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Last update for (2)Pandamonia : 2011, 03, 19 04:39
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4235 (2)Pandamonia 128*128Phobic0.6betaground

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 44 points


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Comments:   GMCS (10 elements)

I Really wanted to make a Panda map, it's rough but I really wanted to post it.
I like it, cool concept too.

But theres alot you should work on, i also don't like the neutral buildings. :P
cute :)
I've been trying to work with the middle and without the neutral buildings gameplay would be way too linear. I would love some suggestions for the middle.
I just think, the top part with the two islands and the neutral expo isn't really required. Could be just a 128x112 map without that part...

Instead there could be some expos somewhere in the middle, maybe around the eyes...

It's hard to tell since you definitely do not want to disturb the facial features of the Panda in any way.

Decowise you could also add some variety by using more ice and grass in the areas that do not actually belong to the Panda.
modified by freakling
Love the picture! so cute xd <3
modified by LasTCursE
Picture: cool
map: bad
I updated picture but when u click on it it shows the old one?
* Ahh you have to refresh browser while looking at picture for it to show the new one *
modified by Phobic
best panda map I ever saw
Made 3rd Closer
Removed min-onlies between nat and third
Added giant min-only on the top of pandas head
Added 2 min blocks to the neutral between the mains
Added a geyser to the top most neutral
Made a ramp from panda ears to 3rd
Made the 3rd that was previously on the ears into a 4thish expo thats blocked from being taken with a Statis cell(Unsure of what to do with ears atm so this will do)
Added Creep so zerg can tech hide, just seems fair on a map this big and open
Added 2 Warp Gates blocking the neutral on either side between mains
Blocked the closer entrance to the third with 2 protoss temples
Pandas eyes now look 100% more cute
Did some deco work
Added 2 40 min blocks at the nats choke because it is quite large
Added a high ground harass point above the new high yield minonly on the pandas head

modified by Phobic
modified by Phobic
17 expos might be excessive
Hmm kay... Sure you did not blow the sprite limit O_o ??

And as cute as Pandas may be - there are definitely quite too many of them on the battle grounds right now...
Especially in the mains...
And up there on the open ground...
Virtually everywhere.

Annoying, remove them or put them where they don't get in the way and if you want more... I don't know, put them in pairs and let mother nature play her game with them :P

Have you checked how those forests interact with unit pathing? On some places Lings can slip through. I don't know if that's intended, but if it is then it is still a rather suboptimal idea.

I don't really like those new min-onlies at the mains. Not only do they cause even worse pathing issues but also I am sure workers will get confused, poor things, if you try to mine those from within your main because they cannot reach two of the mineral patches.

Also there are some tankspots that need to be fixed (see gmcs)
modified by freakling
Tooo... much... everything... must... do.. something..
I have decided to give this map a standard and proper layout.
modified by Phobic

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