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(\/)OT(/\) 8.2007

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 04, 01 (Year, month, day)



Submit those maps!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)GefrierbrandScoutWBFMelee Obs Picture2
(4)Glimming CrossScoutWBFMelee Picture3
(4)DeliveranceArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture7
(2)Scope LenslneptMelee Picture5
(2)SahuaqaigigantMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Battle on CharRaNDoMiZeMelee Obs Picture1
(4)FelicityRaDiXMelee Picture1
(2)Eden1.3DeSadeMelee Picture2
The competition is closed!

It must be hard to play SC dressed like a Power Ranger...
BOXER !!!!!! xD
wow, I've never seen Scout's (2)snowmap before, Gefrierbrand, I really like it. I literally can see nothing wrong with it lol, motw gogo!
Alright go post the news! XD
BOOOOXEEEEEEER !!!!! <3 <3 <3 but Nal_rA > BoxeR :]
My map still needs testing, and some modifications... but I'll stick it here anyway.
why is gliming cross here, it just won motw
last time i checked, PT's map competition is not motw.
It was said once that the winner of PT's competition is MotW but I guess that was not accepted.
No, I had proposed that since the active motw at that time had so little going on then, and since we needed to possibly catch up by calling a few maps motw, that we pool from PT's map competition. Unfortunately, the testing of all of the maps did not happen, there was virtually no discussion on the maps, and the decision which was templar's to make was very sudden.

Also, Glimming Cross is not motw worthy imo, and seemingly in Arden's as well. I respect templar's decision to declare it winner of his competition, but it is not motw.

I had hoped that more people would vote in his competition, but that did not happen.
Disruptive Factor is imo a bad map, play it yourself though. I have already stated my complaints with the map (some of which he has corrected, but I haven't played the newer version), and I have stated my complains with Arden's map.

As for lnept's map, I don't believe it carries any of the flare that a motw should, ie it's plain, its concept isn't bad, but I don't see anything great about it, not having actually played it, it doesn't look that fun to play.

Well with Scout's map, I like it a lot, I wish he decorated it better. The map really doesn't offer anything new concept-wise, but I think its concept is very playable, as well as realistic in its playability. Many motws are chosen for great unique concepts, but many of those are found later on to not actually be playable =/
Well I still have time to decorate ~_~
i can make the same argument. scout's map isnt fun to play, therefore it should not be motw. i didnt actually play it...but you get my drift !11lO,lZLZL!111
Uh... As far as I can tell, I've pretty much fixed everything that you had to complain about, Nightmarjoo. So what complaints are you referring to that still stand? Fixed the min blocks, fixed the gases, fixed the tightness a bit. ...?
yah! this time I'm taking this home!
I like Deliverance, I don't see anything wrong with it atm^^ but I can't play these maps, don't have my internet! :( So I can't really make any final decisions on which map I like... As for my comment, I hadn't seen the changes on your map at the time, sorry^^

lol lnept, his map from the pic looks playable, whereas idk for sure about yours since it's somewhat experimental.
Gaia and Arcadia had sex and Gaia gave birth to Deliverance. The End. ;P
That's not necessarily a bad thing. :D

Deliverance is less imba than Arcadia when it comes to 3 hatching or the T walling after 2 expo to turtle up.

I like it.

Unfortunately, I've only played Deliverance and Amber Ridge so far. Both sexy.
"T walling after 2 expo"

I always wall with rax/bunker after my first factory is finished. And yes I mean the lower choke.
Grr I wna get a motw!
lmao its the 2nd lets start voting
Why don't u love me? :(
the older version of deliverance would be my choice, but as it aint an semi-island anymore, it lost almost every style...

so it is between amber ridge and disruptive factor for me. as DisFac hasnt had much testing yet, is more experimental and probably not finished in details, i vote AmberRidge.
if the expo placement on scope lens would be better, i would have voted it
although deliverance is another sexy map of arden, it's too tight for my taste
eden seems nice, has a good concept and good execution
oops, i mean felicity
I dunno if it was intentional... but the (V) really looks like bunny ears !! easter coming !!!
I would vote for felicity, but I cannot stand the even paths' setup. I think it should be altered so that it's not symmetrical down the middle, creating one distinctly longer path and one distinctly shorter path.

My vote stays with Gefrierbrand, I wish he'd decorate it though :)

Deliverance is good, but I prefer Gefrierbrand; Arden has better maps.

Amber Ridge is nice, but I don't like the middle, and he hasn't put any effort into trying new things with it, so that turns me off on it.

