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MOTM 6.07

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 07, 02 (Year, month, day)
Okay, Map Of The Month June.
Go for submissals.

The list has been filtered. If you feel the removal of your map was unwarranted, you can improve it and repost it. Otherwise,

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(3)Moon TearTestbugMelee Obs Picture56
(2)SpiritforgeTravinMelee Picture8
(2)Black Hawk 1.1ProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture3
(2)AyshaRaDiXMelee Picture15
(2)High Noon on KorhalLancetMelee Picture0
(2)PlatformiaExcaliburMelee Picture1
(4)Conflict ResolutionLancetMelee Picture0
(2)The NightbloomM# & HerbObs Picture3
(2)FeedSomebodySSoulM#Melee Obs Picture9
(4)Mirage IIflothefreakMelee Obs Picture22
(2)TriceratopsAiko[11]BlueMelee Obs Picture21
(2)Destruction2007ByulRoMelee Obs Picture7
(2)Space War0.90ByulRoMelee Obs Picture5
(4)ThunderboltArtanis, PIMPED by flothefreakMelee Obs Picture2
(2)Mind GamesLancetMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Submited Lost Soul. Hope it will get some votes^^.
who submitted Moon's Tear? :
i think it is a bad map, why do you prefer moon's tear than symphon? i think symphon is the best thing i have ever done
without a doubt, (3)Moon Tear ftw!

Lost soul is a good TK map :) - jk
I added Aysha...
Moon Tear is the reason I've reinstalled the game.

I'd upload reps but I doubt you want some noob 120 apm T uploading so non-prosu games on your map.
eeh falcon, your replays are highly appreciated!
This is shaping up to be an impressive contest already. I love SBH, but I don't think it should ever be given an award because Salazar doesn't post here. All he does is put his maps up for us to compliment. It's impressive, but doesn't promote the BWM community.

At the moment I'd have to vote for Symphon, Spiritforge and Moon Tear, with SpiritForge as the #1. It's a classic!
symphon is a turtle map with way too many expos, moon tear isnt. thats the gist of why its better.
feel the wrath of speed-dial btw
the only thing i fear is having to play it :o
add dragon fangs for motm and remove those ugly SBH and Speed-Dial xD

*adding my map might be a lil joke but those other 2 are really ugly and bad T_T*
symphont's a turtle map?
the natural expo doesn't have a geyser! and more opened than rush hour. and here you will have to protect 3 ways.
moon's tear IS a turtle map, where you can close the door and wait until you ave got enough tanks to kill oponent.
symphon has hig/normal/low things, while moon's tear is all the same shit as Phyton.
well, thank you for submitting 2 of my 3 maps in a map of the month thing.
Now i'm korking on an other space map, you'll see.
lol rush hour is a lot more open than symphon, symphon is pretty tight =/

lol@flo :)

I think metapod in its current form isn't that turtltastic, the changes helped a lot, if you want to make the middle less open, you could consider tearing up the moon some more and tightening the map up a bit; but I think it might be fine as it is.
SBH ugly? okay then.. maybe I dont have reason to respect you as much as I thought
shall i add a nastymarine map??
its my oppinion! i think on sbh there arent any ways of strategie, each player gets nat and min only easy and safe, no other expo to fight for, no strategic points, its just wide and opened im middle and tight in the bases...
and speedline is nearly the same Z wont have a chance vs both p and t... no nat, to much entrances...
thats the whole point, its a 2v2 map. plays similar to a bloodbath except you cant turtle the middle.
Hmm Nasty I'd like to see something new than for you to stick something old in here^^
moon's tear two times?
lol nightmarjoo, tear up the moon xD
i think black hawk is nice.
i dislkie SBH, it's not that beautifull and looks boring.
i want to see a nasty marine new map!
i changed the tileset of the map i0m working on to Ashland because i don't need bridges, i used only 2 terrain levels. and ashland inverted ramps are better.
you'll see :D
moon tear needs two separate entries for other maps to have a chance? (jk, jk)
right now i'd have to say

moon tear
then there's a toss up between symphon and aysha
moon tear is a good map, but it seriously looks like a re-done longinus modified to his liking. I can't help to look at it that way.
lol it's jungle and 3player, that's the only similarities
I love the island expansions of Moon Tear. they look like :) Smileys ^^

