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motw 38/06

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 09, 15 (Year, month, day)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)IllusionflothefreakMelee Obs Picture10
(2)Frozen TundraNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture1
(2)Royale With CheeseCosmiMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Vengeance RiversJK)ValkyrionMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Mother LoveNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture3
(4)Desert_FlowerGriGMelee Obs Picture7
(4)Jungle_RaidflothefreakMelee Obs Picture1
(4)NomadAntaresMelee Obs Picture2
(4)Azure PastureboongeeMelee Obs Picture2
(6)Dune 2000king of 8 plr mapsMelee Picture2
(2)RocketlneptMelee Picture1
(6)Event Horizonking of 8 plr mapsMelee Picture0
(4)Shining Metal StarScoutWBFMelee Picture2
(2)Dead Or Aliveking of 8 plr mapsMelee Obs Picture1
The competition is closed!

lol FT again :p It's going to be MOTW unless someone countervotes - and I decided not to vote ;)
o0 who submitted mine o0
perhaps your voters :)
lol, i have any? :P sweet. better keep this kind of work up then :D
I submited it. I like it so much [since it has classic ramps:-)]. Still mains are too small...
speed-dial ;) map is so fun
imo this is getting too much...

Well, Nasty's maps all got quite a lot of points in previous MotW competitions, so I see no problem in adding them again.

But GriG: Your maps did get exactly ONE point in all those competitions you submitted them. You have exacly no chance of getting one of these MotW without some major improvements.
i second what spinesheath said about GriG's maps.. need lots of inprovements
Nasty you need to update your map with the pic I gave to you +O
no mans lands, is really good map, plays very well.

royale with cheese is funny name for a funny map, lol.

jungle raid has some nice layout, but nothing really special imo, exept the gas covered by minerals, its a nice idea, I hope it retains the concept.
Mark of the Beast for 2v2v2 pwntage
Without any biased, I see these maps as worthy:


Both have great layouts; hard to choose which is better :/

*Honorable Maps*
(2)Royale with Cheese

RwC is executed well, but the upper region of the map is not emphasized enough; for more about what i think, go to its map thread.

S-D probobly plays well but the map's experimental choke(s) may cause problems and may not be a liked b/c of it.
Ahhh good, Lemuria's back - last week I missed it ;)
whats all the stuff with lemuria, i don't think its that much of a good map :S
That's why it is submitted in every MotW contest - it never wins Oo
lol, sounds like a game to me :P
Moses! This week there's like... nothing great imo. There are some good maps here no question, but nothing I would consider truly special. I like mark of the beast, but imo it's anti terran; atleast there is nothing that helps t in the map at all. Hell, Royale with Cheese and Lemuria Devel look nice =/

How does this new system of voting work exactly? And have we started to use it?
yea .. voting starts when submittion date is done. if u vote for Lemuria D, i will shoot myself.. positional imba anyone? :p
nah i was gonna vote for abracadabra...who can resist the masses of prison cells?
so true...
I think i will start deleting maps every week from the MotW competition who don't deserve to be here at all, such as GriG's maps for a begining...
If you like the idea i will make a list of the maps that i will delete here and then deleting them. And also i will not accept those maps ever again until they are fixed. I am sick of crap here...
it would be nice to see some crap maps deleted, but i don't think it should be a one-man's decision.

i'd just delete the ones more then 7 people are complaining about. something like that.
king of 8 plr maps
how do the voting work on here, theres no button to vote?
yes, buttons come after deadline
umm I thought only 3 maps per people; ko8pm has 7.
3pts - Paradise Lost
again, great layout, even though it still lacks some decoration

2pts - Vengence Rivers
nice layout, looks great too

1pt - Royal with Cheese
cool name, cool design; encourages some unique gameplay
wth. someone clean this up. arkanoid wtf.
king of 8 plr maps
take out whatever maps out you guys want
Guess I go with what people like and ave good feedback:

1(8)Snake Pit
2(6)Dune 2000
3(6)Event Horizon think this one best know and played one it reached 4000 downloads at another site.

3pts - (4)Desert_Flower
cool design, nice layout and good balanced map !!!

2pts - (4)Arkanoid 1.0
Pro map with unique gameplay !