Battle on Char I also like, but I still prefer Gefrierbrand.

It might be because I like ice maps idk :)
I can't explain it, but there's just something about Gefrierbrand which looks realistic in its design: both decoratively and realistic in its gameplay design, it doesn't push anything radical, but I can't point out another map just like it at all. It's wide open, but the expo placement avoids I think any racial issues which could have been caused by its openness.
""T walling after 2 expo"

I always wall with rax/bunker after my first factory is finished. And yes I mean the lower choke."

No, I meant...

You can wall, and PROTECT 2 expo.

I always wall pretty damn fast, just I mean you can cut off and tank yourself up and then you have 3 expo and you're constantly pumping ~9 tanks out and it's like "..." if you actually contained your opponent like I wish I could xD
People need to stop voting for their own maps ;P
LostTampon <3
Ok if you really want I can make new vers of felicity, but my concept was to make perfectly symmetric map, so that the both sides will play excactly the same. So you won't know wich side ur enemy is attacking :). If I would make it unsymmetrical, U could be more surer that ur enemy will attack from the other side... Lol bad explination hope u know what I mean. :-)

Vote for me I want 1st motw lol lol lol...
Joel I did 3 out of 4 things you said to do to Amber
Move the mineral onlies a bit in middle
make middle better deco
put another ramp on the sides

Only thing I didn't do is add a mineral only to the main, which would be really weird. Maybe I try that in some other map. Seeing as how there is a expo in Nemesis the new SUperFight map & games on it were hella booring
tk, I already told you I liked how you moved the expos in the middle and added the ramp. Decoration is not my concern with the middle -.- I also did not necessary expect you to flirt with my ideas about a possible inbase nat/mineral only; I just gave you some possible ideas on the map.

Radix, personally I find maps which play that way to be annoying; the two sided thing can be nice, but with just 2 paths can be very tedious.

tk, Nemesis is not a map I would ever suggest replicating anything of it after; my idea with the inbase expo is completely different.
I decorated Gefrierbrand just a little bit. It's pretty much finished.

Thanks for the votes guys ^^
lol much of it is still just plain bright snow
I know. I would make the map completely snow but everybody would hate it then. I love snow :3
So let's get to map testing mhhh? Merssage me on europe DnA]3rdSin[
I see lots of votes and not very many comments -_-
yeah deco on Gefrierbrand could be so much better
Tell me what I should decorate and I will do it. I suck at decorating T_T
put trees extremely close to the high cliff walls
let me do it :D
Idk people some of you are drifting in the wrong direction.Last motw was Nasty with his Azalea concept as winner.Now do Arden the same thing with his Gaia meets Arcadia piece.No it's not a clone,cause everything(mains,nat,expos)have different positions,but the main ideas of those two maps,remains.What our eyes become to see next week a new Luna?

Yes,it is the best in this list and that's why I dont vote for a other one but also not for a map whitout any originality,sorry.I'm sure you wont missundertood my message,Arden.But from a mapper like you I expect a little more than to merge to maps together.
lol I don't think Deliverance is at all Gaia. SpoilR! How about explaining why don't like the other maps too? Too many simple comments here :O
not to mention too little testing going on oO
Nightmar message me on Europe for testing!
SpoilR, theres nothing wrong with exploring present/past concepts in new maps. Arden did a great job with Deliverance. He stretched both features that are in both gaia and arcadia and made a very nice map.

Now when i made my "Azalea clone" as some call it. I didn't try to do it in the first place. But i kne :P i couldn't do much more with the layout b/c of how i layed out the nat so i guess it has a azalea feel but the map core is different than that of Azalea. And thats the same case with Arden's map. Except he was able to do it with two maps. now im not saying that is what arden wanted to do in the first place. but the map has resemblemnce.
Even if aquaridge was an azalea clone its hella more sexier
I whole-heartedly agree with Nasty.
I think Deliverence has nothing on it that makes it worth playing when you already have Gaia and Arcadia.
Why don`t you at least vote for Gefrierbrand ???
because gefrierbrand is - at most - average, or slightly above. but there are like, 1000 maps that are clearly better...
Seems like I lost to a gaia+Arcadia clone with positional imbalances. T_T
lol flo, it's a nice balanced map. Is Deliverance balanced? How can anyone tell without it being tested at all? Gefrierbrand is nice and simple, it has a realistic gameplay concept going for it. I'm 100% sure you would say something different about it if it wasn't made by Scout. SCOUT WANT ME TO EDIT AUTHOR ON MAP SO PEOPLE VOTE FOR IT??^^

