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MOTW 5.2007

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 03, 03 (Year, month, day)
If you didn't get a map into motw4 you want motw, try this motw :)

deadline changed to the 24th

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)SunderArden(WoF)Melee Obs Picture0
(4)LightningLaO-ArtanisMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Purity1.1Phantom[xz]Melee Picture0
(2)Paradise Regained5poolMelee Obs Picture0
(2)AsatorDeSadeMelee Picture0
(4)The Last ConflictLostTamponMelee Obs Picture8
(2)Jade_Zoneflothefreak & StarpartyMelee Obs Picture5
(4) Iron MeldExcaliburMelee Picture1
(4)Glimming CrossScoutWBFMelee Picture1
(2)Fall of Tenochtitlan1ProTosS4EveRObs Picture0
(4)NoQuarterKorvspaDMelee Obs Picture2
(4)Indolence 1.5WinparkMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

AHHH FUCK you jizzed in my eye stupid >;O
Gotta love the participation this week.... =D
Hey... Who added that... I promised myself I wasn't going to, hehe.

Yeah.... maybe we should wait a few days or something.... extend the deadline.
agreed.and henceforth please dont close the deadline so long the previous motw contest is not finished
btw i suggest to add jade zone
soorry.. electioneering now.. xD
jade zone comes to my attention after i read spoilr's 10 best maps ever.i check the map and... boah,really a gosu argue about these map is useless.enough to say - the one in the million -.thanks to flothefreak for the nice idea and starparty for his tremendous work to bring this map on a high level.

i regret very much his recession...
Uh... yeah. So we now already have 2 "one in the million"-maps?
well if no more maps are added I think my vote is for either Arden's map or LostTampon's map.
fixed oldschool maps fighting!
FoT FTW!!! x)
the best this week, imo, is (2)Sunder and (4)NoQuarter.
I think (4)NoQuarter takes my vote (when the time comes) my map shouldn't even be in contention... I didn't put it there. And I really like the way (4)NoQuarter is implemented... I like the originality in a simple format.
Guys you don't like Zerg players huh?
Uh im kind of new here, how the hell do we vote?
MOTW 5.2007 StarTeD! =D
Can I vote for myself? xD

Hah, I won't that's not fair :/
Sry for flooding >_<
Excalibur, just tick a white circle and click on "Vote map" That's all :)
I include Jade Zone in my list of 10 best maps ever,so it would be funny not to vote this map in a motw contest.The design of the map is unique and offers a complete different playing style,wich is not easy to find in other maps.The decoration itself is a class of his own.

Compared to the other maps,I think it's the most complicated and inventive concept.Other interessting maps are NoQuarter(here and there to tight,in the mains)and Sunder(the middle is for my taste to open)
Is it just the gay comp I'm on now or is NoQuarter's pic and map 404'd?
it's the gay comp :P
No offense but i dont think Jade Zone is all that special. Not that its a bad map, its a very good map, but not MOTW material IMO.
And it is positional imbalanced cause of the ramps. (There are even 2 ramps by the way. Have fun holding them!)
To read something like this from a noob(Excalibur),doesnt really surprising me.Btw "a very good map"is always a candidate for motw contest.But to read such a opinion from you Scout,was a surprise.Those mains are so far away as possible,so you have enough time to safe the entry.Btw have you ever played a map with just 1 elevated catwalk ramp mains?Idk but I think they are the tightest ramps you can find on BW.Try to take such a main from the ground;this wouldn be funny,I assure you.For you as bigga fan of air maps is 1 ec ramp already a huge danger zone,maybe cause you have a drop fixation.In this case i can understand that 2 of them are a small desaster for you.But surely not for the most of us.

And after all,who lose on this map and try to argue - it happens because of the imba ramps - has the pathetic alibi I ever heard.
Yeah I played Forte and I know how much it sucks to even try making a wall in. Also there is proxy gate/rax/fax/etc. this way you can shorten the distance a lot.

The mains are imbalanced cause siege tanks are much more secure at 11 than at 5 because the ramp is farther away.

