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Last update for (2)Ashmap : 2008, 05, 13 02:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2980 (2)Ashmap 128*96illisid0.3betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 14 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

ash is such a sexy tileset :)

so im trying to improve myself, help me out please. Cant remember where I saw the lava-bleeding-onto-the-magma-effect, but i really wanted to use it.

plus i still suck with names :S
modified by illisid
modified by illisid
That is a really cool blend! And as to the name of the map "River of Flames" comes to mind.

You have a gas issue in the mains. The tight passage out of the main to the gas expos may favor terran but the double choke may compensate but I don't know to what extent. I also don't know how zerg will place the sunkens to defend both entrances to the main.

Those central gas expos are in a bad position. Units coming out of the main will have pathing problems if they try to go through them.
i just remembered where i saw it. somewhere on, but i searched for the map for a while and i couldnt find it :(
(seriously hard to navigate that site)
yeah i noticed the gas things today. i also noticed that units try to go behind the minerals on the top one (middle expos)
hmm river of flame... standard, but at least better than ashmap lol
ok i fixed everything mentioned but the name, gonna let more ideas come for that one. also noticed that mining was kinda convoluted using the old system, so fixed that.
modified by illisid
cool lava to magma, rest of map is bad tbh, mostly cuse its tight

would this be a good idea?
modified by illisid
imo not only is morrow right, it's a doomed concept.
:( pour quoi?

im not good at noticing when a map is tight. the pathway in the middle is over a full screen wide... plus there are 3 ways through the map. my reckoning its quite open, but im not so good, so why is a full screen not wide enough?
and i dont see why its a doomed concept...
you guys arent helping :( why "doomed concept"?
and would that paint-picture help?
illisid pretty much everything in this map is bad, i dont see a reason to help it, would be easier just to make a new map
just not enough space imo because of the concept. ptar runs into this problem every now and then with his small maps too, so don't fret too much, it happens =/

If you really wanted to try and improve this particular map, I'd suggest improving the size/shape of the main and nat, which would free up a lot of room in the map, and then we could help you out from there.
thanks for the only helpful comment ive gotten so far...
improve sizes... k ill see what i can do.

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