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Last update for (4)Wish... : 2006, 12, 17 02:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1798 (4)Wish... 128*128ScoutWBF0.1beta

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

No widened ramps,no neutral buildings,no changed amounts of minerals,no cliffs.

Min only:5minerals


There is nothing more to say.Just wish...
ok, i make a wish: a few dropships with tanks in TvP!
Awesome wish!Let's forbid Drops! yay!
this lots of free bases things gets old after the 500th map. i can understand an easily defendable natural, but an easily defendable mineral only?

neutral expansions are also really really close to each other.
Don't you like macro maps?I thought everybody loves them after Rush Hour and Luna.

I could also make the map extremely drop imbalanced.^^

Oh and luna has like 17minerals just with main and natural. This means you only have 1 mineral block more.^^
modified by ScoutWBF
you say luna macro map, then what is rpoint or forte ? :D both of them contains 18 single expo :P
R-point and Forte are macro maps too but you can play more aggressive on those maps.

Luna is just turtleing and going for an attack at 200supply.^^
ill forgive your addled brains, but please look at your map.

there is a single path going from main to natural to mineral only.

all the maps you have mentioned thus far have one path from the main to the nat, and from there they have multiple paths branching out.

not only that, look how close your neutral expansions are. the closer proximity neutral expansions are, the worse they are for the map. if the left player controls the left neutral, there is no way that the right player will have the right neutral, simply because the expansions are too close. it defeats the purpose of having neutral expansions, because they are claimed and controlled too easily.

and really, this map doesnt offer anything.
modified by AiurZ
Nothing much to add... This map is nicely executed, and actually somewhat appealing, but it is too straight.

There is absolutely nothing but expansions from a to b, no tactically important spots, no flanking room, no alternative routes. Well, the middle offers some, but that's just a tiny little bit.

You already started in your own first post: No widened ramps, no neutral buldings, no [...], nothing, just nothing.

No offense, really, but I can remember times when you had maps with concepts ;)
Yeah and those maps were just "nice" and never achieved anything cause nobody saw the real potential.

This map actually has a concept.The expansions in the middle shall make the players play more offensive.The mineral only and natural shall make the zerg decide if he wants to have 2 fast expansions with the first hatch set at he mineral only or go for 1 safe gas expansion.The rest is actually like luna:unbuildable space.

Oh and by the way:Please look at the map ingame.Some things look tighter in pictures than they actually are.
Holy shit it's ugly. Looks like a decent 2v2 map.

The space doesn't worry me at all, should be fine. The expo amounts should be fine, both the main, nat, and mineral only are low.

The map is nice, I don't understand why the others disliked it so much. The main thing I hate about it is how ugly it is. That probably turned off the others too.

If you decorated the map I would like it. Looks good to play, and I guess that's better than being pretty but unplayable ;D

What are the holes in the compound after the mineral onlys for? They serve no purpose except to maybe hide a pylon or supply depot so after you've lost you can make your enemy search for 93845394805 minutes to find you, or hope they get aggravated and give you a win^^
btw you should convert it to ice tileset and turn it into my artic cityscape competition. It pretty much follows the rules :) And converting really doesn't take very long, and should be easy since you don't have very many doodads or ramps.
nightmarjoo, the judgement on playability and gameplay hasnt anything to do with looks. the map is as many other said before, kind of empty and boring. there's nothing new. nothing rare. it is just standard, but not even good executed, and has a serious lack of flow - besides the turteling, which will definetly flow...
I cant make holes into the rocky grounds on the left and right side because it would be possible to build turrets there.

You could make suggestions and tell me why the map is so "boring".

In my opinion it's a pretty good map.You can drop the natural expansion,rush because of the missing ramp and push a bit into the middle to lower the distance to the openent.
Oh yeah I decorate it today.Just wait a bit ^^
As i investigated your maps posted on this site a thought have come to my mind. You have some nice ideas and many of your maps are interesting too. But something is missing, i dont really know what it is. Perhaps you dont work for enough time on your maps. I dont mean you dont put so much effort in execution, but mapmaking is not just execution, but many more things like planning. I see this problem on considerable number of your maps, like you have a brilliant idea for a part of the layout and you draw a new map for it so fast. I think you dont work with enough patience and precision.

Maybe my comment was a bit harsh and confusing, but i see many scoutmaps and most of them doesnt have the great potential because something that i tried to enlight in this comment.

Maybe it's because I don't place 500doodads on the map because I'm too lazy.But it's impossible on desert anyway because there are only 2 buildable doodads.

Maybe I play too much and don't even pay attention to doodads and that many decorations^^
Small update.

Upload replay for this map
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