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Last update for (2) Shrieking Peaks 0.2 : 2013, 04, 07 19:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4611 (2) Shrieking Peaks 0.2 96*128traceurling0.1betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

So ummm...I havent made a map in a while...but here it is...I'm gonna make like 4 or 5 maps in the next week or two and see which one I/you guys like the best and I'll focus on that one for the map making competition...soo initial feedback on this one?

-Vision blockers under the sprites and khayardian crystals
-power generators are stacked 3

Some ideas:
-Maybe add in miss tiles? Might make map too weird though
-center area-ish seems a bit too boring, might need a ridge or hill?
-What else can make this map cooler :D
-sorry about snow, can't be helped :( I tried to minimize it while not looking too weird
-should I add unbuildable terrain somewhere?

Any ideas are appreciated :)
modified by traceurling
modified by traceurling
Why all the kaydarins?!

Picture quality is abysmal, I cannot make out any details :(

Try to improve deco and terrain shapes, this looks really rough right now.

If you want to make a straight forward open centre map, making it 3 or 4 players is usually the better way to go.

Some unbuildable terrain, at least in front of the nats, would be good, yes.
Me like the map.

Freakling probably right about the unbuildable terrain.

Dont agree with the 3-4 player though. 2 player maps are the best :)

modified by greatn00b
Yah I didn't want to spend a lot of time at first, just getting basic layout so that's why terrain isnt as good looking and deco isnt really started...
Crystals are there cuz just wanted to try that out as a theme :P They have vision blockers under them so they should function as OV spots/muta harass areas...
Gonna put unbuildable infront of the nats as you suggest...should I put some around the center also?
And is rocky snow the only unbuildable I can use? D:

Really important, how do I get good quality pics? D:
modified by traceurling
Bridge terrain, unbuildable dirt, ice, there are definintely some options.

Ice terrain is a very tricky one to start with, though... But avoid snow.
Isn't ice on a lower terrain level? And where can I find unbuildable dirt? Just spam one tile from the bottom of a cliff?
If cardinal doesnt mind, you could use his unbuildable terrain:

Ah suppose there are some doodads as well that are unbuildable but walkable. Maybe some of them looking like ice/snow patches.
modified by greatn00b
Somehow ahm getting the feeling that the corners exps should be semi-island exps (it seems to me you almost made them semi-islands btw). Or at least that would make it more interresting imo :)
modified by greatn00b
Would you like some test games on this map?
Why isnt the terrain symmetrical? Even the mains and the naturals arent symmetrical with eachother?
^ That is a good thing in some cases.
go look at (2)NE1 for some unbuildable ideas/tiles.
And i dont see any peaks-you better change the name or the map feature..
modified by CrystalDrag
Terrain is pretty much symmetrical, I made the map on 96x126 with xy symmetry then when I finished I changed the size to 128...
I'll take a look at NE1, might rip the tiles off there :)
Also, what would you call those Khayardians? I tried to make them like tall mountains cuz I put vision blockers under them so itd be like the most prevents you from seeing the summit...
Gonna run a couple test games today against computer to see how it feels...
How about playing vs humans?
About the symmetry for example: The natural and main nexus distance is bigger at the bottom... dont know how important that is though.
Oh thanks I hadn't noticed that assymetry...I'll fix that soon...also I can't get on iCCup much so I mainly play LAN with friends and I'd rather have a final version before I play with other people..
Ah man if ah could get my friends to play lan with me... ahm missing the lans :(
Lol we play at school :)
Fuck the Khayardians in the center aren't appearing in game...I'm guessing I probably made them belong to player 1...gonna fix that later...
modified by traceurling
The natural chokes could be tighter imo. To provide better walls for protoss in pvz. But maybe thats not that important... 1 base opening ftw ;)
You can always 2 gate expand :) the choke is wider than normal but I don't think it'll screw up the meta, Ground Zero has a big choke too, correct me if I'm wrong. Ugh I cant work much this week, finals are next week :(
Your chokes are actually only 1 tile wider than the standard, if you wanted you could just put 1 more mineral patch next to each one.
modified by NegativeZero
or you can extend the water
Ah made a version of this where the corner exps are semi-islands (2 low amount mineral patches can be mined out to provide land access).
Crystal, how do you guys tile edit large swaths of terrain? I'm planning on using unbuildable dirt and bridge terrain, but I'm afraid I might accidentally create positional imbalances...
ah that is a simple matter.. For me, I use a terrain (such as mud) for the general outline I wanted decorate with bridge terrain. Then I replace all the edges and make it look nice
Fuck i need to resize the map again...okay doesn't seem too bad...I'll just use snow or something...
Use ice!

How to best place terrain entirely depends on the patterns you want to achieve. For a simple square tile pattern of ridge terrain, such as on (2)Frostmourne/NE1 or (4)Thin Ice, you can just create a simple isometric (4x2 tiles) rhombus first, using the bridge edges and copy-paste it isometric edge over isometric edge (i.e. overlapping 2x1 tiles in the corner) everywhere where you want it. After that all that's left to do is to fill the inside with "weld" tiles (another mass copy-paste job).
Isn t ice on a lower terrain level though? :\ or am I mistaken
Ice is low ground, same as dirt, snow, rocky snow, the other snow thingy, grass, bridges...

Hills are medium ground on ice terrain, high outpost id high terrain.
What then why do we need ramps going from dirt to ice? Or snow to ice actually...makes you think it's lower ground than snow
Well... You need to blend it someway!

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