1pt - (4)Kin Dza Dza
lol - arkanoid Oo

Now how could we make a map MotW that was not made from anyone on these forums...
So i've just delete:

(4)Ably - Imba, imo.

(4)Abracadabra - Imba, imo.

(4)Shining Metal Star - Not MotW worthy, imo. You have better maps, imo. Ugly, imo. Very bad and imba center, imo. And if Sleeping Sun still don't get the MotW, then why do you think that this map will get it?!

(4)Speed-Dial - "speed-dial ;) map is so fun" . You are right! It's fun! But wtf this map is doing in the MotW competition? Wrong competition dude. For more details and information why your map is deleted from the competition read all articles on this site and check all MotW winners by now.

(6)Mark of the Beast - If we are looking forward for a MotW winner whit 6 players map whit a goal to break the old Hunters THAT IS USED FOR 3v3 MOST! Then we need a map for 3v3 not for 2v2v2. So this map can go in the "Fun competition" made by Inept i hope.

(4)Kin Dza Dza - I have some things to fix, i put it just to see your reactions. There is none, enough for me to see your interest about the map...

(4)Lemuria Devil - Made by --v|mOsQ.

(8)Snake Pit - A lot of issues i am too lazy to point all.

(6)K-Reactor - ...

(8)Crusaders III (ROP) - ...

(8)Allied Forces - ...

(4)Arkanoid 1.0 - No rights resived by BWM.N

Maps who i almost deleted, but they are still in the competition.

(4)Desert_Flower - Imo, not MotW worth.

(2)Royale With Cheese - Great look, great design, but read the post from Listoric in the last MotW competition.

@king of 8 plr maps, well done whith (6)Dune 2000 and (6)Event Horizon i will play them for sure. Anyway i think that this site is read for a new competition for 6 and 8 players map, they are some worthy now.

P.S. Delete my admin rights if you are not happy whit all above.
i like how you deleted lemuria devil based solely on the reason that it was made by mosq.

from now on, the quality of the map should be determined solely based on its creator, and not the map itself. however, if circumstances hamper you from doing so, we should only judge maps based on how pretty they look in the jpeg.

oh shit. thats already what happens.
--v|mOsQ is one dude that i would kill if i see in real life. And i will delete everything by him that i see. All started from PGT and continue there so it's personal. And i don't think that i need to explain why i hate him. You can all see his actions here and flames... Not to mantion that he is not usefull to all here, he never helped anyone here. You all know his posts. AND (4)Lemuria Devil IS NOT BALANCE!

About the pretty look. Well AiurZ, everyone can make shitty maps on a look don't you think. For example. I can draw you a 15 minute map that would be very balanced but also very ugly. And thats not only me...
hrm, nice work lgi :)

(i just added one more map of me, which i just finished, hope thats ok )
It's not a good idea to add your map that you've just finished to such contest whitout any play tests, replays, etc, etc. You don't even know how zerg will be on your map in your first comment.
well, i tested it, and MY zerg is fine, its just that the exp isnt covering the main, thats all :)
kk, i see your point lgi, take it out for now then :)
was my map deleted or something? Oo I have the feeling of winning this week :3
i updated paradise lost in the graphics department :D

added some doodads (dont worry about the amount, its supposed to be the garden of eden, and you harly notice it during play)
3pts - (4)Desert Flower

2pts - (4)Illusion

1pt - (4)Shining Metal Star
Hey Cucdas there is a voting system now that activates when the deadline is over!^^
"Now", so to speak.
king of 8 plr maps
Besides my Dune 2000, I like Desert Flower next but Im afraid to vote it I dont wanna loose.
I would really like to see a 6 player map in general on a map of month.
if the people voting for desert flower didnt notice, there is no space to build anywhere
relax I'm just kidding :P
king of 8 plr maps
Thats true kinda looks small, but it does have some more room at back of your base, but its small space there too. Think kidies like pretty desinged maps with alot of flashing lights.
hmof i dont like this system...
i wated to vote for illusion, cheese royale and frozen tundra - but now i ended up with my own map cause it already had some votes

I wouldn't call Desert flower "pretty"... It's one of GriG's better maps, but not MOTW quality yet...
look at the desert flower votes - all ppl without any recognition or any proven skills.