But c'mon guys, I am unable to test maps, I do not have internet to my computer, and Racine AI sucks balls, and that's the best AI "improvement". Please test maps! Scout, test with your clan mates, they atleast know how to play sc lol.
Nah, I hate smurfing and fake accounts etc. Just let them hate the map cause of the author^^

the thing with the clanmates is a good idea. I totaly forgot that you can't play SC online 8[
heh; my spring break just started today, hopefully I can do chores and get my parents to give me back my internet lol^^
i am unable to test too, i pick arden's map because he has done an idea of mine and seemed to be worth to vote. i was wrong. plz ignore my vote.
Map with more replays wins! gogogogo!
I hate it when people bitch so much about these map choices. I should really just delete my map from this competition... I probably would if it wasn't for the fact that it would throw the entire universe off its hinges. You guys should either accept a popular vote, or make a valid point. (I've been gone for a week, so this is what I'm seeing now) I see one person suggesting that my map is a Gaia + Arcadia contraption, and then because of that simple influence, several others decided to stress that point. Why? Because one person's word is law? Is it not possible to formulate your own opinion?

These MOTWs become more and more like the 2000 election. I refuse to take part in something so chaotic. This will most likely be the last time I submit one of my own maps to a MOTW/M competition. I just can't take this anymore... If this site were a country, we would be at a constant civil war over elected officials and we would drive our country into oblivion.

Feel free to ignore the popular vote and select a map that is more deserving. In fact, I implore you to.
I hate it when people bitch so much about people's choices. "aww some people don't like my map I'm leaving the site please delete all my maps" wtf.

Antares I miss your point.

Arden, so it has like one or two things similar to gaia, and barely one which is similar to arcadia, so what? Just because one person says it's a clone doesn't mean everyone thinks that way.
I prefer Gefrierbrand to Deliverance and ergo and I support Gefrierbrand. Ergo, I point out more flaws in the other maps which compete with support/votes, Deliverance being the one not only rivalling it, but surpassing it vastly in popularity. If the trend keeps up til we're done with this, Deliverance is the winner. What's the point of the popular vote if we were to ignore it? I would only suggest "ignoring" the popular vote if the winning map was bad. But it isn't.

Honestly ignore people Arden, it's not that hard. I don't like it when maps which people have pointed out possible balance flaws in aren't tested for them. Discussing balance in maps is important, testing is just as important, if not more so. You can go look at every MOTW thread for the past few months, I make comments about testing being needed in probably every single one. I also try and do some testing on my own. I cannot at the moment, so I implore you guys who are able to test some maps, to do so!

Arden why would you whine about someone calling your map gaia clone when it's obviously not changing the minds of others? The vote clearly points to your map at the moment. No one except me and Desade have given any support to Scout's map, I don't see him whining.

"You guys should either accept a popular vote, or make a valid point" I both miss your point and wonder at whom you're talking to. What suggests the vote is or will be ignored?... Also, who hasn't made a valid point? It is similar to gaia no? The map is tight in areas no? The map should be tested to see if it is too tight or if it is perfectly fine, no??
ye, i always tell nightmarjoo to place less minerals in his maps, but he ignores me in every way possible
Nightmarjoo, I really wish you would think before you post because the more you talk, the more I lose respect for you. You missed my point completely and decided to turn it around and flame me for it. I'm not even going to throughly analyze your post and point out pieces that disturbed me, reading the thrashing was exhausting enough.

Here is the point I was trying to make before Nightmarjoo obliterated all comprehensible material and soaked it in feces:

The users of this site need to pull their heads out of their asses. Bickering back and forth about this decision is immeasurably unprofessional and childish and I would like nothing more than to see it end. This site used to be a warm community of only a few active members, now there are so many newcomers imposing their own standards that everyone has forgotten the whole reason for this site.

If acknowledging a problem by addressing the sources is considered whining, then I really see no need to speak any more. Too much has changed here...
@arden, misunderstood you also in the first place, was thinking in another context (i hope that i dont miss your point now)
im a relatively young member in this community, and sometimes i dont understand why some comments (about serious topics) are so childish; and in the last time i have noticed an slightly increasing tendency

and because i dont want to see you leaving bwmn i ask you to not to get discouraged... you are one of the few mappers that are able to create maps - and comments - with amazing execution and deep thought

so thinking in the search for answers - are there any solutions?
Well... With the implementation of this MOTM, I think our decisions for winning maps will be made more efficiently and there will be less dispute. There will always be few who will constantly bitch about every last detail and we will also have the opposites. Believe me, I'm not leaving this site because of any of this, I'm just fuming because I don't like to be treated as though I were a moron (>.<) ... I just wish Nightmarjoo would be a little more cautious with his phrasing and word choices.