I would probably get horribly raped on Moon Tear because I would just bunker too much. Main,min only and gas expansion just makes Terran stay at home and wait for the 200/200.
haha and in the end "Dragon Fangs" will win :>
Moontear FTW.
Added Battle Marshes. I think the chance is bigger to win with two maps. But the other maps are damn hot.
Battle Marshes can win this but lost soul needs serious help. please make Battle Marshes gosu ;)
Nah i think there are some better maps, but maybe a honourary mention^^.
remove (2)Dragon Fangs 1.5
its outdated right now; i added Flush ;P
Please discuss the maps, what you like, what you don't like, etc.
We discuss the maps in the map threads :/
Lost Soul: imo not finished, and ptar seems to have lost caring for the map and its needs.
SBH: I think I prefered it with swarms =/ The only mu where the openness could really hurt is green vs red, or blue vs purple. I don't think this is Salazar's best, it's just so barren; and with a t turtle friendly nat/mineral only and a p friendly middle, there's just no equilibrium of balances here =/
Moon Tear: It's ok, I like it, but it's not amazing at all. But I believe it to be largely balanced, though tvp could be at question with such an open middle. I think the map is limited by its design concept, so it can't go anywhere, so it won't get my vote. And testbug already said he doesn't like it.
Spiritforge: This one is ok, but I doubt it's actually balanced, which testing would probably show, and then there would be no one here to edit it since Travin is long gone. This map is hard to determine balance through theory crafting since it's so weird =/ reminds me somewhat of Starparty's Naruto.
Black Hawk Down: I just dunno. I think its gameplay is limited by a lack of height in the map. And there to me is nothing to suggest it's balanced, and I don't see claims of it or reps...
Aysha: No. I just can't see that backdoor being at all balanced, and there's been no effort to find out as far as I can see.
Symphon: No, too tight. No flank room. That middle is stupid.
Speed Dial: Needs an edit, lnept apparently is still grounded.
Bizare Adventure: No, seems unfinished to me. I think Scout can make it better if he tried.
The Nightbloom: Seems tight/awkward to me, and has bad pathing. But it's unique; idk about balance.
FSS: Seems like the nat geyser is in the way =/ Nice map, needs testing. I'm not saying no.
BattleMarshes: No. Needs work still. Not a bad map, but it's not gosu yet.
Sandstorm: I like this one, needs testing though.
Mirage: No. Still seems to me a zerg map. Needs testing/work done.
Triceratops: Needs testing, but I think it gets a vote from me here.
Destruction2007: Seems nice to me, simple but unique. Needs testing :)
SpaceWar: Seems he's still working on it.
Thunderbolt: No. Positional balance is lacking as far as I can see.
Flush: Just no. There are some nice aspects of the map, but the map needs heavy work, if it is even redeemable at all. I'll try later to address specifically what I think is good and bad etc.
Gonna do it like Nightmarjoo:
(2)Lost Soul:
Nightmarjoo, this map will be added but i'm now looking forward for Battle Marshes. No
(4)S.B.H.:This is the biggest Turtle map i've ever seen. A big buildable middle and a natural and min only expansion, wich are easy to take. No
(3)Moon Tear:I think this map is kinda funny. Great design, but a turtle map aswell. Maybe
(2)Spiritforge:Think this map is kinda old. Looks good, but didn't played it yet. Maybe
(2)Black Hawk 1.1: Don't like air maps^^. I think this map would be better in 128x96. No
(2)Aysha: Have some tactical options. Think the backdoor hurt the balance to much. Maybe block it with something. Maybe
(3)Symphon: Great design, but in my test games the middle wasn't used. I think there isn't enough space for big battles, but i like the concept and the idea of expansion layout. Ok
(4)Speed-Dial: To much entrances and i think too basic layout. No
(4)Bizarre Adventure: Is this map finished? Looks so empty. Maybe some nice ideas, but itisn't that good. No
(2)The Nightbloom: Like every othr korean map ^^. Great design ( but the middle is ugly) and the expansions looks so squeezed. No
(2)FeedSomebodySSoul: Great edit of the map. Loved it before too, but now its awesome. Ok
(2)Battle Marshes: Still in beta and i gonna pimp that one too.
(4)Sandstorm_1.2: Interesting concept. Didn't played it yet. Maybe
(4)Mirage II: As i said before i don't like air maps, but the dt idea is great. have to pla it first. Maybe
(2)Triceratops: Think you should reduce one gas from the safe minerals, so the bottom expansions will get more used. With no updating No.
(2)Destruction2007: very basic and has a few good options. Ok
(2)(Space War)0.: wanna see the edited version first. No comment
(4)Thunderbolt: What the hell are all these crystals for? No
(2)Flush 1.2b: Too many experimental things in it. Also the design isn_t that good. (But that isn't so important) No

