honestly feel I surpassed what you've accomplished and you cant stand it. Maybe I'm going overboard with that, but I can't think of any other logical reason why'd you dislike me and what I provide to this community. I swear that every and any map that I submit you have some sort of bad criticism for 'em (even though there are a handful of ppl that continue to support my work). I'll tell ya what, until the day most people don't enjoy my work anymore comes along, I will continue to btich at your crude statements and disregard your so called wisdom. You haven't achieved anything in this community to exceed anyone's status here on this website so stop being a cock sucker. And If you'd like to flaunt accomplishments in this community then I can most definitely match it. And what separates me from u is that even after about 3 years at this site I have still stayed positive almost always. I have until recently, had many contributions toward the mapping community for myself and BWMN. You Cant Tell Me Shit. And While I even have supported most of your maps positively with feedback, you still fire off at my opinions and work on this site. I am really so sick of it.
Please do not look at me as cocky while your read my above comment. If I sound cocky, I do not mean it and I apologize. I am very fond of most of my work and that is displayed, imo, in my attitude when commenting about any of my work and also when providing feedback about other things at this site.
Whatever dude, you've take it to personally.

I really don't care how people take my comments. I always say things straight and right in to the face, without acting "a-nice-sucking-balls-for-the-good-mood-guy". Thats how i achieve my goals in real life. And because of my achievements in real life, now i don't have time for mapping.

You have a really wrong opinion about me, because you still think i care about your maps, my maps, some other dudes map/your comments, my comments, or some other dudes comments. Well i don't give a shit! I don't give a shit for your opinion now, i even won't give a shit if Testbug is swearing at me even if i love him atm, becouse I LIKE HIS MAPS, NOT HIS PERSONALITY, WHICH I DON'T KNOW, NOR DO YOU! Just think about it with your logic. I got nothing to lose, so why should i care? Do those people know me (the active mappers now)? NO, DUDE! They don't even know how my maps looked like! They even make better maps then me, because of the new tools in editors and their free time i guess... I don't think i am the greatest map, nor i think i was in history. I know that i show new ideas with my maps to this world and that was my point by making my maps.

I haven't fallen to this site i just thought that guys like you don't deserve my ideas.

"I honestly feel I surpassed what you've accomplished and you cant stand it."

Well first of all, you haven't because you only make standard maps. Second even if you do, i wouldn't care, because i wouldn't look at with your look on this "and you cant stand it.". The only thing i will do is just to write a short comment if i feel to comment it.

"I'll tell ya what, until the day most people don't enjoy my work anymore comes along, I will continue to btich at your crude statements and disregard your so called wisdom."

Some times i wouldn't even read them, because i write a comment and i may not even look for the answer. It's not that important for me, but if you like to lose your time, it's your problem.

"And what separates me from u is that even after about 3 years at this site I have still stayed positive almost always."

Thats why you are pissed now, and i am not.

"I am really so sick of it."

I don't care.

Some final words from me.

My life is way too different from yours. You give too much of your personality in BWMN, while i don't. If you must know (even if i did say it before somewhere in this site), i am already living alone, paying taxis of my own, studding in university and working a full day job from Monday to Friday from 07:00 am to 16:00 pm. I am trying to make my girlfriend live with me so things go easier, because it's SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to live alone in Bulgaria (you won't ever know how different are our cuntries, OUR CUNTRY WILL SOON BE NO MORE KNOWN AS BULGARIA). And not on last place i put my spring of life - my psychedelic world, which i give him the most, after my girl friend (my parents are third). Making parties on unknown locations, deep in the forests, where no path is found, no person has pass. This is my spring of life, this is what i care most i would die for it, i would leave my job, study, home for it, i can live only with the sun and water which mother nature has give us, and thats the end of me personality in this web site.
First of all LGI, I dont think anyone here gives a rats ass about your personal life. Your not the only person living alone, going to school and working and getting shit done while still trying to party.

Secondly, its not that I invest a lot of my personal time into this community, its that I enjoy coming here - game design and computer animation is what I study.

And I'd just like to say that I get things done and not only for myself but for the community. Look, I dont have to explain what i do or have done for this site as far as being an admin here or or submitting maps, but everyone knows or should respect at least a little bit of what I've done for us..

For the record, I dont expect you to care or change. I wouldnt expect that from an idiot.

And its a shame - you'd think you could expect more from an old school mapper. I guess not.

