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MotW 2006.03

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 15 (Year, month, day)

Deadline is sunday, so just 4 days left, gogogo !! ^^

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)MidomaepidiOnMelee Picture0
(2)Construction 1.2MillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
(4)ElysianFieldsHofodomo (PIMPED)Melee Picture0
(4)Obsession1.1Starparty & trccMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Memory CelltrccMelee Obs Picture0
(4)SNitch!--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)Pasteurella PestisNightmarjooMelee Picture0
(2)Chaotic Pilgrim--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(2)Sleeping Sun FinalScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Forest EyeLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(2)SilverSea2.0MuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Winter Paradise 2MillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
(2)Undiscovered SystemtrccMelee Picture0
(4)Nautilus 1.1TravinMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Ok, i already added the ones which were very close and two maps i really think are motw worthy. You still have time to update them to please my wishes. :P
***FT2T wasn't added by listoric***

No SS?Its not perfect?!Oo
PLease remove maps by mOsQ or this week will be sppammed by strangers again.
everyone who wants motw should have a _working_ observer version of his map, please.

he will never win aslong as he behaves like a jealous baby boy anyway.
As long as the map doesn'T win who cares about Obs versions?
It just bad manner to have no obs version. Someone else has to do it then, or players can not play the obs version. Whoever is not willing to invest 2 minutes into making an obs version has no moral right for motw :O
Nobody plays the map if it isn't MotW anyway Oo
--v mOsQ
ohohoh i'm too late for make obs version, me bm :((
I added silver see. I love that :]
undiscovered system ftw
I really hate this competition
There are SO many good maps, and we already run out of weeks... at least it feels like that. ^^ I really hoped that just 4 days could have been to few to post good maps... gosh i was so wrong.

Keep up the awesome work guys, these maps are just great.
TRCC FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great basic maps this time. and this is one good thing ;D

my choice:
1)Undiscovered System. still a good map, definetly one MOTW-candidate. though, it's not as appealing as obsession imo. waiting for really great games on it if it makes MOTW this week

2)Obsession. very cool, what a pity they had to erase the neutral building, this damages the map's concept heavily. however, although the minonlys are not really balanced for every player, this goes just under pos. imbalances, I guess. as the 3rd gas is now very close, there may be some testing needed, which takes away place #1 in my vote.

3) Xenomorph. great map. what a pity LGI built this map around this "uncomfortable" natural setup. it would be overwhelming, just as the rest of the map is, if he had made something else. still a good map, but the natural setup is a _big_ minus.
1. Obsession - an all around great map I'd say. I like it with the middle opened up a bit more as well, GJ.
2. Construction - currently one of my favorites on the site. I can't quite put my finger on why, but I love the layout.
3. Memory Cell - Just an all around nice map. It feels like an upgraded Nostalgia to me.
Lots of great maps. No worries, they'll all eventually get their chance.

Pick a winner this time, then the next times, pick the other runner ups (that is assuming no other good maps are produced or entered into this contest)

1. (2)Chaotic Pilgrim
Really cool duel map. Non-standard and is very well balanced.

2. (4)SNitch !
For this card has voted the majority last week, but didn't become a MOTW because cowardly admins don't like its author.

3. (2)SilverSea0.5
Quite good map, I would like to play on it.
I want those smurfs to leave.
by the way, even if you are _no_ smurf:
MOTW is not decided by every guest coming here. if it was, everyone could beg 20 people out of the ICQ list and tell them to vote on one particular map, just as mosq has done it appearently.

there are only a few older, mannered and experienced members whose votes count, so you don't have to vote at all buddy.
esp. not if you are as BM as mosq. by the way, IF it is no fair and coward and stuff, why don't you tell mosq - as a friend of him - to go away, because it's no fair, and coward, and stuff?
"Really cool duel map. Non-standard and is very well balanced."

