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Last update for (4)Adrenaline Rush : 2009, 04, 19 09:06
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3538 (4)Adrenaline Rush 128*128trcc0.8leagueground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 45 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is basically an upgrade of

I don't like the name anymore that's why :P I will remove the other if you tell me this one is better.

Things I did:

-added 1 mineral to the mains
-Pushed main minerals further away from the map edges as suggested by nightmarjoo
-Added more unbuildable terrain in the middle as suggested by Nightmarjoo
-Completly remade the 2nd gas and 3rd gas access.
-Added rockyground from main ramp to the little cliff ramps.
-Removed 1 mineral patch on the opposite side of in-base mineral only.

What do you think? Better or worse ;D
duh, the map is so weird
very heavy gas map(both nat gases are 5000?if yes, turn them into 2500)
purp and blue's low nat is easily tankable in comparaison to the others
i think only protoss won't use the inbase min only, personally i don't want to use 400 minerals to an expo without gas but with the possibility of having a gas
Better name, reminds me of Obie Trice :p

You just have to secure one choke, wich isn't very big, and you'll secure 3 geysers.

All in all good changes.
Those inverted ramps are bit ugly, so I think you shouls use those ramps where are grass.
@ProTosS4EveR : I will fix the purple and blue low nat tonight. Should both gas be 2500 or only the low nat or the upper expo?

"duh, the map is so weird" Is this good or bad to be wierd :/

"i think only protoss won't use the inbase min only, personally i don't want to use 400 minerals to an expo without gas but with the possibility of having a gas"

Well i got two options here: I remove the mineral chunk that has 16 minerals so you can mineral hop and use it as a relatively safe expo in the beginning. I considered adding disruptive webs in front of that neutral building and on the cliff choke so you cannot as a terran secure 3 expands like it has been said by ptar.?

The second options would be to add a mineral chunk of 16 minerals into the mineral line, which would open a small path to make this expand worthy

I will try to work the ugly ramps -_- I suck at making blending for widen ramps.

Adrenaline Rush from Obi Trice is a very good song :)
modified by trcc
lol protoss can also hop the minonly and gather the blocking mineral fields, it's a free expo for al lthe 3 races.

oh and just copu/past the (0)Destination ramps map.

download the map (3)Shipwreak and play a game vs computer, use any race, terran protoss or zerg, you'll see protos or terran canot build a nexus or a command center because of the spider mine (you can use a dark templar or a spider mine)

zerg will be able to see it with it's overlord, but if zerg doesn't build the hatchery in the minonly side, then the ramp won't be deffenden vs terran marines+medics.

so it doesn't matters if zerg can hop and get the multy, now, there shouldn't be another place to land a lifted command center!!!

(for example, in shipwreak, if you lift oa command center, it cannot land anywhere, because of the doodads and unbuildable tiles. and because of the mineral distances. (you can land a factory or anything else, but not a command center)

protoss will need to wait for pylon and annon, or observers! terran will need turrets. so a dark templar is okay (take a look at Flothefreak's mirageii)
@Testbug : I was trying to impliment darktemplars recently but i could not find a good way to use them! So i should make sure zerg creep covers more efficently its ramp? Is the neutral building too low hp so a terran will destroy it instead of trying to get to the ramp?

Is there any unbuildable high ground tiles in badlands. There are walkable unbuildable doodads hopefully.

Should i still consider disruptive webs on top of the cliff choke or leave it as it is or maybe add equal ramps on both sides. What i wanted is to give the advantage to the attacking guy, by having the biggest ramp of the two. Not sure though if my theory work in practice

modified by trcc
whats up with everyone and these ugly ass inverted ramps???

fine map though :) as always trcc
Remade ramps with devastation's ramps thx to testbug for tip :P

I tried to fix the easy nats tankable.

Fixed some other stuffs
Still thinking about the dark templar thingy.

plase don't use that name!!! it's mine!!
trcc i tould you to download shipwreak and use it vs computer (use power overwhelming) and try to understand how does the island works!

there are many walkable tiles (but unbuildable) if you want me to help you, just PM me, and if you don't want me to touch your map, then i can create a 64x64 map file with copy/pasted badland tiles so you can use them.

if you use a dark templar or a spider mine, then hop probe or hop SCV won't do a shit, because they won't be able to buyild the nexus/command center (make sure there isn't any other place to build it!!!!)

now, terran can just hop an SCV to build a factory, or liftoff a factory from 12/3/6/9 nostalgia 3rd gass to island...

and tanks in the island will block the main ramp!!!

what about a destination/carthage middle?
I checked Shipwreak in scmdraft and I understand the invisible unit feature. I just don't know where to get my unbuildable tiles. You can edit my map and fix stuffs if u want

About the middle. carthage = highground? destination = bridges?