PS: I'm going to pimp all my maps. Next week i've got holidays and i'm going to map as long as i can ^^.
those crystals are generally known as so-called "minerals". you can use specific units of a game called "broodwar" to mine those crystals, which equal money to a certain extent.
Upps, if i click on the picture of thunderbolt it shows another map.^^ Could you please change this?
yeye i changed
it was weird, i was seeing a thunderbolt pic when i checked for succesful upload.

the crystals on NCF serve as doodad/terrain blockade, - just a bit out-of-the-box.
(2)Flush 1.2b Yes. Gosumap.
Rest: No. noobmaps.

Crackling go on with that behaviour and you will be even more hated than I am.
mh just wanted to be funny jkjkj
For the hell of it i threw my latest in their. Dont expect much but meh. I guess im at a point where i just need to steadily get slightly better with each map.

GL to all. Moon Tear looks amazing.
no, you need to get better by making a new map and modify it until it's really finished

making 5 maps, and getting only 4-5 comments on each like "more deco" "pathing is fucked" "tanks can shoot natural" doesnt help
Don't worry Excalibur, you'll get better over time, it just sorta happens. Also, fixing those little issues like pathing or making it pretty for the bwm jpg lovers (bwm is all about aestetics, just make it pretty and you're bound to get 3-4 replies telling you what a great map it is regardless of the gameplay) can help your maps, but even fixing all the little things along with improving your concept execution and innovation still only does so much, chances are still that you'll get few comments, you'll discover silly issues on your own and edit the map 100 times til you get the perfect final version, and still no one will comment. So you don't need to be in a great rush to become a better mapper, not much to look forward to :)

Scout, not possible :D

Part of the issue that hurt motw in the past was people just "throwing in their latest" into the competition. If it doesn't get great comments in its thread, or if there are any pointed out issues, DON'T SUBMIT THE MAP. Perfect the map, THEN submit it, no unfinished maps here please.
Filtering list now, based on personal bias and comments made in the thread(s).
Im not getting comments but no issues have been pointed out on my latest work. I believe there might be some but i have no idea.

In any case, if i didnt think it was atleast something, i wouldnt have even uploaded it. I make a good 3-4 melees a month, and maybe one makes it onto BWMN. I cleaned out my melee making folder last week, and out of some 20, i kept 5.
well, maybe try other tilesets, other ideas. platformia has a fresh concept, but it is too experimental to get many comments on.

and we cannot write every obvious mistake. like, your maps seem to have problem with too close and/or tankable nats. now this is nothing we need to tell you specifically, because you should now this from many other maps, mapthreads, mapdiscussions and experience.
Who deleted Lost Soul?
Lost Sould needs serious help.
Battle Marshes can be ok but it's not finished.
please make Battle Marshes gosu.

why is moon still 2 times?
and i got a lot of work there.
you know, the transition from low to high is in the temple wall, and i gad to perfect copy/paste it.

and the wide ramps had some copy paste things in the high ground with the low temple wall and then high temple wall. if you look colesly, i tried to make it as best as i can.
BUT IT'S NOT FNISHED!! the only doodads are those trees to prevent tank droping.
but this map has exactly 0 decoration doodas.

i did not upleaded the map, because i'm not sure it can win.
but if you still want to keep it, i can't imagin a motw beeing an unfinished map.

i'll finish it one day. i don't have too many time, and i ussualy take 2 months per map.

Nasty Marine i'm still waitong for your "NastyMarine map" :D

i have a question, can the same map be submitted in more than 1 motw thing? then i'll keep Symphon untill all the options are horrible so i'm free to win :)
List filtered more. ptar your maps have been removed so you can improve them for a later time. Maps I found imbalanced or issue-filled from testing have been removed.
ptar we're waiting
where is your new gosu Battle Marshes? :(
I've got no time atm. :( But i promise the "Gosu" battle marshes will come.
damn ptar!
The deadline to enter maps is over.
well, black hawk looks perfect in his current version. i also triceratops that offers a totaly new gameplay (i still think zealot+carrier will rock in this map)

ByulRo's maps are ok, but i don't like the 2007 thing, space war was really fun, i'm still waitong for the final version. why is it 0.90 all this time?

