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MOTM 10.2008

deadline to enter maps: 2008, 01, 02 (Year, month, day)
And here's Autumn's first motm for this year!
Last motm was pretty close, hopefully we can have another awesome motm this month!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Basilica(2)BasilicaMelee Picture1
(4)Ridge2Ridge2.1NastyMarineMelee Obs Picture49
(4)Beast IIneobowmanMelee Picture20
(2)SecretAndanteMelee Picture6
(4)Aztec IITestbugMelee Picture48
(4)CoyolxauhquiProTosS4EveRMelee Obs Picture7
(2)WaltzoftheDreamAndanteMelee Picture7
(4)TheoricalTestbugMelee Picture0
(2)Ruins0.3b.Zeratul.Melee Obs Picture1
(3)evasionSealMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Memories Of OneSinsagoMelee Picture1
The competition is closed!

i'm chuck norris, the man who god believes him
For some reason, nobody's commenting on Beast anymore.
It's not on the most recent 5/10, so it effectively doesn't exist in the eyes of most bwm mappers ~~
modified by Nightmarjoo
beast rocks, i comment the shitty maps and turn them into good maps ^^
probably beast best so far, then ridge2ridge then basiclia
the korean map s the best for now... for me
who added texcoco?
Some retard.
which one?
I dunno, there's quite a few here.
(It was probably protoss4ever!)
so i'm a retard? :(
no it's not me and why i would do it, texcoco is already motm...
yes... ONE
It's ok p4ver, you're probably my favourite retard in the whole world! <3
Damm, Aztec II is in. That means I'll have to settle for second at most.
beast > aztec

aztec needs more work and still i like beasts concept much more
Actually, I agree. Aztec has better execution, but conceptually I like Beast more. However Beast still needs a lot of work. I'll try and give you a big long post sometime. You'll probably have to remind me.
the goddess is in da house
p4ever read my comment do what i said or map favours terran :)
if u edit i think map will be very good and maybe even best here
Go Go R2R!
Go Go Coyolsomething
this will be a close motm one more time
I dunno. Beast needs a lot of work, I'm not sure if it can be motm. Colosomething is just bad. Ridge to Ridge I actually wouldn't mind having as a 2nd place, but imo it's way too simple to be motm. Aztec is too tight, and it's pretty simple too.

Maybe if Nasty can spice up r2r I'll vote for it.
Da map iz not teh spice already? :O
i didn't upload aztec to thios competition and it's obviously unfinished...
i think (2)WaltzoftheDream is the best map in this list
It's just really basic Nasty. The middle is interesting, but relatively basic, the main choke thing is only weird because you want to have low mains for whatever reason, and the expo layout is very basic, with the map overall having no harass potential.
I would say Texcoco and Aztec are a lot more basic than R2R
desert ramp for motw lol
Did I say I was voting for either of them? And Texcoco is less basic than R2R.
My vote is definitely subject to change. I kind of want Beast to win, it's a big leap in neobowman's mapping performance, and it's almost interesting. On the other hand it needs a lot of work, but hopefully I can motivate myself to help him with it and get it into a motm suitable form.

Ridge2Ridge would normally be too basic for my tastes, but while it isn't bad, the main thing is a lack of something better to pick as 2nd place. Testbug's map is nice, but is no motm. I would vote for (2)WaltzOfTheDream, but it's too similar to (2)Kumba imo to vote for. And as the korean mappers are not big on listening / updating their maps here, the other maps I would not want to go play on right this second without work being done on them, and I don't vote for static maps. Ridge2Ridge is probably the 2nd most likely map to be updated here, so it's my 2nd place.
For some reason, I don't feel like voting in this motm. I might at the last minute if I really feel like it. Just not right now.
MorroW voted (4)Texcoco 3.0 as 2. choice

retard? this map isn't a trash to put your vote there
"this map is not a trash to put your vote there"

anybody got that? lol
almost every map in this rank is better than beast... why then beast is the top 1 with 16 votes ?
Texcoco won last month fools!

A. LasTCursE

B. MorroW

C. Nightmarjoo - for not removing*
w8 w8 i will correct the mistake :D
i like harrier,waltzofthedream,actek II,r2r for this MOTM :):) .. but actek most becouse it's testbug :D and all testbug's maps are GREAT! :)
aztec is too basic for my taste
that's why it's even not voted for 3rd place
modified by ProTosS4EveR
nasty makes rly good maps but don't puts almost nothing as decoration in them to make them better looking
can anyone tell me whats the concept/so special about Beast?

