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Last update for (4)Queen of Hearts : 2011, 07, 21 10:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4242 (4)Queen of Hearts 128*128K_A0.3betaground

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 17 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

dl not working :}
Made this map with a few ideas I got while working on Melting pot.
The dirt is separated from the lava by a cliff.
Obviously no deco yet
Gee you commented on that quickly....
Dl fixed
modified by K_A
It's very plain and boring. ;B
It looks a lot cooler in the editor
modified by K_A
Yeah, it's kinda boring. I don't like the long nat choke with an extra mineral only...
The 3rd cliffs the nat and isn't even blocked off in any way which basically means terran uber ownage.
The lave cliff might look cool, but is hardly useful at all and just makes the nat chokes awkward.
You sir, are jumping to conclusions.
The lava isn't all a cliff. There is a ramp leading to it between the nat and the minonly, and it connects just past the other minonly.

I didn't notice the part about the thirds, but I can fix that.

Fixed it*
modified by K_A
It weren't my conclusions but your own words:

"The dirt is separated from the lava by a cliff."

It's hard to tell from the picture where units can actually move and where they can't.

8 mineral onlies seems too much anyway.

The 3rds are now tankable from the low ground.
Sorry we had that misunderstanding
I'm just glad you understand what I meant now :D
If the extra minonlies are that bad I could probably add a gas to the more exposed one.

Tell me if you see any other problems ;)
modified by K_A
Are the geysers at those middle expos and the normal 3rds 2500 gas or something?
modified by freakling
No. Should they be?
At first I was going to have three gas with 7500
Now its 4 with 5000 each
modified by K_A
I hosted a bunch of 1v1 games on this today.
Seems to be a good map.
I really like the concept, though the execution is bad. This has alot of potential, a pimping would be awesome :)
Thanks :D
What would you suggest needs moving/changing?
I'd say widen the mains a little bit and thereby push the minonlies more outside?
-Removed 3rd gas outside of nat and moved minonlies to that spot.
-Fixed ammount of resources at each base.
-Fixed width of some passages.
-Fixed a lot of terrain bugs.
3rds still tankable... And maybe even some of the nats
natural and 3rd are now (as far as I know) Untankable, but if you can point out the spots that need fixing I'd be more than willing to fix them ;)
I figured out the tankspots for the 3rds. The nats arent tankable at all.
Western 3rd not tankable :)

Its in the replay.. ah and don't worry about me getting 10k mins in the first 30 seconds and building fast as hell. Thats pure skill, no cheats used. None at all. Not.

Whoops added twice!
modified by Gnom
Is it just me or do the downloads for replays not work?
modified by K_A
I've often noticed the downloading replay link sends you to another place on the site and then when you try to download it there it does not initiate the download nor send you to a place where you can get the replay to download....
Is there any one who hosts, staffs, or maintenances the site who can fix this or have they all moved on to sc2?
Sorry u did all that for nothing gnom. I went through and found all of them... I think O.o
modified by K_A
I love this map's lava blend :)
The 3rds in north, east, south were tankable as far as i remember..
Btw nice nats you got there.. really like them!
modified by Gnom
Made some minor changes...
-Fixed some ugly tiles
-Changed angle of lava at naturals at 1 and 7 to match the other 2
-Balanced the width of some areas

-Decorated the middle and added a lot of unbuildable terrain.
modified by K_A
Just thought I'd give you guys an update...
Whatya think?
Rather boring deco. There're 5 different kinds of unbuildable terrain in Ash tileset, you know.
Yeah there are 5, 2 of which are for high ground so really only 3 for the area I did. I just like lava because it's colorful where broken rocks and shale are just shades if brown and grey.

Is that better Freakling? O.o
modified by K_A
Maybe if you don't use but big montonous batches of the same terrain...
Hows that Freakling?!?!?!?!
modified by K_A
Turret space on nats would be nice :)
Nah : This deco looks but messy... Give it some theme or structure.
Agreed on turret space.
Ar you sure SW and NE mains are the same size as the other two?
Haha love is messy ;)
I could maybe take away some of the unbuildable terrain at the nat choke, but I don't think that's what you meant.
Mains are most certainly the same size.
(I put the grid on 256x256 and made made sure the edges were in the same place)
What I meant is that there are just random patches of different terrain...
Yeah I know what you mean.
It has to have lots of edges without using every terrain.
modified by K_A
That wasn't it... Just you'll take a look at my deco onMelting Pot when I upload my update, OK?
Happy Valentines Day!
modified by K_A
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney
While i love how this map looks i doubt it would be good for a tourney cuz it has so much tight chokes and walls so i think terran would own here every time if he gets tanks zergs would be next with lurkers and protoss is least favored

(no offence K_A i like this map alot ^^)

-- vs (1on1, 1.16)
--Gnom vs Computer(1on1, 1.16)
--Purple vs Red(1on1, 1.16)

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