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Last update for (2)Cadence 1.3 : 2007, 09, 16 16:32
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2477 (2)Cadence 1.3 128*128Excalibur0.7beta

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 34 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I love this map but i am having trouble finding places to put expos.

Help please.
Gosu picture. That map looks awesome. Uh, expos, expos. Maybe you could put one in the first little thing in the center path, the one with the single Xel Naga temple blocking it.

Man, other than that I got nothing :/
I was thinking of putting one by the mud with the minerals up against the high dirt by the main but i dont know if it will work out.

I was also considering redoing the edge highgrounds to have an expo at each end.
I placed in the GMCS where you could put an expo. Nice map concept, I like it a lot. Are the mains wide enough?
Mains are a -little- small but i could size them up if i really need to.
Simply move the starts and resources closer to the cliffs and you will have plenty of room.
Im working on 1.1 right now.
Added in 3 expo spots.
Might need one more.
Added Expos
Cosmetical changes
Made mainsa bit bigger, moved back startlocation/minerals
Iron/Silver Flush like :P
But the pic look ugly, it is too grey... -_-
i dont think this seperation of centers will work. i also thought of something like this, but it makes the map too limited in moving around and dynamics.
plus, once a player secures the natural ramps well, the whole large path loses its reason.
and you certainly didnt have in mind ANYthing like a concept or structure when you were making the expo layout.

decoration looks good (although it is obviously copied) but the balance and gameplay are not really worth anything, as you can hardly move around the map, everything is tight, the distances HUGE and the expansion layout somehow pointless.
striking the big hit with a nicely decorated map which has a nice edited picture only works is the map is very good independent from its looks. i seems to me as you tried to fool us like koreans do - just make a pretty map with a cool pic, and it will be awesome -.-
I honestly tried hard on this map Flo. When i started this was just going to be a time-passer, it was a total fluke that it even looks good.

Your right, i didnt plan this, i was bored and just started mapping, i didnt really care, needed to pass the time. But it started coming together really nicely in my eyes, certainly better than other maps ive done. As soon as i saw i was making something abover average for my own level i really threw myself into high gear.

Anyway Flo, if you have any suggestions on how to turn this good looking map into a good map, id really appreciate it.
modified by Excalibur
Opened the map up a bit.
Well first of all your neutrals are not showing up in the map, be sure that you set the player on 12 (neutral) before you place them. Second that new expo you placed next to the main should be a mineral-only. I think the third gas expo should be further away from the main-nat so players will not turttle. Or, alternatively, it could be a gas expo if the nat is a mineral-only, think about that. Third, I don't know what you did with the picture but it takes a long time to load.

I want to disent from some comments here and praise your map. Many people make these classical boring maps that are out of touch with the times as they still support linear gameplay. Your map is great like some of the koreans maps that have appeared and that are now the norm for many players.

Not only is the deco great but the concept. The nat has 2 chokes that lead to two battlefields, and a third one after you blast the neutral leading to the expo next to the main! Clearing of further neutrals creates more avenues of attack. As the battlefields do not connect horizontaly players have to master the tricky art of deciding where their troops should go lest they are surprised by an army attacking them through another corridor. Whether you intended it or not your map is very modern and reflects the new styles of gameplay that are emerging, congratulations.
Thanks Lancet, ill work on fixing the neutrals.
Also i think the 1.2 edit changed some of what you liked about the map. If i somehow made the map worse in this edit ill switch it back.
Still 1.2
Fixed neutrals
Made expo nearest to main min only.
ehm, doodad spam ftw? ...
I would say there r too many of them.
randomly changing the map now?
I changed what i thought would make it better flo.

Ill gladly consider any opinions you have.
the dentist
mains/nats, check.

interesting (done before but not enough enough) double entrance to the nat, check.

long, modern, "balanced" distance, check.

interesting "far away" expos (neutral building ones) and min-onlies, check. zerg must get one of them for late game, which is a welcome improvement on the standard (a slight toning down but not unfair). similar situation with say tvt and pvt.

neutral buildings are still uncertain to me, so i can only assume they are interesting until a map like this becomes heavily played at all levels. the same thing with the middle's pushing balance.

your map is therefore, dentist approved.
Reverted to 1.3.
you should start from the very first version and then just change the flaws. on this 1.3, you already changed the map itself
From the opinions ive gotten from a couple of other sites i believe its fine as it is now.
would this change if i'd make the effort to write a long comment about what need to be/should be changed and why? because if it doesnt have an effect, i wont do it :s

going to bed now
Comments like that are what i love. BWMN is the only place i can get a long comment filled with opinions on changing the map and detailed reasons to back them up. Its what really helps me out especially on a map like this where it came out a lot better than anything ive made before and i really dont know how to keep it being that good.

So fire away Flo, id love to hear. (:
i need a pic of the 1.0 for that, though...

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