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deadline to enter maps: 2006, 09, 30 (Year, month, day)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Frozen TundraNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture1
(2)The AccompliceHoly)Sin(Melee Obs Picture1
(2)Vengeance RiversJK)ValkyrionMelee Obs Picture7
(4)Desert_FlowerGriGMelee Obs Picture8
(4)AdrenalineGriGMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Paradise Lost 1.25poolMelee Obs Picture4
(4)Shining Metal StarScoutWBFMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

delete plz the 8 players, map I blundered with the mapid
here we go again
lol antares /slap
Mother Love! :)
I think this map can be Motw
mDiX I don't think so =/
since so few voted for snowcrash I won't upload it this time =/
@frozen tundra and DF: wow these maps are like lemuria devil... for how many weeks have they been rejected?
@adrenaline: umm no. DF is better, and that's not a good thing
@Vengeance Rivers:nothing special imo, and bridges as chokes are no fun
@lastadventure: lol
paradise and etho are ok
=) got a nice idea for paradise.

might destroy the entire map :P but ima try anyway :)
DF is just a very cool map. i played it a few times, gaming is quite fun on it. as it hasnt won motw, but is still regarded as top map - which lemuria isnt - i added it.
is thata joke? desert flower is boring as fuck, i have played it.
Did all your accounts get hacked or why do starparty and flo suddenly talk some weird shit Oo
well i played the new version too, so no.
ah sorry

i was talking about frozen tundra, i just mixed up the names :/
Wow, LOL, thats got to be a big let down. "Your map is very cool, top map" "Oh my bad, not your map."
montu is not motw quality yet.
terra byte has issues you haven't addressed which were mentioned.
"nothing special" cuz there are the map with something special between these?....ridiculous
Don't take it too serious, Valkyrion - he said "nothing special IMO", just HIS opinion. It's just not appealing for him, I guess.
Azure Pasture for teh win~

I've played this map like a billion times with my friends (among them some newbs and some decent players) and it's a lot of fun. Not only does the double gas create odd games, but there's a way of cliffing every expansion, and the bases are almost as close together as blood bath (this makes it especially intense). I haven't really noticed any severe imbalances or problems with it at all, surprisingly.

It looks like a simple map at first glance, since the layout is simple, but the gameplay of the map is much more complex - I assure you.

There's my MOTW campaign. >_>
so im guessing you find BGH intense as well :P

anyways, i am making a 2 gas map except i will be trying it a little differently,youll see anyway --
i know and what instead I wrote, is my opinion...
well you just made yourself look like a fag valk, and thats never a good thing
no simply I expressed my opinion
shining metal start pretty much forces players to go air; which hurts z cuz their air is slow to get. And making an islands map with an additional z imbalance doesn't help
I expressed my dislike of Azure Pastures before; and the fact that it was not made motw before when it's only competition was DF demonstrates the opinion of others about the map

it's still entho and paradise for me...
SMS only forces zerg to go air when the oppenent is on the other side of the map.Also Zerg can control 3expansions when it has drop researched and scourges can kill off drops pretty easy because the only space to drop is the middle.The little platforms don't even fit 1 tank.

By the way the name "air map" tells that you play air units on this map.Else it's semi-air.Well SMS is pretty much semi-semi-air^^
are you kidding? The expos are small and tight, easy to cover with turrets or cannons or hell even spores/sunks/w/e. This is a turtle map. It's hard to drop because of the little room, and hard to try air because of turtling.
2 people already voted their own map... just don't vote if you're going to vote for your own map. If we vote your map motw then it deserves it. Has anyone heard of modesty?

