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Last update for (2)Arena of Suffering2 : 2006, 04, 02 20:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1105 (2)Arena of Suffering2 128*96LaO-Artanis0.3beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 15 points


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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

The first map I've made in a looooong while. I haven't truly decorated the dirt yet, and all the doodads I've placed so far are for gameplay purposes. Playability and a not-so macro based game were the main ideas behind the map, although I wouldn't mind SP pimping this ^^
Btw, the mineral blocks on the side have 50 minerals on them.
make the normal main one or two rows bigger where you have the broken high terrain so toss/terran can place very early game buildings there.
Zerg would be the one that wants to place buildings there.
and building turrets/cannons against zerg mutas would be _difficult_
Yes, it's empty. that's why it's a user-beta/unfinished. I still need to decorate it.
Also, I want them to play a harass-based game and not macro, so I'm not sure if I'll enlarge the space at the main. Need to think about that.
Map updated and decorated. Opinions?
absolutley hate the highground maze.. other than that the map is very nice .. gw
perhaps for building buildings lategame, arden? :P
Nicely updated...
I liked our TvP on it ;). But now Lex wants revenge!
Heh, I already had revenge on PoV, remember?
Reminds me of Dhalia of Jungle. I would add an expo at each corner and take out the gas in the nat. Terran can too easily take a gas nat and that isnt very good cause they will win most of the time vs toss if they get it without trouble.

Definately do something to the corners they are too empty and take out gas. Thats it. Like the map though, good job.
ya we've seen a few maps with really small starts before but this one is the most original and pulls it off best. i would
-make room in middle for a command center along the side minerals
-take away some of the wasted high ground space above red / below blue.
-consider making it a 96x96, seems like there are some parts that are just too open like the middle and red's min only. just a though though.
I've removed the gas from the nat, and added 2 gasses (still 5000 each) on an elevated catwalk. I'm intruiged by the idea and wonder how it'll be used. I might make the closest one 1000, 500 or depleted, but I'd have to see a few test games that those gasses are overpowered first though.
I think it is a nice map. I dislike the blocking minerals though, I would just get rid of them:)
If you keep that double gas thing, I would move the gas from the 2nd exp to the third.
@Yenku nah, then gas would be too scarce. It's fine as it is imo.
@Panschk I might, not sure yet.
artanis doesn't really get enough attention on this map, and i am in a good mood, so i make a post like in the old times:

-the "highgroundwall-maze" beneath the bases looks weird. try to make it look better. there is no recipe(?) for it, you have to try around - if you cant make it look good by random try&error, you could change to symmetrical squares
-the mainbase (referring to the highground) has an ugly shape, it is somehow chiseled (<-? took this from a translator prog), while not giving a good look. seems too "randomly made". try a bit to make it flowing, while still not "strange".
-the mainbase plating-deco: the fine line has some approach to style, but just filling it with full plating gives away some beautifulness-potential.
i have an unfinished map on my PC for some time now, where i picked this idea, too. so i know about this mainbase-deco-concept and what's no good solution (personal), the current "filling with plating" can be kicked and improved
-provide some more space behind the mainminerals. if not, you'll lose your economy too easily. i would change the mineralline so it is facing to the left/right (top/bottom) mapedge, so harassing a bit with airunits from above the "maze" is possible, but not overwhelming (not absolutely necessary, but will feel better for players...)
-the top right and bottom left corner is just screwed, because it doesn't have any purpose. think of someth. new there, esp. regarding the next point:
-your natural setup. are you aware of the fact that terran in tvp and toss in pvz just will take the ramp in front so they secure a minonly and mainbase at once? besides, zerg will have some (not much) trouble to take this _minonly_, which is bad for zerg, as FE.
plus, such a safe expo doesn't really give aggressive gameplay. if you drop it, but arrange a gasexpo somewhere at the bottom of the ramp, you can use the space in the corners to make an interesting natural setup. if this is not comprehensible, i can elaborate it some more until it is clear. this issue demands a lot more of discussion, but that doesn't really help your map.
-the center itself is just a plain area, but even if you need it for your map, try to make it better shaped. without checking, i can say that SP did a great job in making a plain center look good on Jade_Zone [old map by me which he pimped so gorgeous]. plus, you map seems to be borrowed from prelude of light, maybe give it an own style.
-except of 3h/9h, all expos feel misplaced (the minonlys btw are unequal due to the distance to the bridges). if you kick the mainbase-minonly, and make a cool natural setup, you can switch the 8 and 2 o'clock expansions to minonlys and place their mineralline facing the mapedge, with some maze, cliff, or space behind, not too near to the edge. and actually, here another idea comes to my mind
-if you change the things and expos like this, you could take out the blocking minerals to the 3h/9h and replace each with 2 high-HP-neutral buildings, so you actually have an additional _wide path_ there once you destroyed them. add some maze at mainbases so it becomes a "curved" path, and switch the 4/10h expos so their minline faces the maze. (the maze on bottom already comes close to what i mean).
-having done this all, you'll have a very stylish map (provided you get a good natural done which offers some tactics). and then i would - for the gameplay - put minonlies in the center, at the spots i am going to mark in GMCS now

