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|-MotW 2006.06-|

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 02, 03 (Year, month, day)

Space Pirates of the Caribbean?

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(3)TentacletrccMelee Picture0
(2)EviscerationflothefreakMelee Picture0
(2)Romanov Standoff1.3Arden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)Artificial DreamRSCup.SpitfireMelee Picture0
(2)Path of VictoryLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Desert SunsetSpoR[Mech]Melee Picture0
(2)Pulse Of RageSpitfireMelee Picture0
(4)Dust of the Wind 1.1MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)DoingTheDying 2.0flothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Genesis1.3SkyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)EmergencylneptMelee Picture0
(2)Scouting Time!ScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)Neighborly 1.1STIMEY D OKGM FISH (PIMPED)Melee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

i like union round.
whoho haven't seen this competition at first! I need to finish my map fast...

And get B on PGT 8[
Erm, Spit? Could you please stop making your maps subrebright? I can't see anything, really.
Wow, I didn't changed AD oO
And I didn't submit it oO It's more an experiment.
By the way spitfire please stop to change the brightness of the Map images.I don't know if its just me but it look weird.
I added tentacle and path of victory. Both would be worthy motw imo.
path of victory??
never ever :<
Panschk, thanks! =].
Flo, no thanks! =[.
Furthermore, I'll probably submit (4)Solace in Darkness if I finish it this week.
mabye path could be cool
ill think about it
imo path is pure terran ownage, at least in pvt.
is the wall-in blackable with only 1 building?
flo, yes it is, and if you think it's pure terran ownage, check the rep of me vs epidiOn TvP. He almost owned me early game and almost broke through plenty o' times.
come on, artanis. especially this replay shows the imbalance. firstly, (didn't test if it's zealsafe then) if the barracks were built one matrix to the left, more SCVs could have repaired while less zeals attack.
do you consider it balanced if a protoss player sees his only chance in winning in an OFFGATE rush? the fact that epidion didn't even try to play a more or less normal opening tells enough.
and the only trouble for the terran (you?) was that (against a 2-offgates-rush) only _1_marine was built . some more, or just a _faster_ machineshop would make the whole thing even more easy.
So, you even managed to HOLD THIS MONSTERRUSH with _so hard_ mistakes (you were teching like on LT 6-9pos, while having an offgate-toss on a straight 64-map in front of your base). that should again, be a hint to imbalance. but as soon as you survived this rush, the game was over. the only thing making it longer was that you just went for a turbo-push. which is not needed on this map. epidion crushed you about twice because you just moved out and were surprised finding an army running on you. after those two times you learned your lesson and just secured 2nd expo while shooting his main to pieces.

now that's balance, GG.
The fact that epidiOn went for this rush slowed him down. That was the mistake he made. If he went for a faster tech, I'm pretty sure he could've beaten me. The thing he thought was "It's a 64x64 map, I have to cheese!" which isn't the case. He played the map wrongly which caused him to lose.
if he went for a faster tech, you had NOT needed to spent dozens of minerals and the time in which your 5 scvs couldn't mine so you had been head-to-head with his tech, which means you had the tank earlier.

we could go on like this forever, but i don't want to. so if you don't think TvP is a problem; it's your map.
I do believe it's somewhat of a problem on my map, that's why I created the 96x64 version of the map, Road to Victory, which has a much larger center and the min onlies aren't as easy to take for the players as well. It's more balanced, but less cute than the 64x64 version.
even if path of victory was balanced, it wouldn't be fun. the map is far too simple and unoriginal
I know road to victory, but I prefer the smaller path to victory.

Imo all those standard 128*128 maps are unoriginal, a well balanced and playable 64*64 map, now that is something interesting and "new" to the "competetive" gaming scene. I am willing to do testgames on it, anyone wants to play in the days to come?
If I would have time I would play with you panschk but I need to get a good PGT rank fast because the season ends soon.

I will later upload a map I where I needed like 2Hours to make the second main base look like the first.

So you better don't cast you votes too fast^^
It's Scouting time!^^
--v mOsQ
omg mass noob maps ^_^

(4)Positive Energy for MOTW
1. (4)Positive Energy
2. (2)Romanov Standoff1.2
3. (4)Dust of the Wind
1.(2)Scouting Time!
neighborly FTW!
1. Tentacle
2. Romanov
3. Neighborly
the only maps i like from this list are:

(2)Romanov Standoff1.2
(4)Union Round

but i have to say that Union Round still needs some important updates i mentioned in the corresponding thread
What's so special about Romanov Standoff? I don't see anything interesting in that map.
--v mOsQ
I don't see anything interesting in all this maps ^_^
Pulsation and Tentacle.
DtD and Dust of the wind
Romanov Standoff

in that quite order. I'm really experimental right now :D
Pulsation and Romanov ;)
- Positive Energy is a to narrow horizontal-symetric map -> no
- Scouting Time is to open and has ugly neutral buildings and weird mineral lines in middle -> no
- Dust of the Wind is so dramatically anti terran -> no
- Pulsation has not 1 natural which could be saved anyhow -> no
- Neighborly is a very nice funmap, but not a serious melee map -> no
- Evisceration looks not nice, has a to open nat and ugly minblocks -> no
- Union Round has a nice standard concept though its also horizontical symetric, still needs some updates -> maybe
- Tentacle is a trcc-highlevel map, not one of his bests but a nice one -> yes
- Romanov Standoff has a nice unique concept with little colonization elements we know from panschk which also seems to be balanced -> yes

combined im pro Romanov Standoff, cause its nice, unique and from a newcomer
:o i totaly forgot Doing the Dying, which seems also be nice ^^

though i think its naturals are a little to open, it should also get a "-> yes" :)
Pleased to hear it :)
I respect Xuul's judgment and I happen to agree, so it looks like a battle between:

-Union Round
-Doing The Dying
-Romanov Standoff
neighborly is plenty serious melee map, i bet you haven't even played it once
unionround is just as imba as neighborly if not more, and less fun
tentacle. same thing.
dothedying = better because more style, still somewhat imba
romanov standoff another boring horiz sym map, may as well play the other 2 popular maps like this (which are completely better).
until he changes the things we point out union round= no

Doing the dying
Dust of the wind
Without a gas at the natural, Dust of the wind is just unplayable... = no
unplayable? like nostalgia right? rofl think about what your saying..even if nost isnt my favorite map it is still way playable. just as this map is. you just have to know what your doing zvt
It's unplayable with four players, but I suppose it'l play ok as a 1v1 map.
Still not a MOTW -.-
Your Name
"I respect Xuul's judgment and I happen to agree, so it looks like a battle between:

-Union Round
-Doing The Dying
-Romanov Standoff"
Union round is decent, but fairly simple, and playing bottom vs top on this map looks like shit.

Romanov Standoff is like a rearranged RoV without ramps :/ Also looks waay to open in the middle, toss/zerg can flank without even trying
And you are?
do you need glasses? oO
it's a nostalgia clone for sure, dude.
Who are you talking to?
What are you talking about?
I'm having a hard time believing "eh" is rally yout name
somebody's got sand in their v
"eh" was me cuz cookie had not worked. so i was too lazy for writing more

i referred to "your name" as well, because his comparison between RoV and romanov is just ridiculos. so i went for the ironic element of compare it to _nostalgia_^^
id say romanov is more like 'bloodthirsters' but with an extended top with islands..
I apologize to anyone I bitched at yesterday... I was having an unusually bad day.
--v mOsQ
gogo next motw !
i just counted, Romanov has a small winning margin and thus it's ahead to Tentacle.
but it _really_ small, so i dunno if it's enough to be a clear decision
Romanov is not a bad map at all. But i prefer Tentacle, because we forget what is a 3 player map to be a MotW :). And the map is good too. Ofcourse we all don't know how is the gameplay at both maps. For example i didn't like Star Gates that much, but after play the map a little i fall in love in it...
with LGI's vote for tentacle, it's quite head-to-head
>.< Stressful !
i vote for flothefreak to judge, his sense of game balance is most what i would vote for.

lis and sp are talented too but they produce high quality maps that sometimes i am not sure of the balance on. so i think flo's vote should count for more, if u ask me.
I still have my money on Romanov ;)
Romnov GogoGoo!
Well my favorite number one would still be path of victory, but as this map won`t win, my secound choice is romanov~ Lets make it an easy decision for once;)
Uh huh.

First off, all votes of adminds are the same. so flo has the same voteocunt as i and sp have.

Anyway, read yourself through the Tentacle comments on it's page, and think about making it motw. It's a good map anyway, no doubt.

I have 3 maps in mind:

Doing the Dying
Romanov Standoff

Tentacle looks good, but not overwhelming, but actually none of the maps submitted are overwhelming imo. "only" really good. Also, you can wall in front of the natural as Terran, which is a good idea, but also gives T an easy fast expansion. Also i see Tanks as very powerful on the paths to each position, but that may just be me. Nice design as ever.

Doing the Dying is the most experiemntal out of these 3. I think the map itself is done very very well. The tileset ramps are made perfect. The overall design is very nice (except these doodad islands, i hate those :P ). Somehoe i dislike th expansion layout (even if it is quite standard O_o) and it feels like there is a lot of unused space, and possibilities with that. The path leading to the minerals of the min-only is not my taste either and the tileset ramps are, even after they are made very good, somehow confusing. Actually i would really like to see SP pimp this map (which could be a hell lot of work because of the ramps). It feels like it has a lot of potential not used, and with that, feels unfinished somehow. This is a totally personal point of view as you may have noticed, but that's just my impression.

Romanov Standoff looks "okey". It doesn't have the high quality detaild look of the ones of the "big mappers" here, but it looks like a really good map to me. The expansion layout (even if it doesn't differ that much from DtD) looks totally intresting (yeah blame me for that, but it feels like that?!). Also the center seems T unfriendly, but the 2nd gas expansion as well as the natural seem good to secure for T and P, so i think there coulkd be very interesting games on it. The big island part on top isn't my taste at all, but the 3 expansions are all on lowground, which makes taking them as an attacker easier via highground, so it might be intersting as well, still not my style.