almost but no:
i heared spitforge is a damn good map but i don't like it :(

ok, now everybody vote for Moon's Tear to be my first MOTM!!!!!!!!!!!
(please? :D)
i'll finish it soon.
i'll pimp it before MOTM is over :$
it's that i have no time with the school :(
and i produce 1 map per 6 month :(
(or takes about 6months per map T_T)

xD jk jk
GOGO Black Hawk!!! :D
thunderbolt ftw!
thunderbolt deserves it imo. finally, the great concept has an aequivalent in aesthetics and execution. i would really appreciate it giving a new idea to the whole mapping scene (as nowadays, even the 2dblgas maps have their places).

mirage is my map and concept, and it seems to have finally developed into what i wanted. it may need some tweaking maybe, but i am giving it the vote because i still have around 10 days to finish most of the testing series.

aysha gets 1point because it has a cool style, but there isnt more than 1 until radix updates it.
It is really tacky to vote for your own map.
Not very excited about most maps. Mirage-II with its in-main dark templar is most original. Spacewar and Destruction 2007 have the same double choke concept of great maps like Monty Hall", "Hitchhiker", "SandKiss", "Eden", "Infinite Aiur", "ChooseUrRoad" (and hey my own "Oracular Visions" and "Janus") that we are seeing more these days (this is the future). Aysha has the same concept but I did not like the long way to the back door and its mostly offensive importance. "Destruction 2007" was third because it was less complex. Not many spells or new ideas of relevance on many of the maps and that is a big negative.
i did not wantes to vote for trieratops but it looks ok for me.
Black Hawk has shown a great improvement from his 1st version, and i can notice that hard work.

space war and destruction2007 are ok but don't loks like a MOTM
Evrybody is voting his map as first choice. :/
i overlooked triceratops, i really think it is great and innovative, so it gets my vote instead of mirage.
Triceratops deserves imo to be in Avaton or something, but unless it plays really well I can't see it as motm, looks like it might be awkward, and if an imbalance is found it won't be updated =/

Mirage II - I like that style of map, seems nice, I hated the first Mirage after playing it, this one looks much better.

Platformia - Nice map, simple but unique.
The way i see it, i got a vote, and for me thats indeed an improvement.

I might get a few more next month.

As for the maps:
Triceratops, definately a unique and cool looking map. That and NightBloom are two of the most unique twilight maps ive seen. I like them alot. Thunderbolt comes in a close third.

Overall, i still think Moontear is the most deserving map of my first class vote. Its a great map.

GJ to everyone.

What I didn't like about Triceratops is that the gas nat is nearly half a map away and the back door is wide open. There wont be a neutral or a mineral or crystal or DT block shielding you. Defense of the back door at the ramp closest to your main can make it difficult to gain access later to the gas nat. Defense of the back door at the ramp farthest from your main splits your troops a long way. That awkward valley in between is there not to create a unique concept but rather to help the map look like a Triceratops.
Guys really? Moon Tear look pretty and no doubt lots of work was put into it. If that is what you want to reward with your votes, fine I guess. However, the concept & layout is old news. Nothing new here. That central part is meant to represent the pokeman "metapod" (in fact the map picture is still entittled "metapod").
what do you mean Lancet :(
you don't like it ;_;
it's a macro-like map at the begining with a lot of cash, but you won't get it that faster no matter how many worders you get.

and it will finish that fast that you will NEED the islands.
Nasty, it's July already, how's for some Avaton action? Moon Tear / Triceratops I guess =/ Honestly I'd rather Mirage II was in. What happened to two Avatons per month? :(
No, I like it because it is pretty and you put a lot of work into it but it is nothing new. Sorry, it does not blow me away. In any case, if you guys do send Moon Tear to Avaton then Mirage-II should go second (not triceratops).
i think Black Hawk should have some more atention.
thx testbug :d
OMG i though Black Hawk was made by ptar!
i think i send a PM to ptar writing someting about the picture.

look ProTosS4EveR that map had could taken some more atention if you just made the picture better.
yout picture is so pale that kills the map beauty.

and well, i'm the only guy who voted for Black Hawk
come on, what's wrong with it?
this guy voted for Aysha, Moon Tear, etc.

(i only voted moon tear to win)
but what's wrong about Black Hwk (i know, the picture) but why no1 likes it? is that a bad map?
every1 can notice hard hork+time on it.
Only 13 people have voted so far (7-4-07), this is not very good.
it would be AWESOME to have mirage2 in the avaton! i desperately NEED heavy testing on the weird and new DT-expo-issue, which can only be assured with many different players playing the map.
what the hell is the avaton?
doesn't the dt gives double advantage to zerg? since they can use it's normal 2hatch and ovies can see dt?
the Mirage concept basically is finding a way to balance zerg on airmaps
I can't believe that the pokeman and the dinosaur are beating mirage-II in this contest!
have seen very fast (and entretaining) games in mirage (double gaser and enough money to build and go)
the pokemon thing it very boring.
and triceratops author did never come back and edit the thigs we found.
triceratops can't be a map of the thing.

