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Last update for (5)Black Cherry : 2011, 05, 25 14:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4154 (5)Black Cherry 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX2.4betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 130 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

lol a little too blatantly positionally imbalanced for my taste. Would really suck to end up at yellow as zerg, for example.
Lol at top right, that map sucked dick. Can't believe it became a pro map, even our BWMN mappers can make something better in 20-30 minutes.

on-topic: too experimental for my taste.
all agree lezerg made this say aye
Top left, Heartbreak
Top right, Bakemonogatari
Bottom right, Sin Chupung-Ryeong
Bottem left.... Desert Fox? (Yeah,, got it right)
Mid left, El Nino/Great Barrier Reef. Yeah, not balanced, but interesting.
This from LezerG or Pro League ?
modified by LasTCursE
i was going to say testbug but the moutains are lezerg style ^^
yEAh it is my map

I decided to do something with three characteristics:

1) Balance: The map needed to be very standard and show no favoritism to any race whatsoever. I even went 2 teamliquid to see stats of the most balanced maps ever, and i took a close look at them and saw what made them so balanced. To be able to succeed in a perfectly balanced map. So naturally the map was not to have any weird stuff such as spells, neutral buildings, creep, min blocks, or any path issue maker.

2) Originality: I was to create 100% new things, no borrowed concepts, no cloning other peoples maps or ideas (Wich in my opinion happens 2 often) So I decided to make new, my own ideas. Things that have never been seen in like EVER!!

3) Spot on symmetry: I decided to make something classic with the good old X, Y and XY symmetry tool. All bases where to be as exact as possible, the goal was to have no positional imbalance, no advantages for any player, exact same number of gas and minerals, and # of bases for every single player. In addition, to make things simpler and solid the number of players was not an odd number.

I am happy to announce that I succeeded completely on these 3 tasks, and I have created the:


This is undeniable and unquestionable, feel free to try 2 prove me wrong!
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Looks fun to play ^^
Ok Up date!!

1) I changed the temple into temple wall with 4 ramps facing each side. IMO it looks ping what do u guys think?

2) Moved around with the minerals at the El Nino's base.

3) And finally I did several perfectionist details all over the map.(You know just looking round and fixing)

Ok so I am going 2 NEED NEED suggestions and ideas, for changes or what ever.
This is the time to give those map changing comments, before the deco kicks in.

LOLOLOLOL Wasnt that sooo clear?
just when i think of making a patchwork map, you come up with this masterpiece!
well, i must admit that i couldnt do better!

my admiration for your exciting map :)
I'll be awaiting for a final version with deco.

Even though the map is a BIT too experimental and such a FFA on this map must be really fun. I just don't like top right :(
Thnx glad u guys like it :)
2 questions:

Could a 1 vs 1 happen here?

And I do think a 2 v 2 is possible, but imagine this match-up:
Orange/yellow and Red -VS- Teal and Blue.
What would happen? lol
1v1 won't happen, and 2v2 won't either. This is more of a FFA map.
Sup guys long time, HOLLY CRAP this is a nice map!
I do think 2 v 2 is possible, but not a serious 2v2.
wowowow it is Baekmagoji at the top right and desert fox at the bottom left for sure.

top left is exactly HBR with the blocked temple and the 3rd gas :D and Chupung-Ryeong at bottom right with the lurkable nat :O

it'll be better to have it as 4 players map or at least using more balanced maps. the El nino/ Great Barrier Reef is s balanced as HBR and Chupung-Ryeong, but Baekmagoji and desert for are imba.

and the middle temple sux :S
Testbug's alive!! xD
"This is the time to give those map changing comments, before the deco kicks in."

Really? No one will play this just because of start locations imbalances. It's okay if everyone has same number of minerals and everyone can just walk to another's base. That would be ok, even that the mains are different.

Sure it's cool.
modified by SiaBBo
A TESTBUG comment!! Yay!