I really dont get it.
"nasty makes rly good maps but don't puts almost nothing as decoration in them to make them better looking"

so do I for my "great" maps, as you call them.
nooo he's maps has max 200/250 doodads and not very well placed... your's have at least 300+ and i rly like the maps you make p4E why you said great with " ?
funny i thought people liked my doodad usage b.c. they were always more natural looking. I personally don't admire mass tile editing but it has good affect on the eye.
lol i didn't imagine aztec would recive any vote.
as i said, it's unfinished and i didn't upload it here.

but i'll start working on it since it has recived atention :D be baxck soon with a better version
nasty i mean that some maps don't have almost any deco with doodads but they have terrain that looks very cool :) that s the point.. you make map for day or two and upload it here ...
1 - You can make the decoration with doodads - for day,two,three it will be great.. look at someone else s decoration (testbug,p4e)

2 - You can make the decoration with terrain and almost without doodads - Look at cool looking terrain skils like (testbug,p4e,crackling,Nightmarjoo,MorroW)

3 - You can make the decoration with Doodads and Cool Looking Terrain - Step 1 + Step 2 + 2 Weeks or month = GREAT LOOKING,PLAYABLE,NICE TO PLAY,may be league map :)))
don't get me wrong the maps you make are great but the last 2,3 maps that you uploaded.. were not so cool as the before ones (spine valley,Morris plains,reverse pa)
"lol i didn't imagine aztec would recive any vote."
too much ppl look at the picture

"You can make the decoration with doodads - for day,two,three it will be great.."
i do my doodad placement in ~30 minutes

don't worry lastcurse, i used to look at the picture and not at the gameplay. Since i understand better gameplay and MUs, i can theorycraft and i play more the maps in the comp. And then my votes are better.
LastCurse what is your point? Im not understanding you.
if beast win this motm i'm gonna shoot my self in the head
we wish
@Crackling, lnept voted it 2nd place, so it must be gosu.
well none of these maps have any "new ideas" so I dont really see a difference in any of them, just picked 3 at random
lnept maybe u should figure balancing and execution if u cant see new ideas.
balancing and execution dont matter to me. Neither do looks. If you can't even come up with something new on a map, why the fuck make it in the first place? after you come up with an intelligent idea, you can then look to execute it and make it balanced.
yes the idea is the most important i agree. but without a good execution the map is too akward to be playable. also new idea or not the map must be balanced to be liked too.

personally i enjoy a new map that doesnt have a new idea than a map with new idea that just simply sucks for akwardness.

but yes your right there isnt too much idea to make an already existing map. i think u must look deaper in to the map check distances and ammounts and sizes of areas in the map. just beacuse there are no lurker eggs no special passages or any dwebs with a concept made before, lets say luna. the map isnt executed good and its akward (these days where maps are mirrored). if sombody make another luna with all that its not a new idea but it sure will be alot better. also if u remake it so distances are the same to all positions faster mining gas wallable mains longer distances to opponent then you suddenly sits with a new concept. understand what i mean?
Neobowman, any luck on Beast? Should I expect a gosu edit/remake that'll win the competition? Or make another map win?
I'm having a really tough time with the naturals. I think I might have gotten the placement I want but I'm not sure. I'll have to play around with it a bit. I'll probably settle for third in this motm. I'm still going to edit Beast. I might get the edit it in before the 31st. Maybe not.
Don't worry I promise I won't post this competition on time rofl. I still haven't posted last month's yet -_- My map-related motivation has not lasted long.
bwm dying
its dying since 10 years
i won't die right now
wow! Go figure. My map stays on top until the last day - when ppl change their fucking votes!!!!!!!!!!
Nasty I might be making your map win if neobowman can't perfect Beast, don't worry.
Beast didnt even win the votes, Aztec did. I dont want to hear Testbug say "its not finished." It is a finished map for god sakes! ROFL.

