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Last update for (4) Entombed Valley1.3 : 2012, 09, 19 20:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4524 (4) Entombed Valley1.3 128*128traceurling0.1leagueground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 6 points

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Comments:   GMCS (10 elements)

Yah so I converted Entombed Valley in friend (NegativeZero) has been doing this recently with SC2 maps so I decided to try it out...was a bit harder than expected...I tile-editted the High Basilica although I realize there won't be any highground advantage defending your main theres not really any other way to deal with it...the gas at the 3rds are only 2000 gas as I didnt want the third gas to be too easy...12/6 expos got changed to doodad that looks like a Xel'Naga Tower in there too :D also changing name I post maps under to traceurling :P

edit: Oh and I realized I didnt give time for the Nexus debris to disappear before I made the picture
modified by asiantraceur
IMO the map you chose to port over is a terrible map and should die in a fiery blaze of pain. Entombed Valley is the terrorists of 9/11 and Zerg are the World Trade Center.
But you did a good job. Those middle bases supposed to be rocked off?
If see my gmcs they provide some insight why this map bad for sc1
Oh I forgot to rock them off Ill do that soon...thanks :D mainly doing this cuz its not too hard to translate over so using this to practice my copying skills before I do a better map...
Haha so basically tankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstanks? Have to agree tho not a good map for BW (or sc2)
Besides the already pointed out massive tanking problems:

That nat is hard, especially for Z, ain't no creep tumors in BW... Need a colony instead, or at least a colony on unbuildable ground for farther creep spread (like in (2)Outland Colony or (4)Lucid Dream).
i think xelnaga temples are too big, just use psi disrupter or something.

i think you should make the nat and 3rd ramps smaller.
So I just doodad up the places where tanks can be dropped? Ill check out those maps and change the Xel\'Naga temples...will update soon :) Thanks for the feedback guys

EDIT: Would it also work if I just moved the main ramps closer to the nat?
modified by asiantraceur
Main ramp closer to nat would work, too.
The problem is that those places are not only tank spots but also actual paths to move around the map...
Yah I think I'll move the ramps, I guess I could make the paths smalled? Or would it be too tight? Like I could put water/ doodads/ cliff there...any other ideas? Or make the natural/3rds smaller unless theyd be too small then?

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