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Last update for (4)Erebos : 2007, 09, 16 16:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2461 (4)Erebos 128*128ProTosS4EveR0.6final

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 53 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Erebos is the Greek God of darkness and shadow.

So, it is my first 4 players island map. gogogo comments!! o,o
There is a colony creep near the expo on the main's cliff.

PS : I made this map in 5 hour, what is horribly quick...
modified by ProTosS4EveR
see no obvious problems with this map. looks good. You could change the gas nodes at the bottom bases 2nat for optimal mining if you bother :P no big deal though
What is the purpose of the creep colony? If you want to decrease the disadvantage that zerg have on island maps you could try doing what flo did by placing a neutral dark templar on the gas nat in the main. I don't think that giving an advantage to zerg at the level of the third expo is going to help that much.
Neutral DTs will only hurt protoss, not terran. Terran can simply build a CC, lift it to the expo, and then send SCVs there to mine. They'll float over the DTs.

Still, you could make this impossible by having neutral DTs and a neutral creep colony somewhere by the natural -- so that the creep would block a CC from landing.

That's if you think zerg needs help on this map.

Good map. But as an island map I think it needs something to make it more interesting (like what I described above).
I was thinking about using DTs to block the path, rather than just to block the place where the CC lands. Take both into consideration.
bit late -_-
You did this in 5 hours? Are you kidding me?

This map looks super polished for five hours. I don't know how it plays but it looks really good. My only complaint is that the middle expansions are the only ones safe from siege tanks. The mains might be, but I don't know. And that's not really a complaint, it's just more of an observation.
Top left and bottom right creep colony was close to the main, not to the nat.

Added some more doodads.

ok, i may made this map in 6 hours...

If there was not creep colony, terran could have the 3rd gas too easily but it is tankable thought.
modified by ProTosS4EveR
great execution including deco, terrain patterns, and map form. The only thing so far i see that should be fixed is the choke that leads to the nats. I think it should be a bit wider. Most of the time, enemy players will focus that area to attack and that choke will come into play alot. So widening it will help gameplay alot.

good map.
That's funny, when you know exactly what do you want to do, you make the map really quickly. x)
Main choke is bigger.
"Neutral DTs will only hurt protoss, not terran. Terran can simply build a CC, lift it to the expo, and then send SCVs there to mine. They'll float over the DTs."

I did not mean a DT block to get to the expo, I meant a DT preventing a CC/Nexus/Hatchery from being built. Terran or Toss will need a detector to get rid of the DT, zerg with overlords will have an edge.

Added BWMN logo, creep at Creep Colonies (make the picture with "Unit" Creep Colony and turned the map to final. Looks like nobody has suggestions for the map...
basically my MirageII concept. but then you need to pay attention to how you want it to delay the others:

-no chance to land anywhere: what to use - dt or mine, whereas mine boosts zerg some more because you can get it down so fast (with drones for FE), DT lasts longer. once t/p got detec, it doesnt matter much for them
-you can still land/expand next to the DT and have access to the gas but only 3/4 of the mineralline or so (little delay/disturbment)
cossidering this may becom motm9... you should make wider bridges and balance the minonlies, you know... purple and teal can be attacked from the other side. maybe you should move'em to it's left, i'll gmcs
5 hours?

ive max made a melee map in 2 hours^^
if you know what you're doing anbd you have the concept already on paper, it's easy. i'd say 1h making the basic layout. 1h tweaking it until it fits (from distances, erasing straight lines and make it roundish, set the bridges and stuff. 1h placing minerals and stuff, paying attention if all is positionally balanced. 1,5h making the last deco changes, adding doodads and terrain works. 0,5h doing basic tests such as wandering, finding workertraps, wall-ins, is-everything-ling-safe-tests and so on.


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