posts like this show judgement by sympathy (although I have no idea how mosq can get sympathy with his behaviour, so probably you're smurfing)
no understanding
What mosq ? What sympathies ? I'm mapmaker and I have voted for the maps which have liked to me, and me does not excite, that it is not pleasant to you. You will grow and will grow wiser, and now with you conversation cannot be.
This week few good maps. I think Chaotic Piligrim should become the MOTW. To me to spit that think about --v|mOsQ others - i vote for that map as which I consider as the best. "Paragraph" let there will be the second. gl hf guys
How can you vote for a map where the units can't even get out of the main if somebody has an expansion running at his nat?
come on, affetublabla
the only threads you posted in so far were your own and that one of mosq. plus, you vote 2 of his maps that are obviously NOT motw-level, plus, the only thing you say about mosq's maps "good, balanced, gosu, wow"

your judgement doesn't express any knowledge, nor objectivity
id say there are many here that show that they have no experience in this. That is why we dont give a crap about what they say.
Spitfire thinks that Memory Cell should win =]
memory cell actually roxx
the longer I look at it, the more I love it

hm, I edit my vote:
1 memory cell
2 obsession
3 undiscovered system
gjkmzh, sry child, me > you. Ok noob ? Shut up.
It seems to me, it's necessary to exclude some maps because of a limitation period. They take part in set of MOTW-votings successively, and have bothered. Memory Cell, looks like the Nostalgia - one of this maps.
that was me too lazy for login btw
I think it's more that YOU are the child cuz you don't get to answer to my arguments, but only can write "noob, shut up"

you're no match for me
House)afeetsu You have not posted a single map above average on this site. Do your homework before you call one of the best mapper on the site "noob".
The concept "homework" for me existed about five years ago. While you will not cease to be stupid children who are not familiar with the term of "manner", I shall not talk to you as with adult people. I vote for that map as which I consider as the best, and I am not going to explain to you why I do not think, that its author is badmanner - I vote not for the author, and for a maps. If you were not such stupid, you would understand it. bb guys
Oh you are just so incredible stupid. Please leave this site and never come back. Your level of intelectuality alone is dragging this sites average from 100% down to about 0,5.
--v mOsQ
Spitfire stfu -.-
little stupid child
no. i'm clever.
--v mOsQ
lol no, you are stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid
Ok, by now its:

Memory Cell
1 memory cell
2 obsession
3 undiscovered system
1. Obsession
2. Construction
3. Memory Cell
I added silver see. <- is that a vote? ^^

Of course, Admins and on this site as well as long time voters have a higher votecount as bwmn-starters. That's why i didn't list the other votes by now.

To make it easier for those who feel betrayed now:
Just explain to us, why you vote for a certain map, to show us your skill in mapping, and we, the admins, take this into consideration.

Of course, the Admins don't have to explain everything here, after we do this via ICQ, Skype and already, but they all can feel free to do so, like i like to do it :)

Keep on voting,

you didn't tell your own vote :p
SP and trcc, read my comment to Obsession! ^^
MilleniumArmy, read my comment to Contruction! ^^

Ok, by now i'd say:

Memory Cell

In no particular order, while Obsession and Construction have to be updated as said.

Starparty is also missing with his vote, but i bet hes the same opinion about obsession and memory cell.
I'd vote for Chaotic Pilgrim if the smaller issues were fixed, it looks like it has good game play.

1.Memory Cell
3.Elysian Fields(pimped)

yeah, it has some issues, but its not that bad, true decaf. still the those 3 you listed are also better in my eyes :) thanks for your vote.
fixed ramps on obsession

i prefer undiscovered system to memory cell
otherwise i go with lis.
--v mOsQ
To vote for a bad and uninteresting map which on will name "Nostalgia with replaced expands" only because it 10 times participates in voting successively? No, thanks. Memory Cell HAS NO RIGHT to become MOTW.