Testgames would be pretty good, I guess but nobody plays anyway.
not true scoutwbf
yesterday inept, me and pt were testing some maps

also, inept and me had a very funny game on the last conflict, but it wasnt possible to save the rep :(

@jade_zone: its well made, but i dont think that it will play good (not tested yet)
I really think we are expecting too much out of Map of the Week. We are not always going to get perfect results. We vote for the best map that was presented in these threads everyweek. I think everyone is looking for more experimental maps than we should. What happened to good standard maps? I'm not saying we should stick to just standard maps, but whats wrong with the others like Jade_Zone? My answer: Nothing, its a fine map.
"Testgames would be pretty good, I guess but nobody plays anyway" I still lack my internet ><
lol my favourite here is Sunder. The Last Conflict is nice, but looks boring imo. Jade Zone is a pretty good map, I don't like how the middle is so empty though: it could play like luna does, but I don't think it will, in luna you have to use the middle to fight, in this map you could stay on the sides the whole game (the gas is there among other things). Asator is a good map, I think it needs some work before I'd consider it for motw. NoQuarter is nice in that it's very unique, I'm not sure if the main building room is good though, looks awkward.

"Compared to the other maps,I think [Jade Zone is] the most complicated and inventive concept" lol I'd really have to disagree. It's sorta like rh3+luna, only without the open fighting area. Yes, it has a lovely open middle, but there's no reason for t in tvp or p in pvz or z in zvt (lurk push to the expos with gas go for hive tech, the tight area here = mnm getting raped by lurk/swarm/plague) to use the middle.
Sunder is unique in that it's a well executed island map, a lot like Estrella (imo the best played island map, clearly bwm island maps are far superior, no joke), only better. Honestly I see the best gameplay of these maps in this one. Testing could really help in this motw competition guys, replays please!
Most experimental map I ever made and not a single vote. I will never get a MotW. ^^
better make standard maps ScoutWBF
the last conflict is a pretty good/balanced map.
desert fox without the shitty nat
...or the island play hah
lol@LostTampon's vote, silly, bwm rule 453 is don't vote for Scout's maps! :O :D
and bwmn rule 1 is dont listen to nightmarjoo ^^
"bwm rule 453" I need that rule book XD

by the way, thanks for the vote tampon.^^
NoQuarter is weird, I'm not sure I like it zvp, the protoss had his nat before I did lol... now I'm sure that's in part to my not having played sc in over a week at all hah, but still ~~;
i think all the ridiculously small chokes are balanced out by there being absolutely no building room.

stupid balance though.
I dont wanna say I dislike -The lost Conflict- but the map is really not stunning at all.Even the concept of the map is not a new one.If you check Antares map -Nomad- you will find nearly the same concept,with the safe nat behind the main and 2 island.Nomad is much interesting,varied(with the 4 expos on the low ground),and after all it is better executed,no offense Tampon.The position of the minerals in those nats are just a pain,they using so much space.

That's why Nomad deserve rather to become motw than this map.
Guys! The Swarm has to disappear from The Last Conflict! How am I as a Terran player supposed to defend my expansion?! If one single unit is unloaded and I don't have mass siege tanks I am doomed for sure. Terran only has the firebat to defend under swarm and a firebat pretty much sucks against Lurkers/Goons&Zeal/Reavers and other units that can actually make damage under swarm.

either remove the Swarm or the imbalance is that huge that this map cannot be MotW because Terran is pretty much the worst race by far on this map.
ummm...spider mines? rofl...
e.g. spider mines, irridiate, splash damage of sieged tanks etc.
Or you just put buildings under the swarm to block partially block the dropping area? like supplies.. or something like that ?!
no, therefore i made there rocky ground ;P
Well then show me how you defend drops with spider mines or protoss units with the 30dmg splash. Have fun camping in your base.
if you have 3 tanks you have 90 damage splash.
add more tanks and you will have even more splash damage
But you know that siege tanks do not hit borrowed units and 30dmg is still a 50% damage reduction.

But do what you want, I don't care if players complain about the naturals.
therefore i have placed the minerals so that the lurkes beneath the swarm can shoot only to one side of the expo
maybe add some gas to the middle to make it usefull?
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Arden(WoF) voted (4)NoQuarter
DG)SpoilR voted (2)Jade_Zone
Excalibur voted (4) Iron Meld
Falcon_A voted (4)The Last Conflict
Grief_Stricken voted (2)Jade_Zone
Lancet voted (4)The Last Conflict
LGI voted (4)The Last Conflict
lnept voted (4)The Last Conflict
LostTampon voted (4)Glimming Cross
NastyMarine voted (4)NoQuarter
Nightmarjoo voted (4)The Last Conflict
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Jade_Zone
ptar voted (2)Jade_Zone
RaDiX voted (2)Jade_Zone
SalazarSlytherin voted (4)The Last Conflict
tktkvroom voted (4)The Last Conflict
trcc voted (4)The Last Conflict
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