What, did Beast win enough electoral votes to clinch presidency??????????????
It's just a matter of I really want to give neobowman a chance, his map was the best he'd ever made, and it was by itself interesting and has potential. Also Nasty, if I change my vote to not include r2r or aztec, beast wins provided there isn't a lot of other vote changing. If neobowman says he doesn't think he can perfect the map in the next couple of days, I change my vote putting r2r in first. Simple as that.
i can fix Beast :)
remember that both R2R and aztec has -3 selft votes, look:
NastyMarine voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.0 as 2. choice
Testbug voted (4)Aztec II as 2. choice
I'm aware of that Testbug.

I'd like to see what you can do with Beast Testbug :)
Neobowman I don't mean to undermine your mapping skill, but Testbug is really good at (3)maps; remember Faoi had horrible execution by myself, and Testbug helped me by remaking it. But then I had to remake it again, and then still edit it again for it to be in its current version.
Go ahead. I'm going to work on my own version for now but I'll probably replace it with your version if it's better (99.99999% chance)
Edit: Actually, it would be awesome to have a 3 player version of Beast if you could make one.
modified by neobowman
ROFL another vote change.
ROFL wow. Wasn't Beast like, high 20s or low 30s the other day? haha.

Smells like Testbug/Crackling to me :O
lol, crackling and me haven't change votes
i always said WaltzoftheDream is the best thing here.

that's why i made (2)Lobotomy
remember that both R2R and azec will have -3 points due to NastyMarine and Test ug self votes.

and Nasty... Aztec IS an unfinished map, i just don't know how to finish it. i may do what crackling is saying (remove non center multy and add gass to minonly)

maybe the middle needs more passages, i'll try to follow Wind Breaker concept.
modified by testbug
ROFL this is unbelievable. So now we are finally counting the self voters. ROFL When people in the past few comps have been giving their map #1 votes. LOLz Dunno what to say.

Aztec is a finished map - except you would rather edit it more. If you want to add more passages, then add default sized bridges leading from the center island to the min only expos. That would add a very fine dimension to the map. To do this though you would have to move over the big bridges and remove those expos Or reposition them.
modified by NastyMarine
The fuck are you talking about Nasty, self votes are not counted, and never will be.
nasty self votes has never been counted :S
whe i pick my own map as 1st choice, admins reduce -5 points when counting the votes.

thanks for helping at Aztec Nasty, i felt in love with Djin)Xuul('s map, and i would like to remain the map spirit, too much edits will look like a totally new map :(
2 winners ? :D
Bleh this is a mess. If I post R2R as motm I won't have much to say about it =/
but actek also have 36 votes
Who cares? I can change my vote to R2R and it'll be ahead any time.
Or not.
For christ's sake when will there be a newspost! I am hungry to see a new Nasty map up there :))))))))))
Heh soon!
I'm imagining it to be 15 days later.
I'm going to be making changes to Beast very soon. I've just been really lazy about it til now. It's coming, no doubt about it.
i think its ridicilous Aztec II gets votes at all. but thats just what i think
also surprises me that the webmaster doesnt unallow selfvoting in system

also when i look at ridge2ridge looks like all that ramp crap wont even effect gameplay at all just making it more akward. just with all ramps trying to hide the really basic concept.

and ascetz still doesnt have reverse ramps what is this

and both of these "motw material" maps doesnt even got decent mains or mineral formations

and now to beast i got advice, the mains are huge the min-onlys mineral formations suck. reduce the main size so u can push back the third gas expo.
also id remove 1 mineral patch from third gas. push in all power generators in the cliffs so zerglings cant run by them from behind.
The problem is that Aztek is the only map that has both a somewhat interesting concept and good execution regarding that concept as well as the look...
I totally agree with you about R2R, that's what I meant when I wrote that it was a bad execution of an interesting concept (or something like that).
I would really like Beast to be MOTM, but in its current state of developement. It is, simple as that, not finished and I haven't seen it being updated for a while...
modified by Freakling
While fixing up Beast, I realized that there was a fuckton of stuff to do. It might take me more time than I thought.
I believe Testbug will be working on it this week also.
POST! (:
Yep, I've pretty much suspended my work on Beast. It's really complicated and with my schoolwork piling up, and a mapping project for sc2gg, I really don't have time to work on it much. Hopefully, Testbug can get a good version of it now. I may update it, but not anytime soon. Feel free to post it.
can i add a nostalgia/Hwarangdo backdoor and Athena/RudhHour expos?
It's your version. Do whatever you want.
Well it's a tie atm Nasty.
I'll add my vote. Dun dun dun dun. Who will I pick?