I know that for several reasons making it a 4 player map would have been better.
I chose those 2 bases that are weird and iba, as a joke (Reed my first post on the map, the 7th comment)

This is a map not meant for 2 much of a high level play, its just meant for a couple players 2 have fun, and a CRAZY time.

One of its purpose's is for people 2 think: Nice the Baekmagoji base is mine!!!
Or dam I am at desert Fox, I think il have 2 cheese. And adapt there build order according 2 ur opponents main base.

Or if ur just bored as hell and u have already done like 50 1v1 Python matches, and ur looking for a FOOL ON EPIC FFA!!
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Don't get me wrong. I like imba maps and they are really fun to play once in a while. Like I have played some crazy Blizzard maps with my friend. ^^ This is going to be fun to play for sure, but as you say, no one plays this seriously, maybe that's a good thing, or bad thing. ^^
nonoonon, don't get me wrong, my comment was to make newbowman understand that it is Baekmagoji, not Bakemonogatari
The most balanced map is the most imbalanced map which is imbalanced for all races favors. I'm pretty sure you guys know which map I'm talking about ;) (2)imbalanced (or something like that)
Gj for using the word "Balanced" 4 times in 1 sentance!
lol thank you.
Will this interesting map have an ending?
Niceeee dEco :D
Ahhhhhh, finally! I have an update, it just takes 4 ever to do a good looking good job (:

Up date:
A good bit of the decoration is up, not done yet oc, its just so you get an idea of whats going on.
I dont remember much of how was the old version, but I know that I did a lot of updates, that will influence game play a lot.
For example blues base minerals and gas are lowered a good amount, although they still give you a great advantage..
I dont know if previous version had neutral spells but, this one has a swarm and a d-web.
What I do know is that orange changed the most, because of the big disadvantage it has of being a semi island, I gave it + mineral patches and an aditional boost to its gas.
Something important that will balance map +, however slightly is that now the desert fox min only is not blocking the choke and path to the rest of the map, it is now in a traditional position that lets you access the middle of the map, and the other players by land.
There is still much deco to come, and rocky ground to be added.
Lezerg you wanna test?
Most eye raping picture goes to you again xD or the MERP contest to be shorter :D XD
modified by LasTCursE
lol yeah I over did it again :D ahah, il fix and go EZz next update.. (:
Looks awesome, only thing i dont like is the top right position (i hated the original map to death too :P))
I don't like the Desert Fox position at all. Without the mineral block it is even more awkward.
So put mineral block back on? Or should I add another maps main base? Or Fix Desert Fox? what should be done..

Oh and I fixed the disastrous picture, and replaced it with something decent..
Better eh..?

@crystaldrag Id love to test but um not playing sc atm, im just casual mapping.. I would play u but in addition my Razor Krait mouse got fed up!!
So that means no sc2 either :( dont that PISS U OFF!! ..?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
you play SC 2 lezerg? ^^ NA or EU ?
modified by LasTCursE
Just do something that is not just a linear and otherwise awkward/tight main-nat-min only path...
I DO play my friend (: Im a high diamond in LA aka: AlaskaRUS, do u play? where and Rank..?
Who hear IS playing sc2..? How ever i doubt it will ever be as good or pretty or great as SC1..
For good i agree but for prettyness sc 2 has it's own charm ^^ I never liked playing ladder i mainly play footmen desert strike and stuff like that in sc 2 lol ^^ i'm Silver at 1v1 platinum at 3v3

(was grandmaster of footmen a while back LOLZ :P)

LA means you play on the North american server not europe ? :(

About who plays sc 2..

Nightmarejoe is in the NA server
Me and p4e are in the EU one
i think neobowman plays too on the NA one but i'm not so sure he might be on europe or korean even lol (but i do know he plays somewhere XD!)
MorroW plays on eu i think ^^
no idea about the rest :

modified by LasTCursE
OMG I love your maps xD. I like the pro maps yo chose. I also think you should re block Desert Fox's min only, to try to keep everything like the traditional pro maps
If you want to keep Desert Fox in there, maybe you should restore the mineral block but make one egde of it easily outmined (mineral counts under 100 or 0 min stacks).

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