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motw 42

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 10, 14 (Year, month, day)

here we go again;)

(this is becoming a classic^^)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Unholy Gods IIListoricMelee Picture0
(4)Arena 1.1StarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Fish TailCyanidesMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Contact1.1TravinMelee Picture0
(2)JaculusListoricMelee Picture0
(2)AegisRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Picture0
(2)EviscerationflothefreakMelee Picture0
(4)PallisadetrccMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

even xuul likes arena it seems :O

very solid map, I actually prefer maps that try something new. I know SP does too, that's his "crowd pleaser" -_-
im a bit unsure about fishtail.. looks difficult
fishtail is somehow an improved version of xyz, forget the name. i absolutely dislike the useless mineral blocking. but Cyanides is stubborn, it's his map, he can do what he wants to. :/

arena does look good. because you can't find real flaws and it's neat looking. I hate you for that map somehow SP, it's perfect basic.
eviceration won the sp map contest so ill vote for it this week.
I like mine O_o and Arena best by now. (but arena is standard boring grrr map as hell, so vote mine!! gg ^^ )
yay i posted my own map
tronicc = trcc ?
Yes [tr]oni[cc] :P

It was my old name which i transformed into trcc but now i comeback with tronicc well my real nickname is Tr0niC when i was playing day of defeat a while back, now i use tronic and trc at counter-strike and trcc overthere cuz someone had already trc in use. Cool story eh ? :D
jip :)
I added summit crusade for some more competition :rolleyes:
My favorite of those would be unholy gods or arena
I'd go for arena, fish tail or unholy gods...
arena and fishtail are "results" of known maps (lt-style, FZ-style), but they are intended to be this, so I can't nominate unholy gods because of being the only original map.

But I like the mapping style of Unholy Gods, and I think the most interesting to play, so I tend to Unholy Gods in first place. 2nd would be fish tail, 3rd arena.
i vote ageis final
Aegis Final and Arena are my favourites..
If there were replays, I would make a choice for the best.
many good maps...
perhaps Unholy Gods is the most interesting and the best, but Arena, Palisade and Aegis are also so good maps
Ok, Unholy Gods, Arena or Aeagis Final. One of these 3 i'd say.

Gosh, as said, it's getting harder every week... ok, lets talk about those 3 and i write the article monday evening.

Shit, i looked at all pics for 10 minutes now and i can't decide.

When i try to sum some features up it would be like:

Unholy Gods is a fast paced 2 player map. The expansions are set a bit different as well as there is a "route" around the map where airunits can fly to reach every expansion. A lot of harrassing posibilities.

Aeagis Final is also a 2 player map. Not fast paced as Unholy Gods, but with a more intensive look on expanding. Air units have even better chances through the high ground, nice drop positions.

Both maps are somehow innovative.

Arena is a classic 8-8-6 +2(islands) based on a very good and long proved system for SCBW. Straight forward map with an interesting shape. Few tactical possibilities. Very balanced.

All maps are very well designed.

Well... that's how i would sum them up, but still no idea what map i'd vote.
gogogo, we need a decision
i vote eviseration :P

id prefer if arena didnt win, cause it will look bad if 1 author has 2 maps in the same MotW mappack imo..

An author should only be able to win every 4 weeks. But arena could just be added again when 4 weeks has passed since the MotW I had before.. ?
same here, i dont want aegis to win, because amber is way betetr, and i prefer to see that on next week.

That leaves unholy gods left.
Sorry to vote on that map under these circumstances, but hey, atleast im voting for it :P
you can add arena on every motw sugguestion ^^ the point with 2 maps inthe same pack from one author is quite a good point though.

then UG or AF would be left. And Amber is definetely better... true.

On the other hand, it's not about the author, it's about the map. And when someone sends in two maps in two weeks, and they both are worth MOTW, what to do? :/
Ok, I wanted to write an essay on how cool UG is and that it should be MOTW, but I took a closer look at Aegis, and now I'm voting for Aegis. It just looks like a very interesting maps, and any pathing problems of older version will not be a problem anymore.

Also amber looks cool, but to me it's not a better map than aegis, so there is no concern with Spitfire-motw with me ;)
I'll make aegis motw then, but spitfire has to get rid of the Staredit errors when you open the map first :/ It looks really silly when you downlaod a MOTW and then you get a message with 363 wrong placed things.
i faer that UG will never make motw after next week amber has a great potential as well ^^
Uhhhh how to vote on maps? Oo

And why all just lige UG,Arena or Aegis?Whats wrong with my map or is it just too simple?
aegis it is :P
I write the article now.
everyone is allowed to say which map of the list is the best in his opinion, in other words one can give a vote for a map. The map that is regarded as best in the majority of votes will make it to MOTW.

Obviously, your map wasn't as striking (in balance, design, look, structure, fun to play, or anything) as for example UG, aegis, arena are this week.
MOTW is the most appealing map of the list in the mappers' eyes, that's it.

(don't get me wrong, I don't know if it is understandable. I just want to say that there was obviously something that made those maps better/more interesting for MOTW than yours. It is not a personal antipathy or so...)
Lis, I fixed it already ^^ Sorry for my lagging..
Fixed version is available now.
Flo is right, everyone can vote on a map with his opinion. And most of the time, i will look through everyones comment here, and decide, what maps are the ones to choose.

btw, Spit, thx for fixing it, still there is something you might want to change, just look into the Aegis Comment Page. Thx :)
when is it time for the next tour?
This Sunday/next monday i guess - MOTW 43 is the 4th mtow for the mappack.
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