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Last update for (2)Frozen Tundra : 2007, 06, 09 21:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
835 (2)Frozen Tundra 96*128NastyMarine0.8beta

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 36 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

aight here i wanted to have a good game where players dont have efficient room at their main base to macro up and prolong the game. Zerg can fast expo here.. i kno alot of ppl hate wen a z cant fast expo.. like a z player cant find new strats >:O ... lol anyway.. there is sufficent expos around the map.. good room for battles.. my only problem is a tvp game b/c it involves a high macro count to play... COMMENTS anyone!?
and why cant i post with my name... i gotta put a damn period behind it!
It's because you created the login NastyMarine, and the system won't let you post with that name unless you are logged in. This prevents people from slapping someone else's name down with a stupid comment.
even then i cant post wit my own sn after logging in
same problem that i have .

anyways about the map. I would get rid of the gas expos in the middle and put the gas on the outer expo. Emphasize the expos more seeing as it is a very small map and doubt games will last very long.
This post is not displayed due to its content
fuck sry about that last comment.. hit the posting button on accident.. anyway .. i think ur right about the gas thing inept but im sure games do last longer than u think... my tvz game lasted about 25 mins ... z can expand alot on this map very easy .. so i had to fight against alot of shit .. so idk.. try the map out if u dont think so
If i played Tvz on this map if they go lurkers 3 barrocks and 1 fac and engy bay with armor upgrades out of your 1 base

or mutas i go 5 barrocks pump -_- wouldnt even need to expo
Your comment
damn i keep pressin it.. neway yea ur right but its all wit the style of a player... speed .. and being it is a small map, its easy for counters so a t has to be very cautious or die quickly... mutas are devastating in this map.. even tho the z player i played went lurk... but take alook at my rep wit my pvt
okay i finished the map and im happy wit it.. i modified some of the resources... added some extra to the mains.. and made each base a bit bigger... so comment and rate it!
Redid this whole map but kept the same ideas (some expos are in the same areas).. streched it to 96 x 128 so there is more room to engage in battle.. im very pleased with my work here! take a look! comments are much appreciated!
wow, crazy idea, it is hot :D
dislike all the ramps you have to go on :(

look at most pro maps, they usually dont have many ramps because there very hard to maneuver and are usually used for very safe expos (like rush hour mineral onlines for PvZ and mains)

i just dont know how you would get an army for toss in the middle when terran is there already

maybe a recall , but as said ramps are really annoying ^^
ill have some1 widen them alil for me in starforge or suttin.. but really they arent all that bad.

"i just dont know how you would get an army for toss in the middle when terran is there already"

what are you talking about? i dont understand
ok say terran takes advantage of all ramps going into the middle. He moves out with his vultures mines your ramps and sieges some tanks now you have to try to go down these narrow chokes with your zealots bunched and dragoons clustered for extra splash damage. Maybe its too early and you dont have recall yet. what do you do?
i like it but its just so much like raid assault
dont put urself in that situation as a p.. ur really making these ramps destroy the map.. but besides what t is going to be able to hold all 4 ramps? also there is a backdoor to each base... let reps judge how the ramps go.. cuz ur killing this map for its ramps and honestly they arent that bad
i jus looked at raid assault lmfao maximumdan... its not even close in relation to frozen tundra haha! the only thing remotely close to Frozen tundra is the mains... and they hardly resemble eachother
so your basically TELLING p's to stay in the middle at all times, and with this backdoor ramp let vults harass your expos or a big drop on your main. it just isn't working for me. Seems very T biased also with the linear expansion pattern. T just keeps moving down and covering the ramps.
Your a T player but you have to understand that not only TvT will be played on a map..
of course.. but the way u explain it is like: P has no chance and that there is no way a p can get up those ramps.. dude.. theres 4 ramps on each side (not counting the back door ramps). so how culd u say a t player is gonna be able to cover all those ramps and not allow p to expo at the same time! .. how about u game on it for me eh? and then we shall see if ur right? cuz im not doubting what ur saying but it seems like ur worrying too much.. i may jus widen some of those ramps. i have no problems doing it but for now i see no extreme problems
modified by NastyMarine
terran cannot hold such an UNBUILDABLE surface with _4_ ramps AND at the same time having enough at the natural to keep the protoss troops from tearing the natural down, when coming through the backdoor.
i will play on it if you want
yeah def.. ill be home friday night.. we can play a few games on it.. ne1 who wants to join in on the gaming come onto sc east on friday 10 at night (atlantic time) .. anymore comments?
I dont see the problems inept sees neither.

Actually I really really like the map. Go for BWMN mappack 2!?
for sure!
def.. i really like it .. i'd also like to add winter devils or even tidal waves into the wildcard positions if i can. I'll sexy up tidal waves tonight ... but i'd like to see winter devils get thrown into the mix
well of course you dont see it, your a terran player yourself :P

nasty plays terran as well :(

flo just likes to argue with everything i say lol

its the same problem with raid assault, too many ramps!
inept there is no way a terran player can hold all four ramps and stop a p player from expanding.. if t holds those ramps, a p player can still get the corner expos and the other side of the map too. tvp on this map: there is no way a terran can hold one side of the map and stop p from attacking thru the backdoor or at least stop them from harassing t's main... holding those ramps wont do ne damage to a p's economy.. basically a stale mate if a t player only chooses to hold the ramps.. 3 to 1 .. i dont see ne1 else objecting to what me flo or panschk say.. in this case it has nothing to do why flo argues with u.. now this isnt a fact but ur theory crafting sumthing so specific .. and ur leaving out the fact that holding those ramps wuld take a whole 200/200 t army to protect all those ramps.. and thats not even taking account that p is expanding probobly more than the t player at that point... also if t is focusing on turtling those ramps then there is no way a t can stop p from taking those corner expos without leaving a ramp open or moving they're whole army to stop a p from expoing.. thus leaving a whole open for p to attack.. simple and plain dude.
and thus you are theorycrafting as well "the terran is just going to sit there" uh no..hes going to push up the ramps and make you come to him.

you can tank the backdoor from your main, not really a viable path.