1) SNitch!
2) Chaotic Pilgrim

It's all, i don't see another good maps sorry -.-
I add and vote for (4)Nautilus 1.1
mosq has no right to get motw. both his attitude and his maps are too bad.
I don't know how one can be so unbelievable blind so he only votes his two maps while considering the others crap. I bet you consider your own poo the best ever made, too.
Fact1: Memory Cell participated the first time last week
Fact2: If you don't see any good maps exept the ones from yourself, you really have no clue about mapping, sorry.
(2) - Chaotic Piligrim and Construction
(4) - Nautilus and Snitch
And i put (4)Memory Cell on second spot...
Who submited Forgotten land?The map is totaly not aproved and CAN'T or won't get MotW.

My votes:

1.Sleeping Sun..there is nothing to improve
3.Memory Cell

Still I will lose like all the other weeks and that should be like 20 with this week.
well, SS is not bad, but is not outstanding, so you won't get it with that. same goes for many maps, also mine, also those of better mappers.

if you see that one of your maps is below the high niveau _permanently_, you should consider the fact that neither the concept nor the execution is good enough. which means you have to go on mapping and try to make a better map, and thus you improve your skill as well.
but if a map is not good enough for MOTW, and it isn't all the time, then you shouldn't complain every time. just realise that you will be sad _every_ week then...
mOsQ, you can't possibly think that there are only two good maps in those choices. There are at least 5 good maps up there.

Ironically enough, you chose both of your maps as the ONLY decent maps. Doesn't that seem like a bit of a coincidence?

So you are saying that nobody else at this site has any skill in map making, and we should be graced in your presence?
flo hit the point. and epidion, seems so ^^
sntch is an okay map, and so is chaotic pilgrim, but they are nowhere near the level of the other maps in the competition.

no offense to mosq, but his maps, and the level in which he creates his maps is a notch lower than the upper tier of mapmakers on this site.

the comments about how memory cell is like nostalgia, its essentially nothing like it. the only thing similar is the names have something to do with memory, and that its a badlands map. seriously its just as bad as the people who were trashing on valhalla for being a valhalla clone.

and also, the way this site is heading is down. this motw thing is getting really stupid with random people walking in and "voting" for the motw, and there are 50 different maps in the pool, some of them entirely random and from 6 months ago. please, make it so only certain people can submit a map into the motw competition, because as it is is simlpy ridiculous
Delete my map -_- Who added it?
I delete:

-Maps who are not at the MotW level.
-Maps who need some work before submiting in this competition. And the suggestions are writen, but the map makers are lazy.

Now go take a cold shower...
--v mOsQ
It's not my best map, just first trying.
--v mOsQ
wtf who deleted my maps -.-
Look, you idiot, you can add them 100 times if you want, but it's the same shit for them. They won't get MotW unless you fixed them. Don't you understand that they are a MotW candidates, but they are not finished! Finish them, then submiting them. Now i will delete them again for 4th time in those 10 minutes and my 5th time will be 1 minute before the deadline.
--v mOsQ
kk, i may add this maps every 10 seconds, if you are stupid child -.-
--v mOsQ
User-final = finished, ok ? Who you such to solve they are completed or not ?
as admin on this site he has the privilege of deciding that, sorry...
Small things like gas issue and other drop tank zones and such things are effecting the gameplay a lot. If those things are not fixed, we can't take the risk to push your map to a MotW level, and then people in see a bwmn motw map with mistakes.

If you want your maps balanced, then you should listen what some people say. Still they are many mistakes in Snitch, it's not finished at all. But i don't want to lose my time to show you those mistakes, because i know that you won't listen...
--v mOsQ
I don't want make gas ONLY TOP and ONLY LEFT from main buildings. In other maps participating in MOTW-voting, it is full of mistakes and defects, but for some reason nobody deletes them.
Ok, first of all, even if a map is in the user-final category, it doesn't mean that there is nothing to improve on the map. And as long as there are important things to fix, the map is not finished to be it's best version.

Snitch! got, as said last week already, enoguh things to fix. And an unfinished map won'T get MotW.

