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MOTM 08.2008

deadline to enter maps: 2007 10, 29 (Year, month, day)
Maybe this MOTM will conclude on time? I doubt it!

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)TheWakeNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture6
(2)Morris PlainsNastyMarineMelee Obs Picture10
(2)Breaking PointTkTkVrooMMelee Obs Picture1
(2)DenialSummerSkyMelee Picture0
(2)CalamitrousneobowmanMelee Picture0
(4)Double EdgeLostTamponMelee Picture0
(4)Plutoid_v7djdolberMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Dread Core 1.1 MorroWMelee Obs Picture22
The competition is closed!

and i am good
modified by Testbug
and i am godly
modified by ProTosS4EveR
rofl at the uploaded maps
half of them need to be removed
i would say this is one of testbug's cloak & dagger operations - regardless of the consequences.oh well!nevertheless there are alot of good maps under them.however:

- mirage 2.ok map but because mirage(1) is already motw,no thx.bullshit to reward evry version of a map
- scope lens it is the version that arden made.that's why inept & arden as authors..still one think i would change(if it would be mine).the minerals that block the entrace removed near the space hole as normal nat.besides of this - good map with an accurate style - i like it.i won't mind if motm
-nasty's morris plains is a good map executionwise.but because of the giant hole(the middle) i fear z/p > t
- lexington has an elaborate design,good execution only the hole in the middler could be smaller so that these pathes could be larger for z/p
- thunderbolt is a solid map with an unusual deco. but in a serious contest i doubt it can win.i disagree with the placement of the resources in the mains-nats.and playwise it for sure not an highlight
- jericho is too experimental with all the spells & stuff,but good executed
- the hunters...^-^ let's say if nmjoo push it i won't be surprised if it become motm
- rs 2.0 is beyond any doubt a good if not a great doesn't need this competition to find it out...
- battlegrounds2.3 is already motm and a great map too.wanna give it 2 medals? ^-^
- snow shock is a bit too simple drafted to be considered a outstanding map;and i don't like the amounts of sprites in it.but good executed map though
- breaking point has also a far too simple concept to consider it more than above-average
- the wake has a nice look but conceptually is kinda boring with this resource placement;just too unspectacular a 2v2 just boring
- frosty fortress was so often put in this contest,and never made it.sure it has an unusual style thx the size & really good executed but as league map idk,because of the only one path main 2 main z/p < t
- double edge won motm actually if you looking to that competition in the past it becomes more votes than faoi.overall a solid,good map.only the middle could be decorated better
- maelstrom & the gr.phase have been very often in this compet. in the past;and they never made let's try it again with the help of nmjoo's propaganda campaign and all the willingly"undeads"^-^. surely not bad maps;i would say gr.phase > maestrom;because for a natural environment like ash;maelstrom looks very unnatural with it's symmetry and the long straight lines caused by the large ramps.also gamewise far more interesting
-and calamitous is more addition than challange
yes, it was me who added the maps (escept calamitous) and if i were neobowman i wouln't upload having all these maps already.

morris plains doesn't have a hole in the middle :S
battle grounds haven't win a motm yet
the great phase have never been in a motm contest :S
remember that people can still change their votes AFTER motm ends.

i just wanted to show that we have some good maps that can be still improved. you are just AGAINST editing old maps.
but if they are not finished, then someone has to do it. if these maps has some flows, why not fixing them? you just say it is "nor orginal" and you suggest to totally forget this map concepts?

i don't have to do it, but the map authors should continue working on these maps :(
ok, lexington and snowshock are standard mapa, breaking points, the wake and maelstrom are under the average.
but scope lenst, battle grounds, great phase...
maybe morris plains and double edge.

we have good maps here.
but just "good" is not enough :(
"morris plains doesn't have a hole in the middle :S"i specifically mention that what's behind the nats looks like a giant hole in the ground.look closer

"battle grounds haven't win a motm yet"but it has;at least the version(2.3) that u add in this can't find it out? now i reveal to you a "great secret";just click on the name of that map and when the map thread is open on the right side above the replays list you will's btw motw 23

"the great phase have never been in a motm contest :S"i'm pretty sure i saw it;it would be the first time you forgot to put one of your maps in this contest.and from my experince on the site i know you never neglect this opportunity
"remember that people can still change their votes AFTER motm ends."these peoples are actually only you and crackling,sometimes nmjoo.btw,it is very funny to watch this when you do it

scope lens has been improved by arden fits in the same category like battlegrounds - you talking about's very few to do on both.on scope lens only the mineral that block the entrace can be removed near the space hole - as normal nat.but it's more than likely that arden want it so - as part of a concept.that's not your or my business to change this feature;no matter what we think about.

on great phase you can work if you wanna improve it - nobody is against.

on double edge only the middle deco needs an upgrade - but this is something what lost tampon can handle himself;i'm pretty sure.

morris plains needs indeed an upgrade because it's racial imba:if nasty allows you to change it?

i never said i'm totally against upgrades - but they must make sense.and there must be rules like:

1. you need the author's approval
2. you have to preserve the attributes of the map(like i did on romanov sanctum 2.0)
3. it must be for a tourney or something like this(and not just because someone's bored)
4. the changes must have a scale so they can justify an upgrade
5. you have to give the original author credit

if you fulfill these rules no one will found reasons against an upgrade;ever
I agree with 5., and to an extent 4., don't agree with 3. I disagree with 1. so long as 5. is upheld. I disagree with 2.

