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Last update for (2)Scouting Time! : 2006, 02, 11 12:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
955 (2)Scouting Time! 128*128ScoutWBF0.3beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (11 elements)

My newest map.I kinda like the concept and by the way the blue main took me 2Hours!That means the main took me more time than some other maps I

The thing is Protoss and Terran have to get out of their main fast if they want to have some building space because it's limited in the main.

The middle is pretty much unbuildable so you have to be fast to make a successful attack.

Tell me your oppinion^^
make the neutral block on the other entry instead so you will egt better pathing
yeah, the way it is now the pathing will be gay.

Middle looks awesome, put as much effort into the decoration everywhere.

I do not feel these half mineral blocks, what are they good for?
What half mineral blocks? Oo

Yeah I think I will have to decorate a bit more.
and test tankrange into the mains
The center really looks great though. What's the situation on walling?
Wall-in is possible with 1depot and 1 rax.

By the way if somebody asks himself why I placed mineral blockers on that one path,I did it so Protoss has a better defense vs Zerg and won't be overran in one attack.
I like the blocks, you could use them to open up the map a bit more if you need more flanking room, etc...

Nice map, beautiful design, and the light/dark constrasting worked out well
4th Feb.:

Upadated! Changed the minerals to the other side and made some decoration at some places.
modified by ScoutWBF
there is _much_ unused space. i suppose it may look good on the pic, but ingame it's just really boring plain area.

still, the middle looks quite cool
Yeah I saw that too and will fix it later^^

Edit:there comes the decoration!
modified by ScoutWBF
well that's not what i meant
What did you mean then?
middles too big shrink it, put something on the sides like another island or expos on high ground with ramp :o and delete islands at corner there too unneutral :D
Ok inept I answer your suggestions:

No,Not needed,no.
for better explanation, I marked the areas where is just NOTHING that influences gameplay. sotospeak, where is just put nothing but deco. so there is no purpose for those areas ingame.

all white spots are empty:
Free Image Hosting at
Sure it the middle influences gameplay because you can't build there.Also I know nothing that would influence gameplay to put there.
1st sentence: i talk about tactical elements
2nd sentence: and this is EXACTLY the problem of this map
Can't edit the map anymore because I get an Error all the time 8[

Edit:But I have an totally unfinished version where the middle is started and mains,Naturals and air expansions are placed.
modified by ScoutWBF
then your map simply does not deserve to be motw or anything if you are too stubborn too change at least this huge useless middle
Maybe I can't change the middle cause I get an error all the time?!
cool dont you love when that happens :)
one time it took me 15 times to work it
tvp needs a huge useless middle if you dont want it to be completely T>P as this map already slightly is, and definitely would B if the middle was more involved
t would go 0-100 vs a p. SOmetimes i just dont understand how you think stimey.. you know that the image is smaller than the map in-game, right?

it would take a d- protoss to beat an A t atm.
T gets 3 bses for free. P gets 3 bases for free. T moves out at 200/200 FTW

t takes 3 bases. P takes 5 bases. Game over.
+ T will die through the back door.
the middle is just too freaking big jesus you can attack with huge armies from both sides easily
some kind of a complete remake of the map because of me not being able to open the map anymore.

Main bases are impossible to be hit from outside,middle was made smaller,expansions were added at the right and the left side.

All blocking minerals have exactly 16 minerals,if there is a mistake pls inform me.

I think this version is more interesting than the older one.

Edit:Whoho I forgot doodads on the plating!I will change that in the next version.
modified by ScoutWBF
absolutelly much betetr, howebver still there is alot of pathing problems, and there are some obvious tankholes behind the bases (not LGI perfect style, but serious easy drops)
Yeah I know in the first version it was fixed but this time I just forgot it sorry.

Edit:Doodads placed!
modified by ScoutWBF
Looks ok, nat is far away, and not on main path
Nat isn't really far away and the way to the other main is that long there shouldn't be a problem taking it.
All those mineral blocking everywhere is too much imo. Make it easier to play :)

Also the blocking buildings are still in the shortest way to opponent :(
The blocking buildings are planned to block the shortest way because then it's really worth to kill them.By killing them you have an extra danger because enemy units can straight run into you base and hook you up but you also have the chance to take an extra expansion.

