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Last update for (4)Zapretnaya Zona : 2011, 08, 25 08:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4228 (4)Zapretnaya Zona 128*128Freakling0.8betaground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 45 points


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Pylon Fields?
modified by K_A
this map dosen't look like a freakling one at all lol
modified by LasTCursE
Happy new year?
Could be Freakling on crack.. so Crackling.
modified by Gnom
Crackling also makes godly maps not like this one lol besides none of them is russian i think xd
modified by LasTCursE
Whoops so there actually is a Crackling.. well why is the map so weird? could the author please explain it?
@K_A: ttf! Of course.

@LC: So how does a "freakling one" look alike? Maybe you should not play guess games - you're tremendously bad at those.
And, by the way, at times punctuation is a quite useful idea.

@Gnom: Specify "weird" and I'll gladly explain whatever you are not able to find out on your own.
This is obviously work in progress, so maybe you should prefer to wait until completion before you spam questions.
modified by Freakling
I dont know your kind of superior map-planning, so the preview does rather confuse me as an apprentice..
Those "weird" blurry parts, and the blue round power fields midst the snow.. they make no sense to me. But again - you're talking to a completely occasional mapper.
The blurry parts are just some rather unmotivated attempt to mask the worst parts of really unfinished terrain. They shall obviously be gone once I will be done...

The power fields are in fact the protective areas of the shield generators in their centre, granting units underneath them additional protection against ranged attacks.
modified by freakling
so it actualy is your map lol?
lol @ blurs, seriously.
lol what
lol what "lol what"?
lol what "lol what 'lol what'?"?
modified by freakling
lol what »lol what "lol what 'lol what'?"?«?
modified by freakling

Lol freakling i just noticed :)
modified by Gnom
lol what »lol what ›lol what "lol what 'lol what'?"?‹?«?
Could you lousy amateurs now please stop abusing my map threat? ;P
modified by freakling
How exactly do these sheild generators work?
oh are you polish fearkling?
What, polish? Neither me nor the map name... *lol*

@K_A: From a player point of view just pretend they're weaker dark swarms or the demon's forest forests minus vision block and unwalkable trees and you should do fine.

Technically its cover providing doodad tiles, the pylon aura sprite is a mere optical effect to mask the ugly blockiness and match the theme.

Additional info:
- all resources standard
- backdoor has visionblockers under triple egg wall
- The ice cliff behind the nat can be droped on, the rest of the ice is unpassable
- generator on nat entrance blocks only large units.
Awesome map :D
Thx, Kino. Now name three zhings that need improvement - GoGoGo!!!

I am not too happy with the outcome of the whole backdoor-3rd-gas-section. I think I'll remove the low ground path. It's rather awkward and only makes itself and the 3rd gas expo obnoxiously tight...

Also the generators, at least as they are now, are kind of pointless and rather annoying. I don't even know any more, why I placed them there in the first place... Mayber just because I could O_o...

Some additional stuff that might be interesting to know:
- Normal pathing is through the nat. I tried to keep pathing issue caused by the backdoor at a minimum.
- Normal pathing between adjacent SLs is over the long, narrow (i.e. normal sized) bridges. For cross positions it's obviously over the central plateau.
- The narrow ramps from the nats to the nat cliffs only allow scarrabs to pass.
This still dosen't look even half good compared to your prevous maps..
modified by LasTCursE
To which one and why precisely?
Way too complicated map, really.

I miss the blurs.. ;_;
modified by SiaBBo
to all of them lol :D your deco is usualy weird but great here is just weird :) may be use more grass in some spots instead of the bridge type of floor thing to give it more life ? :)
Hey, this is supposed to look bare.
Also, if you just look at the picture you really miss the small clumps of sparse grass all around.
And the bridge stuff looks really cool ingame.
modified by freakling
Generators don't help defend they only trap you in :(
traping you in means traping enemy out = helping defend lol
I'll remove the generators anyway.
I am planning on making only a highground backdoor expo, separated from the main by high outpost clutter, without the tight low ground path. That also goes much better with the sight blocked backdoor idea.
I will rotate the ramps to the 3rds by 90° clockwise and move the shield generators onto the plateau next to the 3rd, if there's enaugh space.
Maybe I'll block the ramp to make the backdoor less accessible.

By the way, LastCurse, my dear, when are you going to fix (4)Tomorrow?
modified by freakling
are your ramps walled the same?

small bridges in middle don't complement the center expo imo; if anyone does take it pathing will be annoying in that region of the map

how do the ice-water transitions look in-game? they look awesome in the picture

I like your weak dark swarm idea; maybe you could just use a dark swarm sprite instead of a pylon field instead though, so the player acts appropriately around them; atm your instinct is to go "lolwut" at the pylon fields

if the middle isn't too tight I think I like the map a lot, post it in mothy if you haven't yet
I haven't really cared for small details such as good worker pathing on all mineral lines and ballanced wallins. I wanted to have something presentable first.

I don't know if any one will ever take the central expo because it is so vulnerable. On the other hand double gas is definitely attractive if you can gain the map contol to defend it.

The idea with the bridges was to have a shortest path that is quite narrow. Might be more suited as feature on a (2) map, though. Or maybe it is just the one feature too much for one map (or the central expo has to go...).
Widening the bridges would definitely not change the concept dramatically... I am a bit worried concerning the overall nat to nat distance (which is required to avoid the layout induced pathing issue), though. What do you think about that?
I fell like I overcrowded this map a bit. It's just too attracting to do things just because you can...

The ice water transition look something between great and so so in game, definitely acceptable on average. And you can do great things with it. I planned to do this forever, but never had a concept were it fitted in.

I made this for the MOTHY, it's already in (which is why I posted it in some half-done state on dec. 31st 23:something :P).

And if I put swarms instead of the pylon fields people would assume they are real swarms, i.e. 100% miss instead of just 25% (I think).
Also dark swarms are much more opaque than the power fields and I would need lots and lots of them to cover the whole area... As it is now it gives players a clear but not distracting optical orientation mark. It's just a new feature that players will eventually have to learn (if any one ever plays it, that is).

So finally: List of required updates:

- make the narrow bridges wider
- replace the lowground path to the backdoor with high outpost clutter
- add an arbiter (preferably over the clutter) to the backdoor eggs to reduce cheesiness
- fix wallins and mineral formations, if required
- fix and improve some deco.
- remove the generators or move them to the backdoor (added for K_A's convenience)
modified by freakling
remove generators on bridges
Why should i fix the gameplay issues when nobody plays the map whatsoever lolz ppl love to play only python :
Because I wanna vote it as MOTHY and can't if severe issues remain?
OMG a Freakling comeback!!!
And lezerg rises from the dead!! xD
modified by LasTCursE
What do you think about making the narrow bridges just 1 ISO (2 tiles) wider and maybe 1 ISO shorter?

This is just to show what I am up to.
Some deco and fixes left to do. I also need to finish a working obs version.
I haven't decided what to do with the bridges, yet...
modified by Freakling
I really don't like this base layout, i liked the old one better :(

version 1.01 changelog
- changed backdoor layout
- removed low ground path to backdoor
- added Arbiters to the backdoor egg walls
- wider bridges
- some improved deco
- added some critters
- added observer version
- some debugging
- added player info to the observer version that explains what the power fields are for in big red blinking letters...
modified by Freakling
Had to fix some severe tile bugs...
Weird but good, I would add some grass to the map tho, 2 + a bit of color.
There's some sparse grass, but you cannot see it on the piture :P

Seems to be IMBA for clockwise position because of more exposed backdoor... It's experimental o_O
I still don't like this map too messy terrain

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