I feel that so long as you credit all concerned authors, you may modify, borrow concepts from, or entirely remake with any amount of radical changes any map. If the changes are quite radical, you'd be better off renaming the map than calling it 2.0 or something, but whatever.

Author's approval is in my eyes only something you need to replace their map, not upload a new one. If the changes are big enough, the map is no longer the original author's, so you don't need his "approval" to use whatever you kept from the original map, but still credit the author for whatever you kept. If the changes are few, and the author won't allow you to edit over their map, then I'd say it's ok to upload the new map seperately.

Testbug is saying motm =! motw. I'd say that a map which won motw cannot win motm too however, without massive changes to the extent where it really is a different map, regardless of any lasting similarities.

The point of a gathering such as bwm is so that authors both show off their own creations, and learn from other author's creations. It then is intentional that authors would find aspects of other authors' maps they would like to work with, because very rarely will the original author experiment with the ideas you have in mind once they feel the map is "final". Bwm has always been intended to be a place of freedom, not of strict authoritarian rules where ideas cannot be shared and reused. In my eyes, so long as credit is given to all involved authors, anything goes.
why are many random maps added to this map of the month 8 when they werent made month 8?

first time i can look in this list seeing my map as best :D
Because there were 0 maps before all those random ones were added. I added your map.

Unless testbug epicly remakes one of the maps he uploaded here, odds are high imo your map will win, so please try and keep an open ear to comments/criticism to make the map perfect, because I wouldn't want anything less in a motm, and hopefully you wouldn't want to be represented by a less than perfect map ._.
MorroW found the way to keep me busy enought this time, i'll be working on voices IV, Spinel Valley III (and maybe on faoi and moon tear)

when the maps get finished i will remove the roman numbers from there. and i also see MurroW's map as the best in the list here (but romanov sanctum isn't even motm/motow) i may vote for dread core, romanov and morris plains or something else.

bu i want NastyMarine to Work on Battle Grounds :D
Moon Tear II will just repleace the original moon tear, i'll remove it from the database when it becomes finished.
modified by Testbug
(and maybe on faoi and moon tear)

definatly moon tear after my post :D
I already worked on Faoi, fixing things Morrow just mentioned. If there's more issues, I can look more into them.

If Nasty wouldn't work on Spinel Valley 2.0, he won't work on BattleGrounds2.3.
ROFL I worked on sValley2.0! wtf? sValley3.0 is a total different version of the concept. My concept changed alot I'm not going to change my full vision of the map after changing 50% of it. Sorry
3.0 only had to be made because you were unwilling to work more on 2.0, 2.0 was not perfect even to its concept, and deviated heavily from the original concept anyway.
NastyMarine said he would stack at 2.0
ad far as i know, spines knows more than all of us, so i showed my map to him before anyone else.

maybe my mistake was not talking to Nsty via pm, but spines answer was like "show it to the others to see what do they think" so i posted it as a "beta" map.

now, if NastyMarine can work on Antare's BattleGrounds, it will become the best map he has ever done.

MurroW has commented the maps and showd obviously bugs (just to show how bad we are, i felt like a blind mapper)

personally i think MurroW has done a lot, and the first step is to fix that inmediately.
actually i showed them to help you and to be honest i will only "help" maps that seems good. and those were spinel valley moon tear faoi voices. id like if they were in some kind of mappack (tsl, wgt, icc) or so would be cool.

also myabe for my own sake when i can tell u all ur obvious misstakes maybe ull see me as a better mapmaker :D. i think ive gotten kinda underested and unapprieciated hoping that to change ofc.

also hoping that u can get one of my maps out in those mappack(s) also would be great ^^

so think about that testbog :D
testbog :(
well thats what happens when u mess with the warrior ^^
Johnny B.Goode
Romanov is imo under the best 2pl. maps i ever played,varied,balanced,greatly executed
modified by Johnny B.Goode
Hey guys I've played the latest version of Dread Core, and I have to say, it plays pretty nicely. It feels like its own map, even though it is so basic and simple. The short distances make for exciting games, and everything is comfortable so far. While I'm not positive about tvp balance, zvt and zvp it feels solid, and I think tvp is ok.
so many ppl voting (sarcasm to its fullest)
this is just ridicilous, remove all shit maps.
Ok I cleaned up the maps a bit, removing maps which already won motw, older maps which recieved 2nd place in motm, maps unfinished by author, and other older maps which had 0 votes. You can see grief's post above where he talks about each map a bit to see which ones I removed. If you voted for one of the removed maps, sorry, but it won't be reuploaded, as it shouldn't have been in the competition at all.

Johnn B.Goode I know you will T_T about removing Romanov, but its original version already won motw, get over it.

So I suppose I'm officially declaring maps which won MOTW cannot win MOTM.
modified by Nightmarjoo
Johnny B.Goode
Chill out,you won't see me doing such.However next time you should clean the list BEFORE the voting started - fairness!
Johnny B.Goode
I'll post this motm with motm7 at the same time, after august ends (hopefully soon after). It's sad that there are so few maps here, and so few voters =/
this looks like the end of
the day morrow wins a motw is the day is dead

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Freakling voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (2)Morris Plains as 1. choice
LasTCursE voted (4)TheWake as 2. choice
LasTCursE voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 3. choice
MorroW voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 1. choice
Nightmarjoo voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Morris Plains as 1. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (4)TheWake as 2. choice
ProTosS4EveR voted (2)Breaking Point as 3. choice
RaDiX voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 3. choice
testbug voted (4)Dread Core 1.1 as 1. choice
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