(and what does "avaton" means?)
Guys what's up here? 1st is Moon Tear, 2nd is Triceratops, 3rd is Mirage II. Moon Tear raped with the vote, but even its make thinks it's boring. Triceratops' owner probably won't show up ever again. Mirage II needs testing badly.
i don't know who submited Triceratops but it's out of
mirageII show a diferent/new gameplay like Thunderbolt but needs decoration, map looks bad in the pic, but playing it is funny and fast.

Moon Tear won because of the pic (decoration things and pokemon) but it's boring.
motm 6 should be finally decided...
i am fine with all. even though moon tear has a basic gameplay, i dont think it will be too boring. plus, it introduces the new feature of unrecognizable highground-lowground transition beyond the usual custom ramps. it does have an innovative aspect and it is executed amazingly and flawlessly. so i think it can be motm, and i have no problem with that, even if it isnt the most outstanding map in gameplay.

besides that: i agree with the votes. triceratops is a very cool map from its structure. it is certainly not balanced, but it is going for a totally new gameplay, stretching the bases like this. i wouldnt support it as MOTM because of its imbalance - but as 2nd or 3rd place (honorable mention) i'm fine with; even though the author has never done anything for the site and just left (which is again a strict killer of all 1st place-ambitions in my eyes). it features new styles, so a honorable mention works.

mirageII. well it is my map and i think you all like it better than me (which is usually the other way round :D)., with the new DT issue, it hasnt been fully playtested but i look forward to do so.
furthermore, as we cannot be sure about balance because theorycrafting lacks the most important point - the timing and BOs of P or T involving taking their natural only with a mandatory detector - it should not be motm either. so i agree with the current voting as well - needs playtesting, but is very interesting. so honorable mention is cool for it; it may get more in a later motm contest when being fully tested.

in my eyes, the decision is clear then. the only thing i would consider (personally biased!) is to switch 2nd and 3rd place, taking into account that triceratops is certainly more imbalanced, less tested and its author less active than Mirage('s).

my suggestion to finally get a MOTM6:
1. moon tear
2. mirage II
3. triceratops

i am fine with 1.,3.,2. as well
only lancet got 0 votes? :)
sorry :(
modified by Testbug
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Alumni voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
Alumni voted (2)Aysha as 2. choice
Alumni voted (4)Thunderbolt as 3. choice
Antares voted (2)Spiritforge as 1. choice
Antares voted (2)Triceratops as 2. choice
Antares voted (3)Moon Tear as 3. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (2)The Nightbloom as 2. choice
Arden(WoF) voted (2)Triceratops as 3. choice
Crackling voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
Crackling voted (2)Spiritforge as 2. choice
Crackling voted (2)Black Hawk 1.1 as 3. choice
Deathman101 voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
Deathman101 voted (2)Triceratops as 2. choice
Deathman101 voted (4)Mirage II as 3. choice
Excalibur voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Aysha as 2. choice
Excalibur voted (2)Triceratops as 3. choice
flothefreak voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
flothefreak voted (3)Moon Tear as 2. choice
Lancet voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Lancet voted (2)Space War0.90 as 2. choice
Lancet voted (2)Destruction2007 as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Triceratops as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (3)Moon Tear as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Aysha as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
NastyMarine voted (2)FeedSomebodySSoul as 2. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Thunderbolt as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Triceratops as 2. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Platformia as 3. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (2)FeedSomebodySSoul as 2. choice
pOOwarriOr- voted (2)Space War0.90 as 3. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Triceratops as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Destruction2007 as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Mirage II as 3. choice
ptar voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
ptar voted (2)FeedSomebodySSoul as 2. choice
ptar voted (2)Space War0.90 as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Aysha as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (2)Destruction2007 as 2. choice
RaDiX voted (3)Moon Tear as 3. choice
Testbug voted (4)Mirage II as 1. choice
Testbug voted (3)Moon Tear as 2. choice
Testbug voted (2)Black Hawk 1.1 as 3. choice
tktkvroom voted (3)Moon Tear as 1. choice
tktkvroom voted (2)Aysha as 2. choice
tktkvroom voted (2)Black Hawk 1.1 as 3. choice
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