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Last update for (3)Yellow Sky. : 2023, 05, 30 03:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3638 (3)Yellow Sky. 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.5betaground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 87 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

this map is quite good, i like it.. but there is already a map Yellow.. so make another name ;] ;d
modified by LasTCursE
Hey guys here is my new map! I realized that lately there had not been a 3 people map so I decided to make one :)
About the map :

-Basically it is pretty standard but I think this one will be a fun one to play.

-There is a couple of interesting things here fore example the high ground min only , players will have to be careful of getting there nat cannoned up or , get a bunker up there with some rines.

-Also taking the islands expos may not be the best idea they are tankable , so players that will go 4 it , most probable is that they want a hidden expo , or they control that area of the map.

And that's about it tell me what you guys think , what u like , what u don't , balances ...

O and its called Yellow sky nothing to do with the great map yellow (Big fan tho)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Red's cliff needs inverts.

Re-do jungle deco on Red's main, right now it looks bad.

Make middle more interesting. Use custom bridge tiles/ruins or something.

I like the map, reminds me of Testbug (3) maps.
Ok edited the middle , I put some deco in the ruins open map with Scmdraft 2 and see , and if you do I also forgot to mention that there is also rocky ground outsied the jungle u see.But u have to look closely.
Im glad u like the map :)
About the inverted ramps I dont think its a good idea , il explain why ,the reason I made the 2 ramps of the min only is fore units to be able to du a run by through there , and reds cliffs ramps , alow perfectly this as do all the others, I also try to use as little as possible the inverted ramps.

Glad u finaly like one of my maps btw :)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Ow and 1 last thing I forgot to mention the deco of reds base ur right it looks bad from the pic, but if you look at it in the scmdraft or star craft It look's pretty nice , and I wanted 2 do every main deco different white : some high grass and dirt , blue: only high dirt(It has a little of grass but just a little) , red : mostly High grass.
If u don't like it im open to suggestions but I just wanted u 2 think 2c about it :)
Gaema Gowon clone.

For 3.

And way better.
modified by spinesheath
It's just (3)gaema gowon with too-small-tankable islands and a shitload of wasted space creating an awfully small middle with linear pathing.
Your mains are way too big.
You wasted a third of the map with water.
Your nats suck.
Awful positional imbalance all over.
(Nightmarjoo I know u never like my maps and idk :)
LoL i just saw Gaema Gowon and yes they look alike but I had never seen that map in my life lol.
The idea of the mains I got from bottom left base of the map "Fantasy" And i think my map is way better than Gaema Gowon.
I don't fiend mains 2 big , maybe 4 a zerg , but not fore the terran in mach up T vs P(with all those factories)fore example.And by making the map with big mains it allows fore players in early and early-mid game , to do a proxy(something I have always rather enjoyed)

Middle I don't fiend small.And my nats don't suck.

As to the water u r right it takes a lot of pace, but i think u know how hard It is 2 make a 3 people map.( take u 4 an example look at ur (3) maps)

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
"I got from bottom left base of the map Fantasy"

Fantasy is a mixture of 4 professional maps:
botton right:
-Ride of Valkyries

top right:

top left:
-Legacy of Char

bottom left:
-Gaema Gowon
modified by Testbug
LoL yes I just realized.
I knew the other 3 but I had never seen Gaema Gowon.LOL
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Make the islands so they can't be tankable PRETTY PLEASE. It looks like it would be fun if you did this. Looks very fun. thx
it looks a bit far for Z to get third gas
sTY_leZerG-eX "And my nats don't suck."
Actually they do, the choke is absolutly too wide even if in bottom left, where you started the map
there will be no difference if the nat would be as open as middle...

Crimson)S(hadow "it looks a bit far for Z to get third gas"
There isn't close 3rd gas in gaema gowon
Ok so u want me 2 make choke in bases smaller.I shall.
As 4 the third gas , how should I fix ??? I have an Idea:
- Make 3 expos with 4 min paches and a gas, in front of the islands(In the dirt)

-Put a gas in the third expo , and take a min pach of the expo.Then add 3 a min only s where I recommended above.

Or do u guys have any recommendations or preferences ?????
oh so this is supposed to be gaema gowon? cuz it doesnt say (3) gaema gowon
i wonder if marjoo or testbug would agree with me but i suggest turning the islands into expos kinda like medusa

of course then you'd have to make sure their untankable
modified by Crimson)S(hadow
the first map i ever made, was (3)Gaema Gowon
it was calles (3)Coloma Valley, i never uploaded it to
There IS ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with having the THIRD GAS far away. Gaema Gowon was one of the most balanced PVZ maps ever. Again NOTHING whatsover needs to be done about this third gas and I am SURE.

Things I think could be improved:
*Bases look too fat.
*Islands should be placed further away so they can't be tanked from the mainland.
* Too much terrain in the water kind of makes eyes soar. (Sorry)

*A medusa styled cliff above the island expos to give a T>P advantage on a P>T map. (Look at Medusa)
*Make a late game middle expo in the middle with 4 mineral blocks and 1 gas. Discourages Turtling.

(Hopefully you made all gases have the same amount.)