cudas, korvspad, grig, control - none of them has ever catched my eye due to a clever comment, good idea, outstanding map, strong improvements or similar. now they almost had decided the motw to a map that is NOT EVEN CLOSE to a good map. macro-massing-map with terran overwhelming. not even a good execution (pathing at least partly screwed).

the new system fails.
hahaha flo this was exactly what I wanted to do by voting desert_flower, show you that this system is fucked up.
Lolll flothefreak u kiddind me? You see all desert flower design? I like it. And good balanced map. Your map (4)Illusion is not balanced. This is a Terran map - siege tanks > all others ground units ... In your opinion i not created outstanding maps? Man please see my 2 maps in this site: (3)Sowon and (4)Sairen ...
lol cucdas, you don't know what your talking about. sounds to me like someone called in some lackeys to vote for his map tbh
5pool i vote and this is my opinion. But someone like flothefreak and you writes: "cucdas, korvspad, grig, control - none of them has ever catched my eye due to a clever comment, good idea, outstanding map, strong improvements or similar." What is this. I lackey or you? See 2 my maps dude ...
i've seen your maps, and they're just nothing special. besides, making 2 maps and being full of yourself doesnt weigh up to the experience some other makers have here.
even if i alrady saw yyour maps: read carefully hat i wrote. afterwards, you may apologize.
omg am i drunk?

some appendix:

i didnt want to hurt your feelings or whatsoever. i just looked at who voted desert flower, and your name didnt tell anything to me. so i assumed you are either someone who hasnt done anything good yet, or you are new to the site and havent yet "established" your skill/comments.

both shouldnt - in my eyes - be able to vote

short comment about your 2 maps:
some style, esp. in structure and originality.
however, your comments about illusion being so imbalanced are ridiculos regarding your maps. you still have serious balancing problems in your maps (judging from those 2), even if they look quite pretty. i dont consider t imbalanced on illusion btw. there arent even any real cliffs, like those overwhelming on LT 9h or similar.
meh get rid of this new voting thing it really doesnt work. no vote from me
@LGI hey I can understand removing lemuria devil as no one has voted for it for months now, but please keep your vendetta out of here. I am by no means disagreeing with anything you said, but letting such bias enter the system does not help the mapping community.

@the people who voted for desert_flower... wtf are you high on and where can I get it?
I have nothing against grig, but the map is not motw worthy. Aside from comments I have already made in the map thread: very little building room in mains and no room in the whole map for flanking. Also a contain is very hard to break from. A map with those issues cannot represent the highlite of map making as MOTWs should.

This is a good system, but it is new and needs some fine tuning. I think the one vote per person is not beneficial. I now have to vote for illusion which I normally would not just to make sure desert_flower doesn't win. Perhaps have this system with 3 votes per IP ? yeah that's easy to get around and spam too, but you have to take some effort to do so.
"hey I can understand removing lemuria devil as no one has voted for it for months now"

i vote for lemuria devil nearly everytime it comes up and i vote. theres a few other people here that have voted for it too. the only reason people dont vote for it is because nobody likes mosq. the map has an interesting concept and gives dynamic positional gameplay.

the new version of desert flower sucks. the old one with the masses of temples was much better, because it offered what i thought was a neat concept that should have been tested out, with terran players having the ability of turtling but then being caught with a huge gaping center, or playing aggressive and being able to push more efficiently. that version had to be tweaked of course, and i would have rather seen a better tileset used, but then grig posts these bastard versions of it that kill the idea some and make it impure.
Temples don't work for what you suggest for Desert Flower. Such gameplay occurs in maps such as Coulee, where you could try to get air superiority but then be overwhelmed by ground forces. Similar options on Iron Curtain in 1n1. Desert Flower will always be a ground map, powered by the inmain natural with gas. If there was enough space to build gateways and stuff, it would be really macro oriented.

I dislike Lemuria Devil because of the gameplay/layout/balance, not because it's from mosq, you can believe me with that.

And Aiurz, if you say that the new version of Deset flower sucks, then why the hell did you vote for it?

btw, who is herb? He is the 3rd last person that registered here, put a vote, but never even said a word (or did I miss something?)
3rd post ^^ Get me an edit option here!