Last week Azure Pasture and Desert Flower were both disqualified... They aren't MOTW material, there needs to make major improvements then resubmit them.
I just checked and both of the maps that were disqualified last week are reposted with little to no changes.
ugh this is dificult... entho or paradise?
I'm leaning towards entho, but it has really boring decoration; a lot of it is one solid terrain, and few doodad decoration :O

I'll vote later
Nono, what I was saying was, at the end of MOTW39 the map you are showing right now was disqualified. Azure Pasture hasn't received ANY major updates since it was even entered last MOTW and that is why it wont win. Obviously big changes need to be made. I like desert flower more after the changes, but the middle kind of annoys me.
How was Azure Pasture disqualified last week? Please explain.

I'm going to vote for my own map because I think it deserves to win. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't have submitted it.
why the fuck hasnt any of the other admins not posted the motw azure pasture?

to lgi, i asked u to post it wtf
wtf azure pasture is motw... just to keep DF from being motw? I'd rather you had let DF be it and then scrapped the motw for that week...

And yay now people are spamming Montu for motw...

I was looking back at the motws, and many if not all of them try something new, are playable, they look great, and they feel good in game, and have no or very few racial/positional imbalances...
ok I decided on Paradise Lost.
what? Azure Pasture clearly won last week sunday night. counting all the quality votes
as pansck said winning the vote doesn't necessarily make it motw. The people who voted for azure pasture, did they do it because they liked the map? Or because they wanted DF to lose?
and as for who voted, two votes for azure pasture came from likely spam acounts: "nomic", "bewarez", and another from boongee himself. That leaves nasty, flo, yenku, and aiurz. Four people on the site voted for it. Did those four like the map or hate DF ?

Also, is four really any kind of dominating vote? Fissure, Mother Love, and Snowcrash got 4 too. And the people who voted for those maps were all real bwm members.
i like the new DF, quite cool and the middle is now playable.

i felt at that momment azure was the better map.. and at last sunday night, df was still bad, after sunday was the changes
that's true, but I don't feel azure pasture is a motw map right now.

er and as for DF, the new one is much better true, but it is not a great map. -100 + 100 = 0, -100 being the unplayable map it was before, and adding playability (100) = 0 :O
lol true, but at this point there is no reason not to accept it as MOTW if it recieves good feedback now (meaning quality votes and comments etc)
now this week i feel none of the maps so outstanding

but some are really nice i cant decide between them..
Yep, expresso and Jasmine3 are the 2 most recently created accounts and both are votes for Montu. What was up with last weeks MOTW, even the guy who got MOTW didn't know he had it, he reposted his map this week. I guess a little miscommunication there =.

So montu has 3 votes (2 from bs accounts and 1 from the creator). I think Desert Flower is actually getting serious votes now. This week Desert Flower is a lot better. How did it get so many votes last week for sucking so much ass? I think everyone was set on DF vs Azure Pasture and weren't looking at the better maps.
@Nasty, you send me a quick msg in this web site about the newspost. And i ask who is the winner. I didn't resive any answer. On the next day when the competition was hidden from the menu in the right. I ask there again who is the winner. There was no answer as well...
azure pasture was the winner! ;D
concerning balance, i picked the accomplice. all of the other maps need changes before id even consider balance..
hrm ye well, im hopin to fix the zerg disadvantage on paradise soon
Oh fuck i can't add other maps...

To be honest this week is a little poor.

I just can't give my vote to Frozen Tundra when i know that Mother Love is still not MotW :( . And i was just want it to add my vote for Paradise Lost, but 5pool still want to do some changes so i will keep my vote for the next week if they aren't any better maps. So what should i do?

(2)The Accomplice - Hmm... Ittt's oook... Buttt... Somehow the design of the map does not answering my vision for a map.

(2)Vengeance Rivers - I like how you placed to expansion over the map, they are well placed. But you got some spots on the map where it looks like you've spend 1 minute to make them. I think you can do much more for this map. It's like in the end you were a little lazy to make the final tuch.

(4)Desert_Flower - After the last update it looks fine and i hope in game it's good.

(4)Adrenaline - I really, really hate how you placed the first nats at all positions. You should really work on them.

