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Last update for (4)Roundn Rollin : 2006, 10, 17 19:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1501 (4)Roundn Rollin 128*128ScoutWBF0.3beta

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

If you like macro whore maps then this is your favorite map.Well actually I hate macro maps but what ever.At least you need dropships to defend your expansions.

Dunno what to say...Just tell me your opinions.
What's so macro-ish about this map? Lots of gas, yes, but it has 6 islands, and islands usually make games a little micro-ishier.

That inverted ramp really needs a complete makeover, even though you tried to hide it wih sprites. It's not even providing a good pathfinding.

Nats are mostly too small imo, the raised jungle islands too large.
I wouldn't put that many unwalkable doodads on the ruins.

And what are those critters doing there???
The natural can be defended very easily because of the path from main to natural is pretty short.Also the natural has limited space,which means that its easier to defend it from harassment.
This results into a economy boost.

Actually the pathfinding is perfect.There is no pathfinding bug like tanks being unable to get down the ramp etc. but if you find a bug just tell me!

The raised jungle islands are that large because I wanted them to be harder to defend than the natural expansions.This is done by ranged units being able to shoot the workers from below and you will need more defensive structures to defend the whole area.

Actually I dunno what the critters are doing there...taking up some space?^^
By the way the map actually is called "Round'n Rollin" but the map submition fucks up and the name ends after Round.
modified by ScoutWBF
Open the map with SCMD2, remove the sprites and begin placing a unit. You will see the unwalkable areas darkened. I think it becomes pretty clear then what problem I have with your ramp.
Haha I forgot to place one little wall.damn thanks man!I didn't even saw it when I played the map^^
Have you made sure it is wide enough at the bottom? That little unwalkable spot seemed pretty close to the opposite border imo...
Yeah it's wide enough.
i like it.. has an interesting layout and play should be solid. gw
This map does nothing for t, it's really open and unbuildable.
All the islands are tankable, at least to some extent, there are no blocking minerals on the islands, and that enourmous amount of doodads is favoring terran as well. I'd rather say this is a terran map than anything else.

Btw, I think you should move the top righ chock a little backwards, I guess it's not as well covered as the others.
i fear that terran could take expansions here very easily.. reps needed to prove the balance
how could i not see that people posted comments XD

Alright so here I go answering:
-The islands can not only be shot by tanks but also by goons and lurkers.The only thing they can't do is kill the CC/hatch/nexus there.
-The paths on top and bottom are very wide,which means that terran needs to split his units.This way a go by a terran can be very unsafe.
-taking expansions as a terran isn't that easy.The Terran needs units to defend them and when you stop the units on their way then he can't expand.

I'll see if I find a Toss to test TvP.TvZ seemed very eaven.
I see some positional balancing issues. Consider TvP, with the T one base COUNTER-CLOCKWISE of the P (eg, T is northeast, P is southeast). T can easily take the island clockwise from his start, and from that island, have a clear shot at the P's nat.

Conversely, if the T was one base CLOCKWISE of the P, he'd have to go all the way to the other side of the map to drop the P's nat. There's no way he'd want to try to get the island over there, either.

TvZ and TvT will have similar issues. I honestly can't emphasize enough that maps with 90 degree rotational symmetry need to be balanced for CW/CCW positional matchups. TvT with adjacent bases will favour the T who is counter-clockwise of the other.

Why do the mins on the nat of the top right player have a huge amount of space between them and the high ground, while none of the other nats have so much room? You should check and ensure that all workers mining at all nats are equally vulnerable to goons, goons with range, vultures, lurks, etc. Dont forget that a left-right wall is wider than an up-down wall, and minerals are 2x1. So if anything, the nats of the bottom-right and top-left bases should be the ones with a square or two of extra room behind them.
Well I'm sorry but there always are positional imbalances.Be it the distance,the cliff or whatever. Players will have to deal with those imbalances.

I will fix those space differences.
Added the final touch to the map.Deleted some imbalances.
815 für arme xD
yea cheesy center detected, tank ownage :) thats not so good, but yeah temple cant be put in a nicer way unfortunately :(

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