modified by neobowman
you guys are gay. gay gay gay. VOTING WAS DONE OVER 20 DAYS AGO
lol and Beast was the winner.
Nasty do you want Beast, R2R or Aztec to win?
because you voted Aztec as 1st choice.

should we post beast as motm? because it had like 40 votes when viting ended. then R2R and Aztec started winning votes.
LOL! dude R2R won at the deadline, and was the winner days after the competition was over. I'm seriously sick of this shit. I'm not voting, anymore.
Honestly, I myself don't really think Beast should be motm. I'd think it should be in 3rd. I don't particaularly like R2R that much which is why my vote went to Aztec.
Oh Nasty don't be so dramatic.
hey Nasty :S calm down xD
i didn't understand you comment "you guys are gay. gay gay gay. VOTING WAS DONE OVER 20 DAYS AGO"

so i asked wich map you wanted to win.
because you voted Aztec (and i said it's an unfinished map!!!!)

i can just remove it from competition for being unfinished and TA DA! R2R wins by magic!

but as far as i remember, Beast was the winning map (and was winning like abour more than 1 month)

then r2r and aztec started winning votes
(also, if you remove your vote, aztec will be -5)
sorry I dont change my votes so others can win :o
Perhaps we should just make all three maps first place if this thing doesn't get figured out soon 0_o.
rofl, let's just make that woman happy.
if that make her happier, i don't care :S

and i don't want her to quit mapping, so let's make R2R win mademoiselle

<--- quit mapping til SC2 comes out
i don't want nasty to quit mapping, o let's make R2R motm. aztec and beast are fucking incomplete.
R2R is finished.
Fine by me. Just hurry up and post the two motms.
yeah, and please, write something about NastyMarine being super hot at making the sexiest maps!
lol :D
post a winner noob!
post a "winner noob"?
No seriously, hurry up and post a winner. Hopefully, nightmarjoo's already working on it.
Haven't started; I said if Nasty or someone wrote something up I'd post it
I seriously had a dream that you posted all three motms at once and for each map was 2 lines of text.

Any estimate for when you're going to start?
and then motm was dead
lol neobowman, I've had nightmares of that too.

I'll do them all when you guys are done voting for 12 I guess.
12 has been done... its been done since it started...
lol yeah Testbug/Nasty map autovote.
So what happens when we have a Testbug map vs a Nasty map and neither author will work on map but vote is very close tt
posted, good riddance
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3.mZ)Plague voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
3.mZ)Plague voted (4)Beast II as 2. choice
3.mZ)Plague voted (2)Secret as 3. choice
Crackling voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
Crackling voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
Crackling voted (4)Coyolxauhqui as 3. choice
Freakling voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
Freakling voted (4)Beast II as 2. choice
Freakling voted (2)Basilica as 3. choice
HoboRobo voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
HoboRobo voted (4)Memories Of One as 3. choice
LasTCursE voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Secret as 2. choice
lnept voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
lnept voted (4)Beast II as 2. choice
lnept voted (2)Secret as 3. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (2)WaltzoftheDream as 3. choice
MorroW voted (4)Beast II as 1. choice
MorroW voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
MorroW voted (4)Aztec II as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Beast II as 3. choice
neobowman voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
neobowman voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
neobowman voted (4)Beast II as 3. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Beast II as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)Beast II as 3. choice
ptar voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
ptar voted (4)Aztec II as 2. choice
ptar voted (2)Secret as 3. choice
testbug voted (2)WaltzoftheDream as 1. choice
testbug voted (4)Aztec II as 2. choice
testbug voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 3. choice
tktkvroom voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 1. choice
tktkvroom voted (4)Aztec II as 2. choice
tktkvroom voted (2)WaltzoftheDream as 3. choice
TwoS voted (4)Aztec II as 1. choice
TwoS voted (4)Ridge2Ridge2.1 as 2. choice
TwoS voted (4)Coyolxauhqui as 3. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (4)Coyolxauhqui as 1. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (4)Aztec II as 2. choice
[P4P].Zeratul. voted (2)Ruins0.3b as 3. choice
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