(2)Paradise Lost 1.2 - I am looking forward for this one.

(4)Montu - I think that you should work more on your mapping skills before submiting a map here. You really skip some very basic rules in mapping.

(4)Shining Metal Star - Nope... Not this one...

I will think some more where i will give my vote, but don't kill me if i go for (4)Desrt_Flower :P .

And NO, i am the real LGI, nobody had steel my acc :P .

P.S. All of the maps above, i haven't play and i don't know how they are in game.
hmm I don't think DF is motw quality yet, but wouldn't be upset if it won; it got a lot better. I'd pick it over azure pasture if this version was fighting it.
vengeance rivers because the expansion layout

accomplice for the second place
LGI i def sent a reply saying it was Azure Pasture.. as a matter of fact i sent it twice.
king of 8 plr maps
MOTW is bunch of crap for a dying game like this, but you guys disregarded voting altogether for last week.
king please leave either this site or your attitude against starcraft, which is by no means a 'dying game'.

But about MOTW, yeah these last few maps have not been as good as previous MOTWs, but they aren't bad maps by any means.
king of 8 plr maps
I go where i want and do what i want, and beleive what i want, im not gonna join nazi logic here that doesnt vote for any maps but nazi maps that have only 2 players.

Ask me me to leave i come back stronger, ask me to hate i come back a lover.

Nazism can take aa back seat, I like fair and peace for all, if a vote is vote it should be democratic, if it not then close this site down and leave it private so you nazis can blow each other off.

lol king, fuck off. it has been clearly stated, more then a few times, that winning the vote does NOT make your map motw.

as for the nazi shit, really fuck off. i dont think people like being called that, specially since this is a german site.

i hope you get ip banned. would love to see that.
I second 5pool heavily. You overdid it, king8.
LOL there's some sort of naziphobia goign on here. everytime there's a struggle/discussion, it's caused, manipulated and executed by nazis!
its a worldwide conspiracy!! lol xD

btw my next map will have something in its name about nazis !
well, I guess we have one thing in common with nazis, we don't like retards ;
lolol, so true korv
wtf, talk about flowers...
king of 8 plr maps has some wack analogies and quotes that apply to nothing that is starcraft.

"Ask me to leave i come back stronger, ask me to hate i come back a lover."

This is just starcraft, lighten up.
i bet he's an emo... fek det, im sure he is lol. an emo with nazi-complex
why is vengeance getting so many votes? What do you guys like about it?
has a good layout and its executed well. There are no major probelms also..

There some nice strategical areas all around the map like:

the rows of bridges.
the 10 and 4 oclock expos.

just a good map
i changed my vote over to Vengence Rivers, but i forgot its already monday here :/

what do u guys think?
well you could just make vengeance motw if you really wanted a motw with bridges for chokes. Or you could maybe try a revote with those maps with 4 and 5, with vengeace starting out with 1 vote since it won the motw vote. Idk up to you =/
veangance rivers is as about as special as paradise lost, not at all. But paradise doesn't have bridges for chokes, gg no re =/
Okay so either Desert Flower or Vengeance Rivers


i need a final opinion.
im sorry, what happened to Paradise Lost? It got 4 votes too. 'ohnoes' is also 'mehnoob' (he forgot password) and has been here for months.
if it's vengeance rivers vs DF I vote DF. Paradise Lost if that's in the battle too.
"Just a good map" Nasty? It's strange how you find flows on some maps and you don't find flaws on other maps. Well here is one that i didn't mention in my previews comment about (2)Vengeance Rivers. Distance. Ofcource you mention it in (2)Entheogenic where the idea is to be longer distance so FE on gas exp is actually possible for zerg, but i don't see the reason why the long distance is an available option here.

For me, even this is a major flaw which can't take a MotW title. Here is an example. Take a look at (2)Lost Souls Depot. This is one of my maps, which looks good, plays well, etc, etc... But hey check out the distance. It's way too long. This is the reason that i haven't even try to put in the MotW competition.