Chaotic pilgrim also has more than enough flaws, like the position of the natural expansion, and the gas issue, as said. but you don't want to change the map to the better, so we won't make it MotW because it lacks quality. Sounds logic, doesn't it? Next thing is, that chaotic pilgrim is a goo map, really. Not MotW quality in my eyes, but a really good map.

Still you should keep improving those two, to learn the mapmaking basics and then move on to a higher level and create better maps. Easy as that!
Maybe you tell us what is wrong about the other maps in their mapthreads and we have a nice discussion? I also see flaws in other maps, not that heavy in impact of balancing, but still minor flaws.

I already talked to LGI, he won't clean the competitors maps before deadline anymore ;)
--v mOsQ
"And an unfinished map won'T get MotW"
Will not receive MOTW? I shall not be upset. But what for to forbid to participate ?
For some reason might be on higher level, don't you think? Even if a pro map maker had made this mistake for example gas issue, still the map stays with unbalanced resurs.

Things are writen, played, tested, and proved. Take it as a new discoverd formula in map making if you want... A+B=C right? But people who got F in math say that this is wrong in their eyes.
--v mOsQ
I don't see gas issue n my maps.
that is because you dont know what it is, and youre to ignorant to find it out.
--v mOsQ
I know what is the gas issue and i don't see it in my maps.
It seems that you don't :D
It seems that he did partially. After Snitch! is "fixed", somehow. O_o
Ok, i don't change my vote anymore, it's MemCell, Obs, and Constr.

I'm off for today, cya :)
1. Silversea
2. Xenomorph
3. memory cell
Hm, they are just a lot of good maps this week. So i think i will be back on TOP 3 2 player maps, and TOP 3 4 player maps.

TOP 3 2 player maps:

1) (2)Xenomorph (Well sorry, but i like the concept, for me it's fresh, even if SP got a map like this, i didn't know about it anyway, and i don't see such maps every day...)

2) (2)SilverSea0.5 - It's a very good map, nothing more to say, good job.

3) (2)Construction - The map have some strange tactics. I like it, but still i don't know how it is in game, it might got a problem, but i am not sure, haven't tested...

TOP 3 4 player maps:

1) (4)Nautilus 1.1 - The best air map i've ever played - EVER!

2) (4)Memory Cell

3) They are some things that i don't like in the other 4 player maps, so i will skip third place.
i like (4)ElysianFields and (2)Chaotic Pilgrim
seems like memory cell, doesn't it? =)
yea it does
mOsQ, everyone here is trying to help you improve your maps. I have seen most of the people say that they like Snitch!

But people can't help you if you don't listen to them. So talk to them about their suggestion if you disagree with it. If you agree with it, then fix it, don't make a big issue about it.
No way, Memory Cell is a winner.
--v mOsQ
epidiOn, i don't need for this "help" sry
then you'd be better off with leaving this site.
--v mOsQ
in yput dreams mb
--v mOsQ
*yput = your
A lot of good maps submitted once more. I'll sum up the top 3 (2) and top 3 (4)'s imo, as someone else did as well.

(2)Top 3:
3)Midoma. Nice design, and I've played a couple of games on it and it plays fine as well.
2)Construction. Seems like a very well thought-out map and definately has potential. The 2nd entrance gives good strategical possibilities, whilst the min block makes sure no early rush gets placed there.
1)Silver Sea. It seems like a really interesting map to me and I'd love to see long games on this.

(4)Top 3:
3)Elysian Fields. Looks pretty awesome, but gameplay might be a bit standard.
2)Nautilus. Pretty interesting map, and I'd like to see some games on it.
3)Memory Cell. Design is amazing, with a lot of detail. Small side paths give strategic possibilities ingame, for both offensive and defensive tactics.
your top 3 for (4)players is weird :o

but well, there can only be one, as the Highlander teaches us. and as HE is still there, there is no other "1"

Ehh, of course I mean 1)Memory Cell ^^
K, than it's memory cell, i see if i can write the article, but not sure about that.
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