@Cucdas: What makes you say that illusion was a t map? It's so damn open, you could almost compare that center with luna's, and there are no sidepaths like on luna where t can push effectively. Tanks really aren't any stronger on this map than on any other map.
@ spines

thats what i meant. suddenly a lot of new people who all happen to vote for desert flower x_x
I wonder why nobody did this with the old system... I mean, there were not many rules back then either. When I came to this site, I just put my vote in the second week or so, without much reputation so far and nobody had a problem with it...
you have always been active member, so you wrote many comments from the first that should be enough to create a suitable opinion from one's mapper skill
who the hell is borus, herb, drake, control?!?!?!

im sorry, but until we see constructive critism towards MOTW, I can hardly see it as a meaningful, justified, and quality vote. therefore I will not count those votes.
and i think that should go for all. in order to count each vote, i would like to see the reasons why each map is good enough for motw.. what reasons sway u to vote for the map. this will help us as admins to count each vote judged on how everyone feels about it etc etc etc
this system will work, we just need to take our time in the decision process and then sorting out fake votes etc.
This is really sad that we have to decide the motw this way.
Drake is mS-Drake.A 300APM Terran I know and the biggest fan of metal star :3

by the way I think the maps with the most votes at the moment aren't worthy to be MotW because of imbalance.
Illusion is Terran imbalanced because a good gundam rush is able to kill a protoss.I don't think we need to talk abaout Terran vs zerg.
Desert flower is just ugly,imbalanced and pretty much boring.
And by the way:Why do you need to make maps,post comments or upload replays to be able to vote?There are also viewers that don't post but want to decide votes.Just look at forums.There are people reading the forum for 2!! years and then making their first post!
well until drake can discuss the maps with us, i will not just count his vote.. be smart about this please. i want to see reasons, i want to see discussions.. NOT arguements. obviously u wouldnt take a vote from just anyone would u?
""hey I can understand removing lemuria devil as no one has voted for it for months now"

i vote for lemuria devil nearly everytime it comes up and i vote. theres a few other people here that have voted for it too. the only reason people dont vote for it is because nobody likes mosq. the map has an interesting concept and gives dynamic positional gameplay."

aiurz, Lemuria Devil has a terrible positional imbalance.. how can u vote for a map that has that big of an error in it? and who would vote for a member that just flames ideas, maps, and doesn't ideas?? thats why we exclude his maps.. he does have talent but that doesnt mean his maps is worthy and it doesnt mean he is worthy as a mapper to recieve a MOTW title.
just flames ideas, maps, and doesn't contribute in constructive critism??*******
Nasty,Drake doens't need to discuss the map because he already played the map at least 20times.He knows how the map plays and that it makes fun.If you want I could also get him to post reasons but he's a weird guy.But he would say what he thinks about the map,which is that he loves it.

I don't know if you have fans but I do and I think that they don't need to tell you why they love my maps.

It's just the same shit as with sleeping sun.The map was much better than the other maps but didn't get MotW cause you guys don't like me and avoided making it MotW by not giving even 1 point.After that I stoped caring about MotW cause you just decide the MotW by the author and not by the map.The perfect example probably is Starparty.all his maps have a better score than 5,many of the got MotW and nobody ever said his comments were wrong.

Well I don't give a shit on your opinions anymore cause you don't play the maps and just tell the maps aren't good enough cause they have a better concept than yours and are better balanced.

Vote what you want.You can't see maps with qualities anyway!
ScoutWBF, i can say that i def do play alot of the maps here as well as syndrome .. we test the maps here when we can. i dont care how drake's apm is (if u were serious or not). If u said that he has played the map.. post the reps so i/we all can see how it plays.. and make sure that there isnt a skill imbalance between the players. And if its possible i want to see what he has to say about the map so i can see if he is full of shit or not (dont take that the wrong way.. not ment to be bm).. but thats how we must discus the votes.