Absolutely better than Gaema Gowon IMO. Looks very fun. I will enjoy playing a better version. Hopefully, MOTW nomination possibly.
modified by Shade)R
modified by Shade)R
Gaema Gowon existed pre Bisu-revolution era so you can't take its stats omtp equation. The nats are just too open right now to be possible for PvZ. You'd need at least 4 cannons to be safe from early speedlings here. Looks same as Gaema Gowon. Explain differences other than islands if you see any.
definately for toss the nat is too far from the ramp. this is esp important since lings have a backdoor pathway they can go to sneak past cannons, unless its ur intention for toss to go gates and never forge fast expand. check othello/python and copy their ramp/nat
modified by Crimson)S(hadow
about shade and what he thinks about the gas issue: yeah i'm sure gaema gowon was one of the most balanced pvz. however the keyword is WAS.

today is completely different, the metagame is in a whole new world. we don't know if it would still be so. right now z NEED an extra gas expo above the toss.

when i look at the map right now, if Z contain P and take the empty base, there will be nowhere for toss to expo once they get out except the islands. since one island is going to be close to the zerg, they only have 2 islands available to them.... and islands take a shitload of cannons to defend, and even when its swarm/ling dropped you cannot run your army to an island.

suppose no one even goes for the island expo and toss greedily want a third gas.... where are you going to expo? right next to the zerg's third gas? if you both go for your third gas then it would be right next to each other

modified by Crimson)S(hadow
really much wasted space, anyhow i can tell u this map isnt close to being balanced

still, not aweful
constructive criticism morrow.
OK guys Im on to work on the map. Patience
Crimson)S(hadow, 1. his comment was far more constructive than what you said 2. that's exactly what I said 3. It is constructive, because apparently the author didn't realize he created a badly balanced awkward map where he used 2/3rds the map's space, or failed to realize that's bad.

Sty_lezerg-ex it's not that I don't like your maps because they're made by you, it's that I don't like your maps for the reasons I've written out. Don't take this personally, I'm just telling you what I think is wrong with the map / what could be improved. I'm trying to help you to some extent with what I say, whether it be helping you fix this map, or helping your understanding of sc/mapping so your future maps don't have the afore-mentioned problems.
Ok fixed some things , the islands r still tankable but i added 3 extra expo in the middle with gas , and 1 more thing:
I put a egg block its just an idea tell me ur thoughts
It looks great but a tank can attack red's main gas from the island. And when you muta harass it looks like the mutas are more secured when it runs aways to the waters of white and blue.
middles too tight and small, not ment to sound nasty.
sty_lezerg-ex if you want to fully fix this map, you must remake it with smaller mains, and using as much of the space in the map as you can. I'd prefer larger islands as well.
But what do u guys think of the ramp blocked by an egg (I already added IT watch closely at the far ramps , the egg has 200 hp , that way if a player attempts a run by through the min only base they have to attack the egg in order to get 2 ur main , Its already ling prof.
???? Do u think that fixes things ????
Plz tell me if i should keep it or not , and why , How will that affect game play , and balance.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
The new expo looks good but I am not good enought to say how it effects balance.

The egg is irrelevant and I wish that you would remove it. Things that would give zerg a disadvantage of having this back door are made up by having the middle expos.

I think this map looks a lot better now. However, will you please make the islands like python? Mabye even copy and paste them. Make sure they are untankable please!
I wouldn't keep it, takes away the fun, and it wouldn't help imo
Ok il take away the eggs and , il shrink a couple of the mains.
But about the tankable islands , i thought thy gave t a bit of an advantage in a P>T mp ??????
if you look close you will see that there is no way to make the red island not tankable ;]

EDIT: it still looks like a 3 player copy version of this
modified by LasTCursE
you make me laugh hard lastcurse, you still say that it's a gaema gowon clone a long time after said it xD
Tankable islands are not a good idea because T>P and T>Z. Simply make them smaller and T will have an advantage over P. Protoss benefit from having more space to drop. Please remove egg also so I can play on this map. I think you can move the start locs away from the islands and add some water inbetween there, don't you? Please do this.
WoW guys I have an update but I dono what the fouck I tried updating map normaly ,but the picture stayed the same as the previews version WTF ???
If you DL the map the new version is there and its fine but not the picture.
And after trying a few + times It tells me this :
"Warning: unlink(map_thumbnails/Yellow Sky. IMG.jpg) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/v127008/mappage/edit2.php on line 26

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 68157440 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16384 bytes) in /www/htdocs/v127008/mappage/ on line 17"
(If you click at the picture , and see the large version its fine)

WTF help?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Press refresh?

Um you're wasting even more space somehow.

If your middle was much larger, less space wasted, and some positional differences fixed or moderated somewhat, I think I would be inclined to like the map.
NVM the pic is fine now LOL dono wtf happened maybe It wasjust my cpu

Updates :

-Made all bases smaller

-And all islands are now untankable

-Removed the egg block
And I know what u mean , but Its easier said than done but this map looks simple but Its very tricky you fix one imbalance and 2 pop out , such as distances between mains ...
I mean this the most polite way possible bu if u can come up with a better ,less wasted ... version fell free :)

And Im still waiting 4 that unfinished map of yours that I like :)
"you fix one imbalance and 2 pop out"
yes that's because it needs to be remade, not edited
It looks a lot better good work and thank you.
I remade the map , u have no idea how many times , but as I said if u think u can do better go ahead.
remade dosen't mean to change little bit here ant little bit there ;)
Not my map sty_lezerg-ex, and there's no reason to make it better for you.
Its ok man u can just say u cant :)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
This post is not displayed due to its content

--SCRVN vs [nG]kiCk(1on1, 1.16)

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