As for the map critiques... I encourage them. I would absolutely hate for my map to be well received by everyone. No map is perfect, especially mine, I understand that. I was merely pointing out unnecessary behaviors and poor support behind posts. I just don't like to see these "verbal" conflicts all the time.

@Nightmarjoo - I have nothing against you as a fellow mapper and I would love to hear your opinions as well as supply my own. I just can't stand the way you are so blunt and quick to insult. It's not necessary that you play Devil's advocate on every controversial issue. I do respect what you say, and in some cases I agree, but please just don't be so quick to fire a shot at anyone because of something they said.
i agree entirely with spoilr about ardens map,deliverance.i also consider that this map is not a clone of gaia & arcadia,but anyone can find out enough attributes in this map that allow this comparison.firstly the mains;just the position inside the map is different,aside from this it the same setup like in gaia.the same thing is valid for the double nat,like in arcadia.lateral expos like in gaia(not entirely) - middle expos like in arcadia(also not entirely).

dont get me wrong,i dont condemn you for what you done,but why is so hard for you to accept this matter of fact?cause it's more than obvious.i respect you and your work,as one of the best mappers on this site(btw i chose one of your maps in my list of the 10 best maps ver maded),but it seems you have trouble when someone criticise one of your encourage others to think about what they see and what they say,but it looks like yourself are not able to practice the same thing.

i'm always a adherent of democracy and that's why i consider that the voters should have in evry issue the last underestimate other guys just because they are not so long here is disrespectful and arrogant;and btw as argument - just dopey.everyone who's active on this site love this game and have knowledge about it,never forget this.that's why arguments to judge maps are always vital,but if you wanna be a part of a community you have to accept that in the end just votes should decide.this will assure the inner peace of evry community.everyone who's tryin' to override this simple rule is not interesed in a peaceful atmosphere inside that community.but this doesnt means you have to suffocate opinions.or worse censor them.

about this contest:compared to the other maps is deliverance still the best execution;even if the originality of the map lacks.
o_O ... Well, ok. I do accept the fact that there are similarities between my map and the others, and I also accept and respect 99% of people's opinions. You misread my posts and missed the point. You should take another look at the real issue ;).

i dont think so.but to talk about someones behavior is under my dignity.rascals are all-arround; do you believe this is a rascal-free area?? to care about them is pointless,to cure them also.and nightmarjoo,well i know him too memories from the moty contest are still pretty "fresh".i point to him when i'm talking about censorship and democracy.
nobody should leave the site, especially not you arden. if i understand correctly you didnt like my comment:

i mean, i really DIDNT play your map, but chose it, because it seemed to be well-made as most of yours. i also showed that nightmarjoo may ignore my vote because that wasnt based on game experience (unfortunately it is nearly impossible for me). i dont want to hurt you or disrupt your map in any ways.

another question should it be based on it? then the voting from week to week loses its perspective. if we need professional votes we could completely do it by competitons (somebody mentioned a while ago the maps with the most vote will be played in a bwmn tourney), i guess we need to clarify how do we imagine a voting sys.
What comment did you make that I didn't like? (I have no idea). I realize that it's hard for every single voter to play each map in contention within a week, which is why MOTM is probably better for us.
well i reread and yeah misunderstood ^^

my good-old shape, but whatever
Hey Arden, I didn't mean to offend at all; I was just too hasty in my response, and perhaps didn't think about your post well enough. Although I think you may have misunderstood my post too; but misunderstandings happen :)
I reacted the way I did because your post seemed similar to or reminded me of templar/LGI, and their last posts were very whiny and flaming and unintelligible (hah I think you might be right about my word choice^^), but w/e.
I think you may have misunderstood my post in that for the mostpart my post was directed to go with your comment, not against. The only part against yours was "whiny", but there I think I may have misunderstood/seen it similar to LGI's =/

Antares, why would I ignore your vote just because it wasn't based on testing? 0% of the votes here are based on testing lol. I would like for that to change, but I'm no optimist or surrealist :)

At Arden, and anyone else who I might have insulted without meaning to (kingof8playermaps can be sure I meant to insult him however); when I'm tired I am extremely blunt in my comments, I'm sorry.