Im not trying to point out this specific thing, im pointing out that having a million ramps going into the middle is annoying!
can you manage a protoss attack from 4 different ways at the same time? no, you can't. Only people at high levels can.
OMG inept .. thats what we're making maps for.. high level competition! most of our goals are to get our maps into pgt competitions etc.. if not then u jus enjoy making maps as a hobby and thats cool but i'd like to see one of my maps in pgt.. not jus playing shit games for kicks.

thing is.. is that ur saying its impossible to counter or win against sum1 who takes those ramps first... meanwhile there is no way that u can control those ramps and the backdoor simultaneously .. thats jus ridiculous.. u cant evenly distribute units within 200/200 to defend those positions all game and still win.. doing that is gg all day.. p can jus bring carriers .. and if t changes to gols and some tanks .. bum rush the ramps wit zlots and carriers harass main.. simple and plain..

"and thus you are theorycrafting as well "the terran is just going to sit there" uh no..hes going to push up the ramps and make you come to him."

idk what u are talking about but if a t is pushing towards the ramps and gets to ur ramps then u jus lost the idea of stopping the push and u usually lose if ur p.. plain and simple... no p can stop a slow push without harassing good etc.. and wen a t masses up at any point of the game with at least 2/2 upgrades then its usually gg t wins tvp.. (thats considering other things)
well i just thought id put it out as an imbalance because few people can come down 4 ramps at the same time.

i dont know where your getting the 200/200 from lol
good games usually never become 200/200, always battles happening

if you dont agree with this then think of it the opposite way. Terran is sitting up on his ramps slowly taking expos and he just puts tons of turrets around his main so you cant harass
its like a ticket to turtle then protoss gets carriers and terran gets bla bla

another carrier game...woohoo?
i see what ur saying. very few games end up that way tho .. and if it does end up that way then the p player is out played then.. if a p player cant stop that then its gg t wins no way around it .. so idk
if some1 wuld be so kind to make the ramps wider for me i'd be really thankful.. i dont have the patience to do it -_- haha.
i would, but its really quite simple.
don't touch those ramps. not before testing really shows a problem. if you can keep them, DONT edit them. really.

nasty stinks
modified by flothefreak
nasty = aka = rap name lol it doesnt stink haha
modified some terrain
strange map, but i like it is original
you didnt get it
you just wrote "true" under my post, so i edited it with the line "nasty stinks" at the end :D
i never looked bak at ur post again... why do i stink?
it was just fun?
o aight lol.. who wants to game on this us east tonight?
uploaded a replay.

some thoughts: mainbases are quite tiny. the center with the ramps is okay imo. terran can't build that many factories in the mainbase to get an instoppable push going. so i guess it's okay.

don't expect lategames on this one, though^^
but still, i now don't resist any longer to larger ramps. even with limited building space, terran can cover expo by expo quite easily so he does NOT have to enter the ice center.
maybe you should weaken, making the sidepaths bigger or the nat more open...

uploaded 3 games total
modified by flothefreak
shall i take out the highground on each side to open up the side paths?
modified by NastyMarine
UPDATE: modified terrain .. opened up the paths (took out high ground that makes the paths narrow)

melee and pic are updated..
obs version still is the older version
this isnt what i meant. this wont help at all -_-
no inept, my point is 100% different from yours. you said the center would be overpower, because once T is there, you cannot get it back. my point is, t shouldn't care about the center because T can expo-push so easily and just mass to no end.
no i think you misunderstood my point completely. i said a terran can slow push your expos easily and you cannot do anything because of the small ramps you will just get blown apart. by mines/ tanks

and if you try to go around this backdoor, it is shootable from the main so you can hold this as well. then they would have to take there backdoor and go all the way around to get toyour expos which is very tedious dont you think?

btw i still rule in gaming ^^
modified by lnept
"i just dont know how you would get an army for toss in the middle when terran is there already"
good job 1 quote within 10 posts ?

your missing the big picture
okay fuck it FT has retired
nothing special, just a new/better pic
I think i may remake this map, with a better main and 12/6 set up.
Hey are you active again? You said something about quiting scbw and mapping in the "drunk" thread.
oh lol :) Well i always wanted to so i could move on with my life, but gaming and this community mainly is just too much of a major part of my life to stop. Its way too entertaining and lucrative - though i havent made any sort of advancement in a money aspect - maybe i'll elaborate more later.

in short - i never left or anything though i have become inactive.
Thats great! :) One great mapper who will be alive 4ever.
lol quiting is hard, but I don't think I could ever quit bwm :)

This map imo is too awkward to be redone any better, just an awkward feeling concept.

--NastyMarine vs SCC-Uurp(1on1, 1.13)
-- vs (, )
--wut)sQuadron vs wut)greencard(1on1, 1.13)
--wut)sQuadron vs wut)jamal(1on1, 1.13)
--wut)sQuadron vs wut)jamal(1on1, 1.13)

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