Sometimes it's very hard for the creator of the map to see his own mistakes, but thats why we are here to point them out. And this also is connected whit you. Every map that you make on this site, i've seen in it MotW competition. You've submited maps for the "NastyMarine Competition" here, instead of the "NastyMarine Competition". Like the one whit the 2 bridges for a choke, from where i get the idea for (2)Enthegenic. And if you look at your map topic. You will see one comment from where i give you a hint about making a second choke near your exp to make it balance and be worthy for a MotW.

And this is ONLY ONE example of your maps. I am waiting to see your two new maps next week whitout any tests on it here. Just like (2)Vengeance Rivers... No tests...

"Just a good map" - ON THE PIC, WHITOUT TESTS.

Now about (2)Paradise Lost 1.2 . Lovly, i am waiting for your update that you've said earlyer 5pool. So maybe your map will be done and ready for a MotW next week. Otherwise i love it.
i agree, lol, sorry for this, but pls dont make paradise motw. i realised it isnt finished >< sorry.
Why does it always turn in to 1 map vs the other. Just vote for one of the maps that deserves MOTW. Is there any way to conceal the votes then the day the MOTW is announced reveal them all?
If nobody knows the vote tallies I think results on MOTW votes will be better quality.
LGI, that map is macro oriented and the distance, expo count/set up calls for a more standard building area at the mains. Those two factors correspond ... The set up for the main's are fine, but there should be more room in the mains for good macro.. its not fun running all around the map macroing thru factories especially with that main set up. an example for macroing thru factrories: select factory "t", select factory "t", selefct fact "t", select fact "v", THEN move to another area (your min only nat) select fact "g",select fact "v", select fact "v", select fact "v", THEN (move to the high ground for more space) select fact "v", select fact "g",select fact "g",

All while u macro thru 3 different areas and rally them, then u hafta grab those units at ur rally point (not to mention rallying them will take time cause the distance from those 3 macro points are very different affecting the time to get to the rally points. Then have them support troops that are already trying to push towards (in this case) a Protoss player probobly a good 20 secs away is crucial.. thats why i have a problem with the map.. I like the map alot; but please understand that i dont just like maps, i understand them just as good as any other person here.. and if u say that doesnt affect ur map or the gameplays I will leave this damn site b/c of ur arrogance and ignorance.. dont mistake me for an idiot.. i think just as deep as u do when it comes to balancing etc.. and although i miss certain things b/c I/we are not perfect, i do "get"/understand the majority of things/issues in maps.

And LGI stop referring to urself, that makes u look like an idiot that has no respect for any1 else. It makes every1 feel inferior and that is not right. Please reword your words so no is offended, including me.

My "just a good map" comment is an/my overall idea towards the map.. i briefly noted above that 2 strategic spots in the map which is good for gamplay.

The distance in Vengeance River is not a problem b/c its main compliments it.. leaving adequate space for macro unlike ur map, which is executed nicely but needs more room for standard building.

i picked Vengeance Rivers and DF b/c they are best maps at this point (which have been voted for).

Paradise Lost is set up alright, but theres stuff to be desired.. like at the 12 and 6 expos; the entrance to those expos are not good at all. They are at the edge of the map which is not good for gameplay. Pathing from base to base movement goes right thru blue's min only and should go thru both min onlies or the other 2 areas/entrances correctly/respectively, and they dont b/c the map needs to be (more) symmetric in order for that to work.
It is Vengeance Rivers, as GriG hasnt uploaded an unprotected version yet. No matter what the voting system was, we never gave way to a protected map, and that for good reason. Protecting a map sucks, is unnecessary and wont get MOTW. We're no fucking childs, so goddamn, remove protection. you heard it at least 10 times now.
Then DF is motw finally. I don't want Vengeance as motw. It is plainer than Azure Pasture, only it has bridges for chokes, which is worse than azure's cliffs.

