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Last update for (4)Forgotten Land : 2006, 01, 20 13:27
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
899 (4)Forgotten Land 128*128ScoutWBF0.1beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

This map is a gift for my new Clan.But I'm a bit disappointed that the middle is so ugly but I will change it if I find a way to make it look better.

This is pretty much just a beta to get your suggestions to make the map more perfect.
jungle up the top left, dirt main bases look bad in game.

if you want to do anything with rocks in the center might as well make it rocky all round
this the most unoriginal map i have ever seen.
Maps that are often played are unoriginal.It's a clan map so I tried to make it as basic as possible.
the mainbases are not of the same size.
rest of pos. balancing is well done. was not this hard on that kind of layout, but nevertheless GJ with it.
I like the water decoration, you really improved when going for the look. the temple/ruins/mud-combination is also very appealing, nice.
but you certainly can improve some more, esp. in the water part I see potential for you.

but you'll have to do something with the rocky-part for sure, it's just plain rocks...and the only unbuildable terrain where a large mass looks "okay" is crevices on twilight^^

nice overall
maybe put some emphasis on the center somehow, there is some unused space left
and don't listen to the "unoriginal"-guys
there have to be some basic ones, and you cannot go for the strange "InChains"-concept all the time.
I am working on another quite basic one actually, and those are the ones where you can see how good you really are in structuring a map (not the balance structure, but HOW you use the basics)
Thanks Flo I will try to improve it!
well i guess not being original is okay if your main goal is to make a perfectly balanced map for a compeditive clan. but i just feel like there are so many of them already out there that are so good.

Since your goal was to make a balanced map that looks nice, you did well. good job.
The expansion placement reminds me a lot like in (6)Herbal Essence.

For balancing more the expands. Check the min only rised jungle for any drop zones for tank. I say this, because i notice that rised jungle is a very tricky terrain. It's seems that everything is ok, but there is always a spot that you can use it for drop... Just check, i am not sure if there is, but as i am looking at now, i am 90% sure that there are some spots.

Overall about the map, i don't like the design, this is your biggest problem, but i know you can do better, because you've made Sleeping Sun, so you should know how to fix this problem. Also somehow the entire concept is a little pointless... As i am looking at now, the map would feel much better, floating, etc, etc if the expands are placed a little like in (4)Arena. You just need a better placement to make some revel some paths between all players. Right now they are just straight lines.
I made some small changes for decoration and I made purple's main a bit bigger because I thought it was smaller than the other mains.Furthermore I filled the raised jungle.This is no problem because you can see units on the raised jungle from below.
I hope this gift came with a receipt :p

Whats up with the min only exp? The middle of the map looks cluttered and not a good feel.
What do you mean with whats up with the min only exp?It's just a standart Mineral only.
maybe why you parted them in two
Actually I don't know why^^
maximumdan is right - this map is unoriginal, which isn't necessarily bad, but there are just so many others like this map that execute the concept a lot better.
Then please tell me what could be changed.Shall I change the middle?
can be made better, for sure
Middle is really ugly. I wouldn't even bother "improving" it, just make it all dirt and rebuild from scratch (the center, not whole map)
I agree with decaf, put the mineral onlys back together please :).

Also, I think panschk is right... try to re-do the center. You could also use 3 and 9 as another expo, because it's going to be hard to get enough gas on this map at the moment. Just extend a peninsula at 3 and 9 to the edge of the map or close to it, and put a normal 8min 1gas or something there. That way, you have some neutral expos to fight over as well.

Personally, I'd put a bit of jungle in blue's main, I'm not a big fan of pure dirt. But that's simply preference. The opposite goes for purple's main, a bit of dirt would look nice.
I hope you like updates,because here is one!

Centre is remade,some small changes at the terrain and like you see there is little way around the middle(well very small :P)
[x]pro tightening the center an placing gasexpos at 3h/9h. remember, you don't have any neutral expo by now
YOu mean neutral GROUND or AIR expansion?^^
I just saw I forgot to change the mineral onlies!I will change that when you tell me if air or ground^^
I would like them with the bridges, as they are now.
just a bit bigger and - if you can do it - with a bit rocky ground on the bridge-edges so you can't build cannons/depots/whatever too near to the bridge entry.
Sadly I have to change the whole base and natural layout because of that.

But well if you are happy then.
Got some problems with GMCS. I'll just post them here then.
-I'm a bit worried that workers at purp's nat can get stuck behind it. Have you tested it yet? -Furthermore, purp's nat is the only one with 'bad' gas. Even if it's only a nat, I guess it can be a bit imbalanced.
That's all for now. I'll post more if I find something else to improve ^^
Well do you want a gas that can be shot in TvZ without you being able to do something because you sunkens are too far away?
Those are the pointless bridges i've ever seen! Really, just delete them, or do something in this map edge, wich will be worth to use on this map.
I already made a new version. I will upload it now
mains look ugly :(
Scout, that doesn't mean you can't make a worker-blocking doodad behind purp's nat to prevent workers getting behind it.
how can a main look ugly?I mean those mains are just standart!

Good idea artanis.
you can make better terrainstyle
Well actually I had a better Style but the idea with the neutral expansions fucked the whole blue main up.
too many doodads in mid
I'd remove some of the ring of doodads around the ruins in the middle. It just doesn't look very natural.

Also, I'm wondering what the idea is behind having those raised jungle so open. I think it seems dangerous... but I'm paranoid, becuase I'm a Protoss player :). Personally, I'd make those like raised jungle cliffs so nothing can land on/in them, but they still can't shoot the minerals from the other side, know what I'm saying?
I think the middle looks like the best I ever did.Look at Sattarchasm or how the map was called by starparty.

The Raised Jungle isn't can see the units on the raised jungle from below and if somebody drops there he also could have dropped your main,which should have the same effect.
no cuz in your main, melee units can attack the dropped units.
what did i call? :p
ok who cares.The raised Jungle is dropable and will stay dropable because it's not imbalanced.

If you can't drop on its just luna.Just that Luna has no neutral expo.

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