I don't know what minerals I should take away then because there are actually only 4paths blocked and 2 of them are pretty unimportant.
"the shortest way blocked by building" equals "fucked up pathfinding"
Where is the problem of making 3waypoints for the units?If the buildings are going on your nerves just kill the temple with 1500HP and the problem is solved^^
modified by ScoutWBF
A lot of people say "don't make the map play the players, let the players play the map."

At the moment, you are forcing players to adapt too much to your map. If a map is hard to play, people won't play it.

Also, the neutral buildings at 4 o'clock are blocking a good portion of the ramp.
Well if they build where I want them to build in the late game there is no fucked up pathfinding.
"Well if they build where I want them to build in the late game there is no fucked up pathfinding."

Generally, the mapper shouldn't be the ones to dictate where and how the players build, the players should be.
Oh, this map has changed a lot. But guess what you have to change ^^ . Imo the map got too many blocking paths. Do you imagine how players will go everywhere on this map with some workers running behind the army? And this slows the game too much. We all know that every second in BW is important. I suggest to get rid of all those blocking minerals, and think of a way to make the paths ways without requiring min blocks.
Btw, the bottom blocking buildings, i don't know how they are in game, but from the picture they seems to be blocking the ramp. If they are not blocking then they make very little path to move, and this will make the highground a little imba, if they are protected with tanks or someting... And try if an Ultralisk pass. But you better think of a better spot for those buildngs.
--v mOsQ
not interesting
simple and bad map -.-
Yeah it's that simple that everybody thinks it's too complicated.

I will look what paths I could open,so the gameplay gets more simple.

Edit: Maybe I shouldn't because Pro-gamers would have to play that comlicated maps and everbody likes pro maps,mhhhh...
modified by ScoutWBF
i like this map alot but when it comes to criticing it... the nuetral block buildings are unnecessary. as it is the space in between the bases are enormous so making a player take a minute plus to attack they're oppennent is ridiculous.. i say they're is a good amount of expos.. neless wuld make this map not interesting... but i do feel that the elevated ground (w.e. its called) at 1:10 and 8 should be smaller or in a maze form so t cant jus set up tanks and stop a player from gettin to the high expos near it and the mineral only ones... i do like this map tho!
hmm you respond to me no,not needed, no then you go and do 2 of my suggestions x.x hypopotamous crite:
notu the author
I will remove the buildings for a Test and if it'S better I will let the map without buildings.

I will see what I can do about your suggetsions Nasty.Thx.
--v mOsQ
lol map ^^
some things in GMCS
--v mOsQ
OMG where building block ? How now zerg can play zvt ?
OMG it's deleted because of people thinking it's not necessary.
actually, i would have moved the barrier as some said.

Also, it seems quite hard for Zerg to expand now. 3 hatch is hard to go after there are 2 ways of attacking.

The last blocking minerals don't make sense to me and hinder neat backstab tactics imo.

Also, the distance to a 3rd expansion is way to long. where to expand? The small gas expansion nread the center seems totally misplaced, i'd move that one at 12 and 6 near the island, with the island as it's cliff, or delete these 2 expansions totally.

Also i don't get the idea behind the mini mainbases, what are they good for?

Edit: Maybe you answered some questions already, have'T read through the whole thread.
modified by Listoric
First you say there shouldn't be blocking Buildings because of the path finding,now you say I should have moved them into the nothingness.Now blocking minerals make the game play suck even when there were more before and whats about the island expansions?They are there and they will stay there because it's my concept like the small bases!If you want to get shot from outside I remove 2parts of the wall so you can die in 5minutes to a terran.

Please make good and EXACT suggestions,that means Move what,where,why and so on!

Edit: Delete this map pls.This site is going on my nerves.
modified by ScoutWBF
First of all, i didn't sugguest anything for this map by now.

Next thing is, that all comments are sugguestions, no orders. The points where the natural buildings have been before, fucked up bathfinding, and i think SP said, just to move them, if you want them to be there at all.

next thing is, that after i haven't commented by now, i'm "allowed" to say that the minerablocks, even after you removed some, still aren't that good.

Edit: Also you may be so kind to simply explain to me why you made some parts of the map as they are, maybe the idea has a good and well thought of background. Maybe not.

Leave this page if you feel like it. But don't omplain if people try to help you and you don't think about the changes and just follow them as they were orders...
modified by Listoric
I made some parts of the map as they are now because nobody liked the version before and I didn't know how to fill up the empty space.The only conecpt I had was for the mains the rest was pretty much things that just came into my mind.
So what?
well, esp. when things just come to your mind, you have to think about them _properly_

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