And for some strange reason, you continue to come here so your lying when you say you dont care, you wouldnt have commented back otherwise or still try to provide your opinions toward this site.
modified by NastyMarine
Whatever you say... No point of arguing, we have different views on a same thing, so really... No point of arguing. Your arguments are answering your questions, and it's the same from my side.
Nasty, I value you as a mapper but I hope you have not taken my comment personally. I just meant to say that I was surprised by what you said, that's all.
Honestly LGI, that was the most intelligent and mature thing I think you have ever said.
i'm not reading all this.
but it'll be interesting nightmarjoo vs crackie bo5 (since they both are zerg players, it'll be funny to se nightmarjoo's TvZ)
lgi has you opened silver flush in a map editor or ingame? it has the worst copy/paste thing i've ever seen
a lot of mappers dont finish their custom tiling. Its pretty embarrassing to even look at most of them in my opinion.
I'm up for bo5s on the maps if we can find a time we're both available for. Though I'd prefer rvr or something because my zvz is bad and my pvz/tvz are not good enough to play vs you with :) How's friday? I'd be home around 3 pm EST, which I think is like 21:00 CET? That wouldn't be too late for you on a friday night I'd think.

Nasty my comments about you and being in love with korean-style visual maps is simply because I look at a map which you commented with "AMAZING MAP", a comment that doesn't address the map itself at all, and when I look at the map I just see a retarded map incredibly inconvenient for modern players to game on, some obvious awkward aspects or obvious racial imbalances, and yet you think the map is AWESOME lol.
Also imo your decoration style has become lazy on your own maps ._. More, for-the-picture patterns and stuff which look bad in-game. And I personally am all about in-game and don't care about the picture too much. Good mappers tend to be able to make pretty maps, but it doesn't require a good one to make a pretty map =/
I haven't open any map, but twice i tried to find people to play on Silver and Iron Flush, still nothing... If this is a need to vote, then i will delete my votes, and i guess i will rarely vote for a map in future competitions.
Joel, before you read half of this comment, just stop thinking of things to type just open your mind up just a little bit. ok?

When I comment with short comments its because I took a general look at the concept and execution. It does not reflect how i see its balance. I really dont want to keep addressing the same shit over and over again but here i go, again.

So while you constantly like to ridicule me for enjoying new and fun concepts, I am able to see more than what you do. Its not hard to identify imbalances - its harder to create a new gameplay aspects in maps these days and I will take those maps over our "balanced" maps any day. WHICH might I add, have NOT ACHIEVED HERE EVER (good balance in maps). Have fun with this shit and stop worrying about every little aspect about balance. Determine balance once you have the most accurate tools to identify them. And by tools I mean good players, which none of us are. No matter who beats who here, or what lnept, LGI, you, I have beaten, our best players/members here are mediocre at most when you compare us to the opinions that really matter. Which are the GGSL caliber type players.

Is there any more to touch on?
i dont play zvz, i choose p instead vs z :D
once again, iron flush doesnt have fucked up pathing or path problems >.< (just a very small one which, when you send workers to the minonly xD)
Imo, it's not a problem at all. Almost every player rally point is at his nat. So if you try moving from the nat, to any other place on the map i think it's ok, but i haven't test it.
So except for all those silly pathing problems, the map has no pathing problems! yay!
Nasty feels-good > racial balance imo. I like a map I can play comfortably on, even if it doesn't have the best balance. Most of the silly korean maps you adore are just awkward. I usually don't look too far into racial balance on those korean maps, because I see first a map I would never want to play on for 95698456 stupid awkward features they overlooked. That's overlooking gameplay, and I thought you were all about gameplay?
shut up nitmayo :D
lol Nitmayo.
i cant beleive im the only who voted spiritforge :o
that map was so awesome :O
all those who voted silver flush change votes to iron flush!!! -.-
LOL! All those who voted for Iron Flush change their vote to Silver Flush!!!

: ^ )
flo is haxxing :D
Spiritforge is way too old to win moty lol
(2)Sound Barrier 1.2 winner??
nah, iron+silverflush :x
wow sb winning :)
Johnny B.Goode
For me Sound Barrier is a experimental map.When the neutrals are destroyed the map is unplayable for terrans.So as terran it would be vital to hold the neutral wall safe so long as possible.In the meantime zerg & protoss will try to harass(zerg/muta)or massive drop(protoss,zerg/when he already has lurks).And as terrans u cant be everywhere.