All in all, i prefer Romanov over the other two, even if it doesn't look as flashy.

drop some expos on romanov first...ridiculous for a 2player map

tentacle i just find too cramped

id pick romanov for those 2 , but i am not going to vote as i do not really like either
And stimey, flo is your typical whine-toss. Don`t believe him ;P

LGI = best map judge, he actually PLAYS THEM!
uhm did one of you watch the VOD of Julyzerg vs Nal_Rock on RoV?

Romanov is some kind of RoV but even more open and damn Julyzerg raped Nal_rock the whole way!BEcause of Romanov beoing that open I think Protoss will see no chance against a zerg with aggressiv style and a good macro.

I made a game on RoV and tested the way JulyZerg played in that game and I raped the Protoss too and I'm not even a serious Zerg player.

I wouldn't let Romanov be MotW because it's 100% too imba at ZvP.
Um... you can't actually "test" a map without actually playing on it. RoV, however similar, is not the same map. Play a test game on Romanov and then show me the result.
With all due respect ;)
sry, but you can just not compare that that easily. With the top islands, P can very well chose to play corsair reaver and have very good chances of winning without even passing the center. blade storm has open center. LT has open center. luna has open center. What is your point?
some addons to

1: Doing the Dying
i agree that the mineralconcept is not good though the terrain design is rly well done... there are to few expos and that by having a nat which is hard to secure

2: Romanov
i dont think that this map has any similarity to RoV... its totaly different just because it has 3 "island-expos" which favor protoss clearly vs zerg
all in all, it seems to be balanced for me
i have no idea what (wof) is but you sound like a typical gamer from that post no offense

You can test a map without playing on it. look at how many expos are on the map. (with gas as a bonus for zerg)
protoss will secure his nat fairly easy but there easy space to harass back there on both expos if the toss even manages another expo. Zerg drops would be sick on this map with that big hole for protection so they would also have the ability to control the map on the top because protoss has really bad drop capabilities.
these are just some of the things why zerg is stronger. if you want to know more, ask
DtD not enough expos? I erased 2 due to the statement of sp and panschk: "you gotta ditch a few expos" and similar. I am quite undecided about the number of expos, though
Until the Protoss is able to take an air expansion he will be either 1.out expanded or 2.overran. Protoss can't move out because of the middle being too open and that will result into a Zerg 3expansion and Protoss 1expansion situation.Then it's no problem for the Zerg to build up a big army and just kill the protoss.
I play (3)Tentacle, and i think that this map would be a good choise for a MotW and i will vote for it, only if trcc fix the double entrances infornt of the expands.
Test mine.
well if my vote effects any of u, i vote against romanov 100%, fuck these left/right symm 2 player maps, it's just fugly. u may disagree, but i come here to spread hatred aginst these maps

tentacle is beautiful but it's a A>B, B>C, C>A type map especially for same race matchups. if u do a cyclical layout u must strive to make A=B [...]

therefore, if u think these 3 are tops, i say DtD is the bomb.
i think u guys should also look at dust, pulsation, artificial dream. they are better than some of the maps we are discussing, for sure...
"I come here to spread hatred against these maps"

That's not what this competition is for. Either make a valid list of flaws for each map, or shut your mouth. I would respect your opinion if you backed it up with facts, not "it's just fugly"

Btw... I'm assuming your 100% against your own Neighborly to right? After all, it is symetrical 2 player map. Please refrain from talking out of your ass
Anyway, let's stop bitching and just pick the MOTW already...
if you look above we pointed out more then enough reasons why romanov needs a major update. theyll decide motw whenever the fuck they feel like it
Well you could make mainbases slightly bigger. But number of expansions looks ok to me...Just look at R-point, money maps are pretty big right now.
inept... i really doubt u have any plan of this game

i play protoss since several years and i like pz mu most of all... i would never fear to play a zerg on romanov since i can get a natural + several others at the islands on the north, which can be saved easily
corsi+reaver, fe, 9/10 gates rush (even with offgates) or just standard 10/12 opening can be played well at this map

besides... how can u dare to judge me as a "typical gamer"?
go make some maps on your own and stop your ridicilous statements
I will make it romanov.
reasons: when I counted, it was a slight winning margin for romanov. after LGI voted tentacle, it was quite even. then panschk topped romanov in his rating to make it more clear. for no more trouble, I'll do the same and drop evisceration of my upper voting.

so I will write the article after lunch.
if you feel me doing the wrong decision, re-submit your fav. map into 2006.07

lmao Xuul im a B- gamer, and you say i have no understanding of the game? lol lol o l o l ol o l l o o l
i might not make good maps but i damn well know how to play this game fool
and please inform me where i called you a "Typical gamer"... maybe you need a vision check
sorry to flame im just tired of these random people coming to me and saying wacky shit
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