Nasty LGI's points are valid idk wtf you have against him. You sound like an idiot trying to critisize one of the most senior of map makers here.

You clearly have no respect for LGI, and last I checked I've never seen your maps put in one map pack and advertised on I'm sure you know I have nothing against you so don't take this personally, but you should really end your pointless vendetta against LGI.
fuck flo is right...
can we scrap this motw? I strongly don't want Veangance as motw...
theres nothing wrong with it...
it is slightly too open, but i guess the expos are pushed together close enough so i wont hurt balance. no outstanding map, but good anyway.
If any terran player can beat a decent protoss player in diagnal positions on Luna then there should be no problem in this map :P
I am not arrogan. I am just very straight to people. I always told him what i have to them and i don't keep it behind my back.

I will just say it once. You are not experienced at judging maps. So stop. I almost want it to delete this newspost.
you are arrogant; saying that your just straight foward to ppl is an insult to everyone else that thinks the same as i do towards you. Who are you to say I am not experienced enough to judge maps? How much have you done in SC that puts u over the limit and above every mapper here? You have no right to say that thus showing how arrogant and childish u are. Go ahead and delete the fucking newspost I'm done with this shit please delete my admin account.
holy siht T_T gl
Go ahead, cry...

I told you earlyer. Talk about flowers or mushrooms.
lol, scrap it or reset the votes or sum ><

(or ill submit nutshell interior and you all vote for that, since its genius for a 64*64 anyway ;) ;) )
If DF win MOTW i upload unprotected version
thats ridiculous grig
That no reason... Ok. 7 votes for DF vs 6 votes for Vengeance Rivers. Vengeance win. That normal there :) Revelry :)
First comes the unprotected version, then comes the chance at MOTW. We are the ones with the nuclear weapons :-)

Again. That no reason. In MOTW 39 only 3 peoples vote for Vengeance Rivers - Valkyrion, spinesheath
and nastyman breasts. One question - peoples who now vote Vengeance vote FOR Vengeance or vote AGAINST DF? Revelry? :)
I love play pgt maps but pgt maps is protected. Now i know - pgt maps is no good. Good map is only unprotected maps like vengeance and BGH. For me DF win 39 MOTW and 40 MOTW
I created 3 good maps for this place. Where is my vote?
heres some common sense for you kids: we put a download button on the newspost. people try to download it. WHOA ITS PROTECTED OMFG. you see theres no point in putting protected map motw, because we put MOTW as good maps that should get played if ppl want to.
nasty if you think azure pasture and vengeance are true motw candidates then you clearly are a bad judge of maps... Have you ever looked at the older MOTWs? Well recently I mean. Like and compare them to these shits you've voted for... wtf.

Grig unprotect it or it has no chance of being motw.
Vengeance Rivers, Startpos BLUE has 9 minerals and startpos RED has only 8
y i have see this, i have already fix
king of 8 plr maps
amdins do what ever they want votes dont count for nothing here, its all a conspiracy, Desert flower won 2 times already and still its not in map of the week. nasty marine and other admins like floth are just bias little kids.
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AiurZ voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
Antares voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
Cucdas voted (4)Desert_Flower
DarXtaR voted (4)Desert_Flower
flothefreak voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
For2Motion voted (4)Desert_Flower
GriG voted (4)Desert_Flower
herb voted (4)Desert_Flower
Holy)Sin( voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
King of 8 plr Maps voted (4)Desert_Flower
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
LGI voted (4)Desert_Flower
lnept voted (2)The Accomplice
NastyMarine voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Paradise Lost 1.2
ohnoes voted (2)Paradise Lost 1.2
panschk[FP] voted (2)Paradise Lost 1.2
potential voted (2)Frozen Tundra
spinesheath voted (2)Paradise Lost 1.2
SynDrome voted (4)Desert_Flower
Valkyrion voted (2)Vengeance Rivers
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