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::MOTW 52::

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 12, 24 (Year, month, day)

hohoho here wo go again ;]
Either the last or the secound-last motw for this year.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Outlaw_AnthemflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Space Lotus 1.1StarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Sleeping Sun FinalScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Hychapt 1.1ScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)The Moth--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
(4)Mysterious StarMillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
(2)Dont stop me nowSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(4)De Ja Vu[7x]SpitFireMelee Picture0
(4)GladiatorsPanschk[FP]Melee Obs Picture0
(2)SnakeVine1.5MuShuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)ValhallaRSCup.SpitfireMelee Obs Picture0
(4)silhouetteCarTa[Astral]Melee Picture0
(4)Alert Eye9667Melee Picture0
(4)SNitch!--v|mOsQMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

I like sleeping sun. But I also like many other maps, so let`s see^_^;
Space Lotus, to good not to be mentioned.
This is my week XD
wanna get this at least once, so adding Outlaw Anthem

btw, why was it moved to top of the list? hasn't it been the other way round?
With little changes in first gas expansion, I'd like to add Chaos Factor. A _VERY_ interesting map, should be worthy to have this a MOTW.
Space Lotus seems to be best by now.

After I lost a game to LGI because of this, I begin to agree with him about the mainbase, and the "tanks from low ground" problem.
How to solve it is the question... well look at gmcs, maybe you can do something about it:]
ya, I have to admit that my point of view was a protoss one. In pvt, you're quite dead when having tanks down there permanently. In zvt/tvt, it seems to be something else...
I am glad you finaly notice that :)
Irony that the last day to submit maps is the 24th^^ Christmas will be my victorious day (I hope) haha!
LGI: well, I already said once that the problem was the point of view. I always tend not to include TvZ into my balancing deliberation cuz this MU is not so present on my mind ^^
for maps balancing it is probably the most important one though.

And flo, just watch the oldest of the "panschk vs LGI on Star gates" games to see that you are not all that dead when terran is in front of your base. On chaos factor it would probably have been over, but on star gates LGI won in the end.
well, in the case of SG, the reinforcement paths are much longer... base distance on CF is shorter, and maybe even having some factories at the natural is not uncommon
Lots of interesting maps by now.
Thx for submiting (4)Azax Syndrome, who ever you are :)
That's not me :)
I have already made my top-3.
1. CF
2. AS
3. SL
My attitude towards SL may change, because i'm going to play it. It has great potential.
Azax Syndrome has unique minonlies. I love the way LGI made them. And sure, the map looks pretty balanced, the only thing that irritates me is the center. Terran is obviously the weakest there.
And CF. I love this map ^^ Flo, keep on balancing it. Today I'll make my own modification of it and show there ^^
Ah yes. Didn't noticed Outlaw_Anthem. This is also a worthy motw-candidate.
Well about Azax Syndrome there was a discusion about the center. I don't know if you read some comments about the map. First they were more snow walls and doodads i remove many of them, because everybody suggest to do it. And here is the final version of the center. I will be greatfull if you give me a suggestion, what can i do about it, it might help for better battles in center.
CF would be my favorite, if flo just fixes the main bases and we can do some more testing on the new version (I think from now on we should really do much testing about motw, to make sure the qualitiy is ok. Make matches like me vs LGI regulary)

I also could accept sleeping sun well as motw. Decoration is still not that great, but it looks like it could actually play pretty niceley.

Space lotus would be my 3. choice as of now, all others are not on my personal list :]
sleeping sun need the final balancing touch. just take the expo placement which has very different distances for example.. then mabye.
yeah, you are right. I didn't notice it at first. It's up to ScoutWBF to spend more then 2 minutes on his next update :]
i added my map [-
Fixed the expansions^^
CF and SL are great in my eyes. Don't stop me now from Sumemrsky also looks _VERY_ interesting. Should play on this one, because it really looks like a motw candidate also.