u are right that when there were mappers active like sp, there were alot of members voting for his name right off the bat.. but it doesnt mean that his maps werent great.. his maps at that point were top notch in quality, executiona and in layout. but when the votes come down to 2 or 3 maps, there is a demonstration of stuff like "oh that map was made by SP, that must be better!" .. of course that isnt exact words, but that does go on in our sub concious minds
I agree with what you say scout, but there really is no other way. Hopefully the really awesome maps will win regardless of author. But bringing in outsiders just to vote seems pretty dumb to me.
Don't delete comments by me pls -_-
hmm, no vote from me this time.
btw, you forgot to put the 5 plyaer map via maps-admin menu to 2006.37 - as always. Just tpo let you know. I dodn't do it this time, just to check if someone else might be interested in having the actual MotW displayed correctly, but it doesn't seem so :P
Nobody cares about BWMN anyway.I don't think there are people posting here except mapper.
The people who post here are mainly mappers, certainly. But the MotW competition is known "outside" and soem even make it to PGT (I am really telling you new things, huh? :p ) So you can be assured that they are taken serious.
Nah.nobody would miss the BWM.N maps in the PGT mappool. I think there are more people complaining about BWM.N maps as MotS compared to people demanding a "user" map.
There are ALWAYS more people complaining than anything. That's humanity.
And they would complain justas much about all the other maps - if they played them that much.
Well this is no discussion about PGT.It'sa MotW vote.but hey the vote doesn't count anyway because you can't vote the map you want cause else desert flower wins! yay!
"aiurz, Lemuria Devil has a terrible positional imbalance.. how can u vote for a map that has that big of an error in it? and who would vote for a member that just flames ideas, maps, and doesn't ideas?? thats why we exclude his maps.. he does have talent but that doesnt mean his maps is worthy and it doesnt mean he is worthy as a mapper to recieve a MOTW title."

are you retarded? a bit slow maybe?

who makes the map has no effect on the maps quality, playability, balance, or frankly anything. as far as i know, this is a site for map makers to post their maps and get feedback, not a drama club full of crybaby pussies who bitch and moan about how someones shoes dont match their purse.

the dynamics that lemuria devil could provide, and the change in gameplay make it way more appealing and worthy of motw than a lot of other maps that have won motw.

seriously, look at templar castes, and tell me how this map stands out from the rest? how is that map balanced in play? you have a raised main, an easily defendable natural, and a pretty secure mineral only, followed by an empty center that takes up half the map. no walls. no cliffs. nothing. whats to make that map stand out from anything else? "execution"? give me a break.

if lemuria devil were created by any of the ids whos dick everyone sucks, it would receive praise and everyone would be like nice map gj.

deleting a map that obviously has more quality than several of the maps still in the contest is a clear and obvious abuse of power, which is something that has already been witnessed on this site time and time again.

scoutWBF, the lonely misunderstood and incredibly underestimated promapper. why dont you get it? none of us - being in most aspects quite mature - will care about your whining that - IN YOUR EYES - your maps are better than others. and we dont care about random people liking your map. especially when your map isnt anything (positive) outstanding in execution, structure or whatsoever.

you are just greedy, self-centred and childish - which leads to your main problem: you dont even realize it. and you wont even believe me now, or even think one second about it. you are so blindfolded by your underage ego that you dont put yourself and your maps into question. sure, most mappers are proud of your maps. but YOU are sick and desperate of acception, and as you dont want or dont see mistakes in your maps, you seek for reasons in other persons' fault. you flee into your own point of view where none recognizes your talent and outstanding qualities and skills.

grow up and learn to be objective to yourself. you wont go anywhere with your opinions.
that's for you, read it and toss it if you wont. but better read it and be your worst reviewer - because that's how to improve, no other way. we all together have a hundred times more experience than you do, and as long as you dont acknowledge this, you'll fail. it is up to you, as always, and this is my last try to push you into the right direction. see it as an altruistic and voluntary gift, because I myself dont know why i wrote this whole thing. last try also contains that i wont answer to you if you start a discussion. how i said - read it and then decide, toss it or think about it.
*most mappers are proud of _their_ maps
Today i create new version on map Desert Flower.
1. Fixed all bugs who i see in replays and comments.
2. Fixed pathing.
3. More area for buidings in main base.
Thanks Control for testing and all who write good comments.
about the lemuria-devil issue:

the map itself is very well executed and the idea is interesting and nice, well the central expansion layout seems disfavor terran or protoss with only 4 minerals and a gas.. thats perfect for zerg

