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MOTW 45.06

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 11, 04 (Year, month, day)
Not much time, hurry to submit!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Arctic ScaffoldAntaresMelee Obs Picture6
(4)Heffy End2.0ShyWinDMelee Picture3
(4)MirageflothefreakMelee Obs Picture2
(4)Sin 815 2.0Forgotten_Melee Obs Picture0
(2)OpusFidelisHofodomoMelee Picture0
(4)Jungle_RaidflothefreakMelee Obs Picture1
(2)Smoking BarrelsmaximumdanMelee Picture0
(4)EndorphineGriGMelee Obs Picture3
(4)Wish...ScoutWBFMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Heffy End would be sooooo stylish, a pity that it is so tight
heh. It's not that tight. I bet it feels ok in game. I'll have to check^^
mirage is nice, heffy end too

815 is the worst map here :)
it's more playable than smoking barrels ><

I like OpusFidelis, it's a pretty well made snow map. And most people don't like making snow maps -.-

Jungle_Raid is more open than a french prostitute's legs -_-
Hmm this will be hard to decide, there are several maps I like, which include: Arctic Scaffold, Hefty End2.0, Mirage, OpusFidelis, and Wish... (as soon as he decorates it).
3 pts - (2)Arctic Scaffold
3 pts - (4)Jungle_Raid

= 6 pts

I won't vote in the system i just have two maps in mind for first place...
Arctic Scafforld: Terran vs Zerg imbalance at it's finest! Zerg is forced to go 3hatch and if he doesn't,he will die.
Terran vs Protoss should be a bit favored for Protoss because of the open middle.

Heffy End: Zerg will have to waste many minerals for sunken colonies because he has to cover the spot with the neutral building too.If he doesn't,the terran will kill the building an rush into the main.
Terran vs Protoss will be in favor of Terran because the Terran can easily expand by pushing.Oov style terrans should have one half of the map in around 12 minutes.

Mirage: Terran will camp in his main and drop a lot.Maybe he will take a second main base and cover it with mass turrets later.
Protoss will either go fast expansion and an expensive tech like reaver drop.Late game will be Carriers vs Terran and Reaver/Sair vs Zerg.
The map is pretty good but it favors the defensive style.

OpusFidelis:Don't want to write a comment for this map.

Jungle_Raid: Terran map at it's finest! Free expansion after the first tanks in TvP and after the first marines/Medics in TvZ. Terran can drop tanks behind the natural of the P/Z and make it unuseable for him. This way Terran has 1+ plus except the openent has another expansion.

Smoking Barrels: -/-

Endorphine: Terran slow push for the win! Unstopable for Protoss players because of the tight paths.There is no spot, except the middle, where the Protoss could flank the Terran. If the Terran succeeds in pushing to the next main base,he will have 4 or 5 geysers. There is no way Terran could lose this game anymore.
Protoss versus Zerg should be hard,too.Zerg can contain the Protoss pretty easily and the Protoss has a hard time to break out because of the tight path.

Wish...:My map so no comment ^^
meh scout posted some imbalances i was thinking about

as its deadline already guess i vote for arctic scaffold o.O even though its not my taste
lol scout

comment on airmap: terran will use dropships and turrets. he may also expand. protoss will probably drop, too or go carriers.

comment on tight path: ownz P in PvT and is also so tight it owns P in PvZ...?
"Arctic Scafforld: Terran vs Zerg imbalance at it's finest! Zerg is forced to go 3hatch and if he doesn't,he will die."
like zerg ever minds that they have to go 3hatch these days -_-;
They do when they have to build their first hatch awaz from the natural expansion.Zerg players always complained about the 12 main at LT.
terrans also complain about no wall-in on luna -.-
Well I only complain that it's impossible to wall in on luna, so it's predictable that you won't wall in ^^