AS is also a very nice map but i still see, as in the comments discribed, that a Terran with "correct use" of tanks should be IT on this map. He can cover both expansions from mainbase with tankfire or at least just has to cover 2 chokes which he can do at the same time with few tanks. Also on a gam eon bottom pos, you should have it quite easy to attack over the bottom expansion, cover the expansion ramp of the enemy with tanks and slowly pushes there. Easier here than on "normal" entrances in my eyes. I think if you train this map just a bit as terran, it's very T favouring. especially against toss. Only on crosspos, toss has a good chance with the open center, but it's not that huge, so if the T mvoes fast, he's safe imo.

CF, SL and DSMN in no particular order by now.

Sleeping sun also needs tweaking. just can second panschk.
Well if SS won't get MotW this time I will change it back the way I liked it so at least I like it and I don't have to care about all other people.^^
come on...
if your maps need improvement, don't resignate, but go on improving. looks what problems I had with Origo Hills, but at last I made a good map out of it.
There is nothing to improve.
SS? SummerSky?... just kidding.. :) i know it means sleeping sun.. :D
At least you didn't joke about "SchutzStaffel" :<
scout, what is more important? that you like your map or that everyone else does?

From the art point of view - sure its nice with integrity. But ae you makign art here? No. YOu're trying to sell a concept (sc map) to consumers (gamers), and they dont give a shit if you like the map or not. They only care about if THEY like it or not. And if they dont - sorry but you wont sell your concept.

As a consumer i wont buy your concept unless you make it perfect from _my_ point of view. Not yours. :6
Thats why I made a version for me and versions for you 1.0 and my final version are for me and the rest (the crappy versions) are for you.

If you don't like the map tell me EXACTLY what you don't like.If you don't I won't change anything.
It`s just that some stuff could be done with more style. And you tend to block too much areas of the map with those broken cliffs. It is already pretty narrow, so I would open it up a lot.

But it`s not like I can really be sure for balancing, thats just my personal opinion. In general open maps just play better than narrow ones.
But it would look a bit empty if it would be more open.
that's what decoration is for. If done right it can still look good.

If you don't like the map tell me EXACTLY what you don't like.If you don't I won't change anything.

Why dont you make a thread at teamliquid about it and see what they say. beg nicely so the really good players take a minute to comment on it too...
who added those 3 last maps?
Evo and Gladiators should probably be removed.

I really like You can't stop me now, but CF and SL are winners.
I'd go with SL over CF though, i just don't understand how you can play ZvT on CF :/
get the minonly expansion and then play lurk/ling
similar to nostalgia.
and similar to nostalgia, zerg loses many zvt. what surprise!
how about this:
you make 10 TvZ games against a same-level-player.
if you win 8/10 of them, it's due to imbalance and I'll change it. replays needed of course!
Yeah, same goes for Azax Syndrome when someone say TvP is imba... gogo replays?
The crevices on CF are kind useless, because there are more then enough holes ot build towers in them. So if you wanted to block terran, it's useless, if it's just for deroation, it looks good. But i would like to have it as a usefull center block vs T after he can easily take the backmin-only.
Sorry LGI, but the T imbalance on AS is obvious compared to the maybe issue on CF in my eyes. I put up the points where T is totally favoured, show me that i'm wrong. But i think i'm right. :/
As a t player i COMPLETELLY DOESN'T undestand what you mean lis?!? :)

no but seriously, i dont think that AS is that t favoured. the 3 and 9 islands should mabye be removed so t cant cheese push through them, but other than that i think its ok.. not worse than silent vortex anyway :)
Ah, someone added my map. :O Watch as it gets blown away by the competition. XD
WTF, who added my map? Delete it, I don't want to participate :D Anyway, this map is a crap for me, I have some maps times better than this. If I'd wanted to participate, I would have submitted something like RoE//AoS//DR//OtherCrap :)
I don't like the changes in CF, so my vote goes for Space Lotus.
The second for me now is Azax Syndrome, CF//DSMN are going right behind them.
actually, I don't like them neither, but they were necessary :/
Top, 4 player maps:

(4)Space Lotus 1.1
(4)Azax Syndrome

Top, 2 player maps:

(2)Chaos_Factor 1.2
(2)Dont stop me now
Snitch ! added -.-
Sleeping Sun lost again.I won't participate in MotW anymore.I won't win any week anyway.^^
well, if one map does not win, try to make a better one.
I had no MOTW so far either, but I keep on making maps (ok, atm I am only reviewing my current ones)

but maybe, some time, who knows? :D
I don't stop making maps but submiting them to the MotW competition.
Btw i want ID 692 next week! I really don't know why you missed that map for a MotW candidate.
When a map is of high standard you will not have to add it yourself. Someone will do it for you so dont worry
#2 starparty

lol, lgi^^
how did you come across this one :D
it's also on my "to do"-list, and as chaos factor seems to be very close to final, maybe "doing the dying" is next for reviewing. so don't hesitate to post suggestions/criticism/slight commendation/strong dislikes/whatever :p
hmmm how can i vote ? oO
There isn't an actual 'vote'. You just kind of comment each map submitted, or the ones you think are the top 3 or something like that, and then the one that most think is best is MotW. I think.
so i think (4)Snitch ! 0.90, (4)Space Lotus 1.1 and (2)SnakeVine best maps, not top3, just best >_>
Oh my god! How you can discuss something. Snitch and The Moth FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Godlike maps. Unique decoration, excellent style, shape, absolute balance.
Only for $5.99.
My favs are still are SL and AS. Dunno anything on Valhalla, haven't yet seen it ingame.
CF is third by now.
Spifire, you are clown. Study to not yelp in vain.
he, this guy was quite entertaining in the beginning, you could laugh about him, take his stupŘid bullshit out, make fun of him with a nice beautiful flame etc

but now he just starts getting annonying. but no more in an entertaining amusement-way...
Ok, I'm quiet.
It's monday guys. Time to pick the MotW. Listoric and panschk are gone, so i can write it if there isn't anyone else that really want to make the article this time. And if you are agree, i will do it, but lets make a winner. I think i am going to use to systems for a winner. The standart one, and the one that the points are like in football. But here will be a little diffrent. Most of the users point their top 3. So i think 3 points for 1st of top 3, and 1 point for the second.

The scores with the new system:

(4)Space Lotus 1.1 - 13 points
(2)Chaos_Factor 1.2 - 5 points
(2)Sleeping Sun Final - 4 points
(4)Snitch ! 0.90 - 3 points
(4)Azax Syndrome - 2 points

The scores with the standart system are just not nessery to count. Space Lotus 1.1 is just dominating.

Still i don't have votes from flothefreak, Starparty, trcc, Travin and SummerSky.

The post from Listoric i count as 3 points for SL, and 1 point for CF. Correct me if i am wrong, i am just making a final view over his posts. Also flothefreak might point (2)Outlaw_Anthem the only map in his list for first place, but i am not sure of his post...
Oh, and from my post i give 3 points to Space Lotus and 1 point to Azax Syndrome.
gw Starparty, Space Lotus is realy norm playable map
i vote for SL
I`m not gone..I just dont really want to battle in flamewars here :x

1)chaos factor
3) space lotus
2)sleeping sun
ok, voting a bit biased now:
1) chaos_factor (this will fuck up the clear win of space lotus i guess :<)
2) space lotus
3) silhouette (i kinda just love the style of it...wouldn't have dreamed I'd nominate it :p

btw, 1st gets 3points, 2nd gets 1?
not really wise when going for top3.
1nd: 3
2nd: 2
3rd: 1
would make more sense and be more represantative imo. of course it's possible that we got several maps head-to-head then, dunno which probability this would have...
1nd=1st :<
Ok, so lets review it again with 1-3, 2-2, 3-1

(4)Space Lotus 1.1 - 21
(2)Chaos_Factor 1.2 - 11
(2)Sleeping Sun Final - 4 points
(4)Azax Syndrome - 4 points
(4)Snitch ! 0.90 - 3 points
(4)silhouette - 2 points
(2)Dont stop me now - 2 points
(2)SnakeVine - 1 point
clear then.
I like this system btw. it grants fairness
SL = winner. That's quite obvious.
ya, gogo newspost
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