hope that helps
one of my monstercomments, havent done this a long time ~~
nargh, i tried to show with nexuses how i imagined the neutral buildings to be placed. but the GMCS-nexus are somehow placed badly, so they dont really show which size i meant. just try around a bit...
I've updated the map a lot. Placed neutral buildings at the 3h/9h expos like flo asked, rearranged nat expos, removed the gas at the 2nd nat, put another min only in the center, changed the shape of the solor array in the center and added some more decoration there, changed the highground maze shapes as well.
As for the main minerals positions, I want them to be placed close to the walls to make harassing easy. This is supposed to be a harass map, not another I-macro-you-to-death race. I've tried to make the elevated catwalk-placement as balanced as possible, and I think the distance to the expo from that place is equal on both positions. As gas is scarce on this map, you'll really need to use them. I'm interested to see how this'll turn out, as it'll be a fine balance between gas and minerals, I think. Thanks to flothefreak for all his good help ^^. I'm not sure if the neutral buildings will stay btw, and anyone that wants to help test this map with me is appreciated!
Free Image Hosting at

thats more or less what i meant, roughly executed. i didn't do the lower part so only look at the top three quarters of the map. i used different neutral buildings because it doesn't matter which you use, depends on HP anyway. so dont let you scare off by those 4 diff. types.
i think it's quite cool in this setup, maybe you'll have to open it up a bit, though, cuz it seems tight. but should work anyway imo.
the entrance to the natural should be tighter BTW, forgot this.

didn't put any effort in deco or beautifulness, just drawed my imaginations.
modified by flothefreak
I tested the gas on elevated catwalk, but workers just get stuck behind the gas, so I removed it as it's too problematic. The map is a lot more standard now. Also, I can't add neutral buildings, as they somehow dissapear whenever I play on it! Could anyone fix this for me?
modified by LaO-Artanis
look articles
Thanks flo, the map now has neutral buildings although it's not displayed in the picture.
Did what waws on that thing, flo, but it doesn't work for me. I'd appreciate it if you could do it for me.
I mean that the psi disrupters I placed simply dissapear whenever I try the map.
just follow the instructions in the article properly
I did.. I'd have no idea what I did wrong.
i uploaded a working one. the only problem i faced was that bottom left building disappeared at first because it was overlapping with the mapedge. works fine now, and they're lingsafe.

only updated melee, you gotta do obs.
Thanks flo!

--Artanis[Xp] vs PrOxi.Soul)iO- (epidiOn)(1on1, 1.13)
--Artanis[Xp] vs Spitfire (6367)(1on1, 1.13)

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