I don't mind 3hatching. I know some players always 3hatch (usually in their main) just to assure they don't lose their nat early on. If you think about it early expoing is only helpfull as zerg since you can defend your nat and main at once with sunks. You don't mine that much faster at first by expoing, you'd be fine mining with more drones at your main. Essentially having to 3hatch isn't an imbalance because zerg doesn't need those extra minerals immediately for zvt, it's the gas that's important. And you can 3hatch 12hatch 11 pool 13 hatch, that's pretty safe and it's not much later.
I don't understand why mappers like cucdas and for2motion come to the site only to vote for grig's maps instead of contributing elsewhere or making other maps -.-
btw I am fine with you guys voting the way LGI did. Since we have decided to not necessarily use the vote 100% of the time if it comes down to a couple tied maps at the end voting this way will let me (or another admin) know which map to pick.
Nitemjoo pick one to post. Play them both today, and make a decision. Dont drag this out.
Nightmar I'll go play against you.Then I show you how imbalanced those maps really are. I think you still know my rush TvZ gameplay ;P
JeSus wat is this shit
JeSus wat is this shit
i guess i vote for mirage, i havent seen such attractive total-air map for a long time
you know that mirage has 5minerals at the start positions? Who would play a map with 5 minerals at the starting positions?! XD
it flows faster than you'd think actually. you just reach maximum mining speed quite fast - which helps zerg and weakens P/T
its too substantial of a weakening though. I just need to get a rep of what i mean ...any P's want to play against me on mirage?
i just uploaded a replay. judging from playing and looking, I'd say you get close to maximum mining speed with about 10-13 probes. this DOES help zerg, and, more important imo: it really matters for builds - you can effectively stop and continue probe production, depending on how you want to expand. if you want to expand early, you can pump some more eco - but you can also skip probe production for quite a while in order to get a very fast tech. roxx.
I take one package of viagra!
i'd like to have 2 of those Xtra-large family packs
lmao. I'll watch the reps of mirage. Hopefully I can play arctic scaffold today, scout or lnept up for some games? Or someone else lol
ill do motw tomorow, no time to say it all but I have stuff on mirage to say and I'd like antares to make some small changes on arctic, and I need to play wish... =/
Whish... ? Are you kidding?
I told him to play it because I played Mirage and Arctic with him. Fairest deal ever!

Mirage is the first air map I EVER had more gas than minerals even with 14CC to the natural expansion. Ultimate gayness for every race! I think it's the most gay for Zerg cause they need to build mass overlords when they lose overlord and still try to build Mutalisks. Hydralisks should be pretty much impossible on this map.

Arctic has a bad choke and a pathing problem for the mineral only workers.This needs to be fixed. All in all it's a rush style map. Zerg can build mass zerglings,Terran can go 3rax mass marines go,Protoss can actually just die :3

I would go with Arctic because it's a pretty good but weird map.The expansions are hard to find and defend.I quite liked to drop all around the map and kill every Zerg expansion XD
hey look its tktk and 5 pool, the JPEG fan club at it again..

About Mirage, I wish the south/north expos were connected by land to the other continent. I think that would help. I hate how t can tank those expos w/o being able to be hit. I also hate how every single expo can be lifted to. I also dislike how terran can mine from 4gas while defending 2 islands, a simple task for a turtler. Or you could take 6 gas and defend 3, which is easy with all the gas you have. Too bad you have no minerals. Flo I watched your reps, only reason the players had any minerals was because they did nothing and got 3k

I'm leaning towards arctic scaffold, I like the edits to it and whatnot. For fairness I will play wish... and maybe heffy end, but most likely Antares has a motw.
well, you complain about turtling and say at the same time there weren't any minerals, which are needed to build turrets
turtling is just not attacking though. its much easier to defend against drops then to make them, not to mention the investments you put into dropships. on this case you probably wouldnt want too many turrets but many goliaths
Turrets cost should gain 75minerals in about 2seconds with your natural expansion.

The problem with minerals is that you get a lot of gas but less minerals.This way you have like 1800gas but 200minerals at around 10minutes.
so you basically say, if a terran turtles and has 2 mains with _4_ gases, he still wont have much minerals. me being a P, having other (and rich) expansions, i'll have enough minerals for a decent carrier fleet.

this is actually as vague as your descriptions btw
Who fuckin cares about gas when you still have no minerals.
I care when you think that mainbases dont have enough mins and are yet afraid of terran securing 2bases...
besides, why should it be SO BAD to have a setup like this? it changes the gamestyle, which aint a bad thing. and at least it's fresh, so fresh that you cant judge it until you play it some times...
zerg will beat all: mass scourge gg
t will sit on islands with mass gols and scivessels, protoss will mass hts and archons
lol you should read what you all write^^

yep its this thing they discovered recently called sarcasm
OMFG z masses queens and scourge and terran can't win, sc is fucking imbalanced!
tips Content-Type: multipart/
at least those spambots do not vote ;P
spam bots are imba
Yeah, SB's win all mu's 100% of the time, even SB vs SB!
Blizzard fix it with a patch please
U instant lose n00b!I got spambot HA! XD
i loooove you spambots :D
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5pool voted (4)Heffy End2.0
AiurZ voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
Antares voted (4)Mirage
Cucdas voted (4)Endorphine
flothefreak voted (4)Mirage
For2Motion voted (4)Endorphine
herb voted (4)Endorphine
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
LGI voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
lnept voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
LostTampon voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
SalazarSlytherin voted (4)Jungle_Raid
ScoutWBF voted (2)Arctic Scaffold
tktkvroom voted (4)Heffy End2.0
Valkyrion voted (4)Heffy End2.0
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