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Last update for (2)Arches of Char : 2008, 01, 04 01:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2470 (2)Arches of Char 128*128Lancet0.6experimental

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 32 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is my second map (the first one was Charches) that uses the arches doodad plus neutrals to block access to areas of the map while leaving a narrow space for units to march through (under the arch). The twist here (and this is probably a Starcraft first) is that there is a dweb outside the arch facing towards the center of the map. If you place a unit at the entrance of the arch using the hold command the unit, even if it is a lowly worker, will seal access to the area and no melee units will be able to attack it. If the unit is a ranged unit it will be able to attack any melee units that approach with impunity. Of course the unit at the arch entrance can be attacked by ranged units and if any of the neutrals is destroyed the whole blockade effect is lost. It will be to Toss's and zerg's advantage to destroy the neutrals to open up the game while Terran may want to keep them intact long enough to build a defense perimeter. Zerg players remember that ultralsiks are the only unit that cannot cross the arches.

The mains have one exit towards the center and a backdoor blocked by a neutral overmind. The gas expos horizontally to the sides of the center are tankable from hills while the gas expos horizontally opposite from the mains are not. The large mineral only expos are tankable from the hill (but tanks there can be reached by ramps) although the small mineral only expos are not. Diagonal pathing as well as pathing to the areas of the map away from the overmind are OK but sending units to other areas may require its destruction or special instructions.

One aspect of the map is the vast area next to the mains that is only reachable in a long roundabout way. These areas can be used by your enemy to attack the gas nat, hide units or build proxy buildings. The most direct path to gain access is to destroy the overmind but then of course you create another route of entry to your main by land troops. One possible solution to shuttle troops quickly there should they be needed is to get air transport.
this 2xgenerator1xarch-web construct is awesome and has incredible style. unfortunately, the rest of the map isnt that brilliant :(
make it more standard by removing the backdoor and the 2xgen1arch-web constuct next to it. also, the center is plain and boring. #

i wonder how this will work out; you can use this construct in various ways, such as blocking&dividing the path between main&nat (for rush against FE) or use it to buy time with 1 zeal after a 2gate vs zerg failed...very interesting
Thanks Flo! Yes there are many possibilities to the arch-generator-dweb setup. One is that you can prevent you enemy from scouting. Just place a worker in the arch and no probe/SCV/drone will get through. This can help an FE strategy and also prevent a probe from proxy-building inside your base.

If you are going to try it pay close attention to the location of the dweb. Placing it a little closer to the arch will bump it away when you try to play the map and placing it a little further away will make the unit in the arch hole vulnerable to melee units.

As to the neutral overmind in the map, well....the problem is that there is all this space that includes the large mineral-only nat to one side of the base that without the access by the route blocked by the overmind would be separated awkardly from the section occupied by the mains and gas nat.. A row of tanks placed next to the wall there could waste away the gas nat in no time at all. With the access route that is blocked by the overmind you can gain quick access there once you have destroyed the overmind. Without this access route you would have to go out into the center and then into there crossing the arch or have a transport ready to shuttle troops there quickly. Also, the arches can be used for defense but they can also be used for containment. A large army outside the arches at the entrance of your base is hard to get rid of. That is also why I created another exit route from the nat. Finally, if you destroy the overmind you can send your workers to a new expo without them having to go through the center.

As to the center of the map, since Terran will be able to "wall in" and some expos are tankable I wanted to offset this advantage by providing lots of room to flank. What do you suggest I do to the center?
I have found that even if you have a unit blocking the arch, if you give a worker a command to mine a mineral clump on the other side it will go right through the unit! The same thing happens with a dark templar block. Of course you need to be able to see the the mineral clump so here it is not a big deal.
you have "found" this?
wow maybe this gonna be used in progaming soon!
great thing u found!
Hey calm down guys, it's just that I had not seen it before OK? Boongee commented in the thread to my map Scrimage on Mars Sara that this happened with neutral Dark Templars but it did not "click" in my head that it would happen with regular units bloking the path. I still find it peculiar; tell a worker to go to the other side of blocking units and it can't but tell it to go mine on the other side of blocking units and it will. Just a sidenote, no big deal.

Anyway, can anybody post some more comments about the map and the arch-gen-dweb idea?

Interesting concept. This map can be made a lot more better then that. Your expo positions are bad all over the map, also the map has enough room for more tactical elements... What you do is just placing some walls with terrain and buildings... :/

How much time you spend in making this? 1-2 hours? Maybe less?

3/10, 3 is only for the idea.
I spent A LOT of time in my maps because I am very critical of myself and I want to make really new, exceptional and fun maps. This one is one of my best and I am really proud of it both in execution and concept but, of course I always accept (intelligent) feedback to make them better.
It's a'kay Lancet. I like this map, it looks epic. It's just a shame no games have been played on it; it'd be nice to see it in action.

PS: Try not to tell people about 'exciting tricks' anymore. lol It's kind of patronising.
You forget game play dude...
the minerals are placed bad at every single place. you make it too wide man.

else... nice map very interesting
Templar, thanks. I am not sure what you mean by "exciting tricks" but I did not intend to be patronizing, sorry for that.

MorroW, yeah, I like to give my mineral lines some "curves". Notice however that, with the exceptions of the mains, the "bend" in the mineral lines follows the overall ground pattern of terrains in the center of the map, which is like a big storm running counter-clockwise and blending with the arch-dweb-generators.

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