though the map should be played nicely with this imbalance, BUT a motw should not be a map that has any issues, a motw should represent the work of the bwmn mappers and have to be balanced more than original.. if you are fan of originality, where do you draw the borders (i dont know how should i say in englsih, i hope you understand) between a pro msp with originality and a newbie map without much care about balance. this is absurd, of course experimental elements needed in some ways, but motw is an award that should not show who is the best at originality, but who is the best on playability
desert flower isnt a choice because there is so much money located so close together.
From now on my main issue with Desert Flower is the hidden neutral SCVs and Drones. Not that it was imbalanced because of this - you won't be able to use them unless you are two newbs fooling around - but the fact alone that there are elements on a map that are not visible on the pic, not even ingame unless you have the habit of clicking on every sprite. It will just be known to few selected people. Stop right there, no MotW.
Hahah spinesheath this is ugly comment. GriG create nice update but no MotW because spinesheath that say :))))))) See new version. I like it.
He see only pic? Not launch map with starcraft?
Whatever you say... Desert Flower is nothing but ridiculous. It can't be taken serious Oo
The whole fucking vote can't be taken serios!
agreed, this is redicoulus. every serious voter should just withdraw.
hm, i don't think you should keep people from voting, no matter their number or quality of maps.

the whole idea of the motw (so it seems to ME) is for people to vote for a map they like, and enjoy playing.

maybe al of this is getting a bit too serious? it's not a war, it isn't meant to be, and it shouldnt result in it, don't you think?
wzup? Desert flower looks as inovative as the maps we used to push on this site a year ago.

Starparty voted Desert flower
Illusion has nothing special, why it gets so much votes T_T
who faked SP?
If this was Starparty, I am the brick that hits his head.
Panschk, can you see the IPs of the people who voted? TSL is newly registered, I wouldn't wonder if this was a known fellow...
<3 NoPants. Votes for a map he likes.
no thats the real starparty lol.

tsl is another cronie.
You tested new Desert Flower version? I all day tested new version. ALL PATHING PROBLEMS ARE FIXED. And all other problems.
LOL! There are ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES to the pathing. You call this "fixed" ??
And the other problems... Nope, NOT FIXED.
I wonder if I can throw a brick to where SP lives... It's a bit far...
spinesheath download new version 1.6 please and test pathing. In new version ABSOLUTELY CHANGES to the pathing. Pathing is fixed. I play today 30 games and no one pathing problem ...
well looks like i might hvae to vote after all..
ohhhh fake accounts?alright I can do the same :3 Just you wait! SMS will win XD
I REALLY like your testing methods <3
Would you mind testing my maps from time to time?

Enough of irony, see my post at Desert Flower's mapthread once I made it.
Oh by the way: ANYONE who still votes for Desert Flower after watching my replay will NEVER be taken serious by me again.

And Cucdas + GriG either don't know what pathing means, are blind both eyes, or just LYING.
hey, who cares about pathing, no offense but the map looks like shit, inovative yes, but it could be soooo much better.
desert flower has no room for flanking, a contain is easy, money is easily obtainable and securable, imo the decoration is poor (which means not enough time was spent making the map. Decoration is not hard, and shows effort)
The old system was JUST AS accessible for abuse. I wonder why nobody abused...
Wow justsodesertflowerloses voted (4)Illusion :) This is spinesheath?
king of 8 plr maps
someones using voting bots, everytime desert flower gets vote, a bot votes Illusion
Nope, that's not me, and it also is no bot. The only abuse-vote for Illusion is "justsodesertflowerloses". All the others are votes of well-known, good and experienced mappers.

In contrast to Cucdas, Control, GriG, herb and TSL, who are neither well-known nor experienced mappers.
omg spinesheath you are the best mapper on the world?
seriously cucdas, stop acting like a child if you ever want to be taken serious here. desert flower has a lot of potential, but it needs to be edited for that potential to come out.

any mapper realises that2 pair of eyes see mroe then 1. where you might not see a mistake, or an imbalance, someone else might.

if desert flower had been upgraded in a manner that followed several well placed, and well-mannered comments it wouldn't have been a problem to anyone.

as for the voting, i can't be assed tbh. if people really want their map to win by using others to vote for it, so be it. i hope they realise though that it only makes the map worse.
Sure thing. Rofl. Well, take me out of the list of experienced mappers that voted for Illusion, if you want. I don't care.
I also already told you that I won't take you serious anymore. Just a single game against a comp told me that you know exactly nothing about testing a map.
You all suck at maping cause you can't even be serious.This is no fucking fun!We try to get our maps into some leagues and if this continues nobody will take us serious again!
Fuck this week and remake the vote with the old voting system or something.