Grief! Why do you shout at me about censorship and democracy? Have you ever been to gosugamers or teamliduid? They don't just censor bm comments, they often ban temporarily or permamently people who make such comments. Why is it that when I censor a both bm and useless comment it is frowned upon by you? Censoring comments is an admin power, to try and reduce the amount of bm on a site -_- As for democracy, the map with the most votes won, what do you want? -.-

"ye, i always tell nightmarjoo to place less minerals in his maps, but he ignores me in every way possible" lol LostTampon where did this come from? If I have too many minerals in a map, it might be part of the concept :)
lol I reread my comment, it was a little hasty. To reiterate what I meant, I was saying that Deliverance should not be knocked for having something similar to gaia in it, I was encouraging testing of these maps, especially Deliverance since it's winning the vote. With Deliverance, I was saying that since people have commented that it's tight, that it should be tested to see if it's too tight. Deliverance is not a bad map no question, but I would want to make sure it's balanced before calling it our last MOTW. I just feel that theory crafting alone is not enough.
There's my boy! (lol...)

I understand how all that is. Sometimes I get cranky and take it out on an innocent unsuspecting BWMN user as well... But most of the time I try to keep it cool (didn't go so well today >.>). It's all good.

I really do understand the points you were making, and I agree. I just wish that somebody would test these maps out (>.<) I'm too sh*tty to do it myself.

Hopefully I'll get my internet back soon, and me and scout can get some zvt testing going on in these maps. zvp too if tk is allowed to play lol. And if you guys wanna see me getting raped, I could try and play lnept too. But ehh, at my best I raped ez by lnept, and after a week without sc I'm no where near my best ><
nah I can't play my grandpa told on me like a little school girl to my mom that I was up at 3am on computer so I have to get off when mom goes to bed so gg no re
sucks lol
damn alot of shit happen while i was at work. I felt all choked up at the end cuz of the lovely make up :)

is this over?
Your guess is as good as mine.
More than 1 replay on deliverance and it is over I guess...
So... seven years? ;)
Mhhh, yeah 7 years could be okay XD
It had a few more replays though =D. I think ppl are just lazy... or busy... or have lives... or all of the above. I would do it myself, but I'm not at liberty to post my own map.
I have limited use of my internet, and posting my own new maps, and commenting others' new maps is more important to me than posting motw sorry :( Nasty is active, he should post it... I wouldn't mind if you posted your own map Arden, it did win, and it's not like you have a reputation like nasty does about posting your own maps motw^^
Hah... that's true. but I usually like to be pretty generous when I describe people's maps, and I don't want to be a conceited jerk by complementing myself on my own map, it just doesn't feel right =/. This is the last MOTW anyway, so it really doesn't matter when it goes up, as long as it's before the MOTM post ^^
heh, you could also describe your map by posting quotes of others about your map :)
I feel special to have gotten a vote from flo :D
maybe he voted for the worst map there ;)

I got my internet back, but I'm too tired now since I've been playing sc and whatnot since I just got it back tonight. Tomorow I'll post motw. lol, have you seen my motw posts? How long they are?^^
I lost again? IMPOSSIBLE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo.........
Ok you get Map of the Week, I get Map of the Month.

I feel bad for Scout. Thats really not fair he hasn't got a MotW at all :(
i havent either ;)
and i think i came to this site right before him
nvm he was here before, but not by much
no it's not fair, but you guys didn't vote for his map, your fault =/

I've been here for a long time, I haven't gotten motw ever. I don't care =/ I don't push my maps like a noob, and I don't make maps just to look pretty, which is all bwm cares about.
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Alumni voted (2)Eden1.3
Antares voted (4)Deliverance
DeSade voted (2)Gefrierbrand
Excalibur voted (4)Deliverance
Falcon_A voted (4)Deliverance
Lancet voted (2)Eden1.3
LostTampon voted (4)Felicity as 1. choice
LostTampon voted (4)Deliverance as 2. choice
LostTampon voted (2)Eden1.3 as 3. choice
NastyMarine voted (4)Deliverance
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Gefrierbrand
panschk[FP] voted (2)Scope Lens as 1. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Felicity
RaNDoMiZe voted (2)Battle on Char
SalazarSlytherin voted (4)Deliverance
ScoutWBF voted (2)Gefrierbrand as 1. choice
ScoutWBF voted (4)Glimming Cross as 2. choice
testbug voted (4)Deliverance
tktkvroom voted (4)Deliverance
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