Maybe Spiritforge is older but the most interesting and complicated map in this list.And it plays like no map that i played before.
Johnny, you may play a guitar just like ringing a bell but you are not connecting here, just look at some of the replays. The gameplay totally changes when the neutrals are destroyed and some terran winning strategies rely on destroying the neutrals.
so yeah scope lens wins and nasty that was probably the most hypocritical statement ive ever seen on this site, peace

ive beaten testie and others which probably qualifies as GGSL so my opinion is good apparently
modified by lnept
You have beaten testie? Do you have the replay?

i think you weren't nice with Jhonny B.Goode so please edit your post.
O M F G!

This competition has twisted too much. WTF?!

1.Sound Barrier
2.Scope Lines

uh yea I have the replay.. I could upload it some time I guess its on monty hall.

scope lens is ghetto ok
Testbug, WTF? "WE HAD THE REPLAY" are you and Inept the same person? As to Johnny that was a joke, haven't you ever heard the song "Johnny B.Good" by Chuck Berry?

LGI like, what's with you? You are often hypercritical of everyone's maps here and I don't see you contributing any maps to show us how a good map should look like. According to the database the only map you ever made was "Space Donut" with 5pool.

Inept, yes I would be interested in watching that replay, please upload it, thanks.
Lancet, stop talking crap, please...
Lancet, lnept vs testie replay doesn't work anymore, that's why we (nightmarjoo, nastymarine, testbug, etc) HAD the replay, we watched it bus doesn't work with 15.2
Cheep viagra! Really cheap! Order now!
I can watch up to 1.09 and my stupid program is stuck in 1.14 and I have not been able to do anything about that, I can't watch the 1.15 reps unless it's only the begining. I will probably be able to watch the testie/inept replay if somebody sends it to me.
A new year, a new penis! Buy Megadick - NOW!!! All the girls in town will know you and speak about you.

oh shit. silver flush and iron flush are on top again.
i'll remove these 2 maps from the database soon :)
"i'll remove these 2 maps from the database soon :)"

I take it that emoticon at the end of your sentence means it was a joke, right?
Whats wrong with those two maps? If they are problems - fix them! Those maps have great concept, they don't deserve to be delete it! I admit, i haven't play them, but i really want to! I am sure if they are any bugs on those maps, you can fix them and with such ideas, they should be pushed for leagues, etc, etc...
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Alter.Ego voted (2)Kumba as 1. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Mirrari1.21 as 2. choice
Alter.Ego voted (2)Lost Soul as 3. choice
Crackling voted (2)Iron Flush 2.1 as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)Kumba as 2. choice
Crackling voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (2)Iron Flush 2.1 as 1. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (2)Frosty Fortress as 2. choice
cWn)iQ.Superi0r voted (2)Lost Soul as 3. choice
FateD voted (2)Spiritforge as 1. choice
FateD voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
FateD voted (2)Lost Soul as 3. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Silver Flush as 1. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
flothefreak voted (2)Spiritforge as 3. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (2)Silver Flush as 1. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (2)Lost Soul as 2. choice
HypersonicEspo voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 3. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)Spiritforge as 1. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)CorsairHangar as 2. choice
Johnny B.Goode voted (2)Scope Lens as 3. choice
Lancet voted (2)Silver Flush as 1. choice
Lancet voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
LGI voted (2)Silver Flush as 1. choice
LGI voted (2)Iron Flush 2.1 as 2. choice
LGI voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
lnept voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
lnept voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (2)CorsairHangar as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 3. choice
l[StaR]Blade voted (2)Arctic as 1. choice
l[StaR]Blade voted (2)Silver Flush as 2. choice
l[StaR]Blade voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 2. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)CorsairHangar as 3. choice
neobowman voted (2)Silver Flush as 1. choice
neobowman voted (2)Iron Flush 2.1 as 2. choice
neobowman voted (2)Frosty Fortress as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)SnowShock as 2. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Kumba as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Iron Flush 2.1 as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)CorsairHangar as 3. choice
ptar voted (2)Arctic as 1. choice
ptar voted (2)Lost Soul as 2. choice
ptar voted (2)CorsairHangar as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Dreamcatcher as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Spiritforge as 3. choice
Starparty voted (2)Sound Barrier1.2 as 1. choice
Starparty voted (2)Scope Lens as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
Testbug voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)CorsairHangar as 3. choice
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