...Or just make my map MotW :3 Just jokin XD
cool pic :D Notice the fullstop after "end" - sylistically perfect ;)

But I think the pathing you drew is not quite correct, it should be more up-and-down-like, with few random movements to the right :p
lol, if that isnt proof then i dunno what

(is it just me, or does flo ALWAYS seem to find pathing problems :P was the first comment he ever gave me :P )
As if a paint pic would prove anything :p But it's obvious, anyways, and shown in my replay (@ bottom pos, didn't bother testing top pos - it's not my duty after all)
flo is all about retarded players that dont know how to play the game. he wants to baby them with little outlines on how to wall, and he wants them to not have to worry a stitch about actually controlling their units.
AiurZ, if you want to create an OUTSTANDING, GOOD map, you should consider pathing.
It's not impossible to create fine pathing, and since that is so, a decent mapper should be able to create a decent map that offers correct pathing.

Another, more important thing: Both, GriG and Cucdas told us they tested their map thoroughly, and said that all pathing issues were fixed. Funny that I encountered a pathing problem with the first move command outside my base...

And what you should NOT forget is the SERIOUS issue that the upper paths linking the islands are completely fucked up. This is NOT tolerable.
Watch my replay on DesertFlower for details.

And we are not even talking about any details such as minonly placement...
well, aiurz, go execute a 2gate PvZ rush with this setup. having done this, you will agree.

why dont car builders drop servo-steering in all cars? why do they baby drivers so much!?!?!?!?! DRIVER ARE OLD ENOUGH TO STEER THEMSELVES! WHEN DO THEY LEARN IT!?!?!?!?!?!!!


this motw is funny. It seems to reveal a huge lack in mapping knowledge in even the more experienced mappers (I'm not claiming to be a gosu mapper, but I'm sure someone will conclude that out of my statement)

Imagine playing a map with bad pathing. You are say protoss, and your enemy is zerg. They go for a muta harass. A fairly strong decent build which can win a game quickly if it's not handled quickly. Maybe the p early expos, they have some cannons guarding their minerals, but their gates and whatnot are vulnerable. They have a decent amount of goons and send them to deal with the mutas. But OH NOES there is bad pathing so now the p has to tell their goons which are going in five different directions to repeatedly go to the right place. By this time they have lost a few lone goons and the mutas are ripping up as much as they can. A map with better pathing would allow p to counter the muta attack, but the bad pathing ended the game. AHA! but the p could just have micro managed their goons so there would be no problem. Too bad that while they were doing that z has plenty of time to manage their macro and set up a second attack while the goons are being micro managed to scare the mutas away.

Pathing is not that dificult to get to work. And it can make a huge difference in the map. Goons are stupid enough going up and down ramps, adding pathing issues (where ever they may be) does not help.
i dont get this "o rly" thing, i dont see what it means :S
o really... basicly. a sign of playfull disbelieve
really --- ahhh that should have been obvious :D well thx
np lol
Your Name
reminder to all.. please do not write protect ur maps :)
flo fix pathfinding issues at 9 and 3 expos (on the mainland).. main to main vertical travel will get in the way of the geysers etc.. so to fix this, please get rid of the small entrances to those expos.

do this so i can make MOTW newspost

btw illusion wins
Too bad whit those vertical paths... I guess none of you played the map.
LGI you really are a blind ignorant. look at illusion's comments idiot -_-
as well as nasty marine posting it right above you...
Oh, it's great that someone else also notice this issue except me. Because when i point it i get "I want a micro map bla-bla" from flo. Well it plays bad.

@Inept, sure i am an idiot, because i don't read all cry baby posts above that are not connected whit me at all and i don't need to know.
I hope somebody hacks this map and deletes fast as possible. The things happening here are just rediculous. T_T
tbh just al vote for paradise lost >< (after its update)
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