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MOTW 3.07

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 01 (Year, month, day)
You English is being very good. Did you are learned it on China?

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)KumbaTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture5
(4)Indolence 1.5WinparkMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Eletrical Sector(n) -lneptMelee Picture0
(4)A.O.Salazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture4
(2)Blue Razor[7x]SpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)Uprising[7x]SpitfireMelee Picture1
(3)Saphirre[7x]SpitfireMelee Picture0
(4)Divine Star 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Picture1
(4)Breath of Life 1.0MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Peppermint 2.0MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)NiciyoRaDiXMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

it's worth to be uploaded..
(I don't upload :))
you have to make the swastika more striking to the eye!
Really, swasticas and maps, those two seem to stick together... Can't explain why, though...
lol hey that wasn't my goal when making it :D
omg swastica, fuck you tk! lol
Eh, so anyone got any other maps for motw? We can end this soon if not ;) We're behind on motws, if it matters lol.
everyone is to scared to compeat with Kumba :D
If not MOTY, then MOTW it will be!
Temple of Eden GOGO!
update: oops, wrong version, and the other one already got MOTW. =_=;;. nvm!
LOL yeah the symbol in bottom right corner didn't give it away :D
i is entering the card id 1274, inept like very much, and oov want banana.
lol wtF?
lol we were removing temple eden belonging out the compitition MOTW victor is has become negative reasoning for to make once more

I are not in unison on about Electrical Sector lnept has made as with it is wasteland open belonging
Deadline moved, the decision will be made sunday/saturday. We need to rush this one so we can get back on track with MOTWs. So add maps quick if you find any maps for MOTW; any testing you want done better happen soon.
wow now its a 6 v 1 for me :(
Of the 6 added maps, the only one I really like at all is Breath of Life, and I think the middle might be a tad too tight. Testing will show =/
so when does voting start?
c'mon guys let's get some testing.

I'm not sure about making A.O. motw since it's not only very experimental, but also a 2v2 oriented map, not for 1v1.
alot of testing has been done on Kumba, no complaints all positive comments :D
good form.. Divine Star
I don't like Divine Star, it offers nothing new at all, the middle is way too big, there's no open/tight balance, there aren't any real paths, the islands look hard to defend; Millenium Army has made far better maps than that =/
so now when does voting end?
there's no feedback here at all really, anyone against tk's kumba getting motw? Any issues in it that really ought to be fixed? Any issues at all?
I kinda like Uprising. Kumba and Indolence are good picks too, though.
well in uprising I believe those neutral chrystal things are actually invincible not 10,000 hp =/

the middle is a little too open for me, I think dwebs would help nicely :)

but yeah I like that map too, I uploaded it to (2)moty^^

indolence is not a bad map, just nothing new :)
lol I like how the more active commenters aren't voting, and how everyone who did vote picked a different map each time :)
I also like how the worse two of millenium's maps here were voted for -_-
which of these maps were created in the near past? i think kumba, indolence and ao. i will choose from these three. sry for the others, but i dont think a one-year old spitfire map or so should be our motw now, i think the title should honor the recent mapmakers.
my votes (without testing):
kumba, breath of life, a.o.
lol Antares I think atleast 3 motw things I added and pushed some really old maps as motw :) That wasn't in gosu 2007 though ;)

Yeah LostTampon that's pretty much my voting too. Salazar doesn't need another motw in a row lol, and that map is kinda weird too. Breath of Life looks like it needs testing, Kumba has testing and I haven't noticed any issues at all.
yippy another vote, this motw is finaly getting somewhere.........i think :D
Who ever added Blue Razor,have a particular sense of humor(let's build large chokes,who cares about the consequences).AO is an experiment,not really maded to be used.That applies also for Inepts map.Niciyo looks unfinished.

I think it's a fight between Peppermint and Kumba.But honestly I'm not a fan of any of those..
what the hell are you talking about? blue razor has a lowground choke lol?? its a genius idea that just wasnt executed properly. think about all the complaints with 1 ramp mains that there units get stuck and fucked up. problem solved
only thing I can say badly about razor is that its inverts are fucking ugly -.-
The main thing is cool, if you should get pushed from your choke you're fucked, but that's just like in every map. Atleast here you might be able to use the highground to your advantage :)

Personally I think Peppermint is a joke -.-
i say kumba, tk deserved a vote from my greedy self for his insistent improving as a mapper. and yeah i like this map too
yep, same opinion like antares :)

just open the nat a bit, then it would be fine
This winner is kumba, as soon as tk or someone else corrects the error in symetry I found. I've marked in gmcs.
nightmarjoo,i told you last week to stop denigrate maps that are much better than your own.peppermint is not nearly a joke(the map has not a revolutionary style but also no significant issues),but you are the one that becoming more and more a defend a stupid map like razor and on the other hand to piss on a great map like galaxy is proof enough for me that your so called theory crafting is vile.

it seems like your own satisfaction is to puke on all the maps better than yours.
lol imo Peppermint is a joke, just as it's your opinion that my maps suck. Please stop telling me to not share my opinion, bwm needs more people sharing opinions not fewer -.- My review of the map doesn't prevent it from being motw, bare in mind that 0 people have voted for it. Just because I am the only person who said outloud that I don't like the map doesn't mean that others don't share the same views =/
Anyway, you telling me that my theory crafting is vile doesn't change the fact that Peppermint didn't win motw -.-
joel is right, the main purpose for this site is to share you maps & have ppl tell you what they think about them
& I dont really like peppermint either chokes to small, prolly shitty pathing, small ass nats, wtf is point of mineral only in main & way to basic layout
& wth are ppl doing voting for AO that map is the biggest joke
@tktkvrr you've gotta be kidding!"prolly shitty pathing, small ass nats"well if you compare peppermint with sacred grounds(the map you voted in the moty contest),it's not a big difference in those aspects.and if peppemint is a joke how you will call you firts 10-15 maps?!?

i'm really curious!please tell me...

btw is here a contest whitout your maps -_- ?

k I think what you said was if peppermint is a joke WHAT WOULD you call youR firST 10-15 maps? lol simple little man SHIT!!!!! those were my 1st maps I've made of coarse they gunna suck, I've imporved obviously & anyone here can tell you that. Now for the last sentence I'm just going to guess what you said cuz it makes no sense, if you're asking here is a contest without your maps uhh I'm pretty darn sure I made Kumba :D
oh & sacred grounds was executed alot better & peppermint prolly has shitty pathing cuz of all the random minerals blocking paths
lol if I understand grief correctly he says you always upload your maps into competitions, which is true^^
only teh ones under TkTkVrooM cuz tktkvroom was old noob me
A.O. is better then kumba, why call it a joke?

kumba offers nothing new, this does.
I'm going to pretend I didn't here that, not just cuz Kumba is my map but wow just wow
lnept AO is a good map, it certainly offers something new, but it needs testing and I don't see any reps of it, but I do of kumba =/
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Antares voted (2)Kumba
boongee voted (2)Uprising
illskillz voted (2)Kumba
lnept voted (4)A.O.
LostTampon voted (2)Kumba
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Kumba
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)A.O.
RaDiX voted (4)A.O.
saurus voted (4)Divine Star 1.1
tktkvroom voted (2)Kumba
winpark voted (4)A.O.
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