modified by trcc

btw you can make lift a cc at top left ;)
modified by trcc
Most doodad tiles are unbuildable. All you have to do is find one (or better some) that is/are 100% walkable. It would also be good if that tiles looked somewhat different from the terrain it is on to make the unbuildable parts easily recognizable.
you means a terran can lift it's cc at shipwreak?
it can be placed in scmdraft, but if you play it in-game, you won't be able to land the cc because a spiner mine is lying there.

i'll pm some unbuildable tiles tiles okay?
(sorry had to leave, i'll upload the map file to rapidshare or something)
modified by testbug
I will be home later, I'm at school right now

modified by trcc
Your comment
somewhat macro-orientated, but i think it's cool and fun to play. the setup of the nats will make a dynamic and interesting early-to-midgame imo.
mid-to-lategame will be quite boring i think. may result in some drop/harass action, though.
hi flo

-Fixed all neutral buildings zergling issues.
-Added 1 vulture mine to each high ground gas expands. Used some unwalkable tiles provided by Testbug to make sure terran can't lift a CC.
- Made 3 turret spots on each peak of the ramp's choke, made sure you cannot build close bunkers/cannons behind the neutral building.
-Moved the gas low ground nat to a more secure area
-Gas on highground expand value is 2500

Hi flo.
@Freakling: No doodads for high ground on badland are unbuildable AND walkable :( but testbug got me some sexy unbuildable tiles. I also used the unbuildable tiles provided with the (0)Destination Ramps map.
oh yeah!!! in the "normal ramp" tiles you can find some unbuildable tiles!!!

place a doodad ramp, then right click, pick "convert to terrain" then cipy paste some tiles!!!

units can walk there but you can close the ramp with a single pilon, you have to place like about 4 pylons because there are unwalkable tiles!!!

damn, i totally forgot!!!!!!!!
It's ok Testbug :P

Anything else I should fix before i start decoration? Should i make 12,3,6,9 expos all facing the edges of the map or that's not that of a big deal?
There might be no entire doodads that are walkable but not buildable. But there are quite some single tiles that fulfil these conditions. You should know since you used some of them. Even testbug does certainly not hack into the game and create new tiles that weren't there before ;)

EDIT: My opinion about the side expos is that you should make all the mineral lines NOT facing the edges or make the exopo cliffable to have at least one vulnerable expansion on the map. Just make sure that they are not tankable form the mains or cliff expos
modified by Freakling
sorry but whoever made this map dont know how the game works fully.

if terran can runby like this its just ridicilously imbalanced.

and thats just a starter thats a forgotten ; in c++ or a guy thats still tieing his shoes in for the game, u cant really start without it
If you want to know the mapper, just look at middle top.

If terran can runby like this its just ridicilously imbalanced.

Could you explain what exactly you are talking about?

Maybe my first language is not english, but damn don't complicate my job of understanding english by making "no sense sentences."

If I can understand anything about what you are trying to say, you think terrans can lift a cc on that expand so they get a gas advantage that other 2 races won't? NO they can't... there is a MINE that blocks cc from landing, as well as unbuildable tiles everywhere else so he can't land anywhere.

Or if it's not what you meant, then explain me what's wrong with as much details as you did on everflow. :)

You play this game competitive, I don't. Obviously, you have a head start on balance.
modified by trcc
I think Morrow is saying zvt is impossible.
MorroW download the map and test it.
this is how canz erg play vs terran:
-FE to the minonly (so you can build sunken colonies in the ramp like in Nemesis)
-jump the minonly wall with 2 drones, and then use an overlord to kill the spider mine.
-build your 3rd hatch there.

yeah, the 3rd hatch won't be able to spown zerglings, and a terran drop will be deadly.
but that0s part of the map.

now, terran CAN'T liftoff a command center to the other side of the minonly to get the gass (because the spider mine is lying there, and some tiles of the ramp have been pasted all arround so it0s iumpossible to land a command center anywhere else)

so.. terran can take the lowground multy, wich is very mutaharassable, terran cannot build bunkers to deffend vs lurkers (or at least, not in the rocky ground, they can build them in the lowground multy or in the higround)

zerg will be able to take the lowground 3rd gass or a nostalgia expo in the future.

same happens with protoss, they can build the forge + photon cannon in the Ridge to Ridge choke, but they cannot take the 3rd gass because of the spider mine.

(they'll need observers) this maps is exactly like protoss4ever's (3)Shipwreck
modified by testbug
i think this is a zerg map, terran can't build turrets in the rocky ground, lurkers burrowed there will be very hard without science vessels.

if protoss has forge+cannon in the R2R choke, lurker frop in the rocky ground will stop protoss 2nd gass.
I still think the ridge choke, at least the ramp that leads to the middle, should be wider. It looks like a giant fortress right now, all pne needs to control it are some ranged units on the ridge and one gets 3 free gases... I am pretty sure that terran is favoured to a huge extend. Some tanks on the ridge and three gas...
On the other hand - with a wider choke zerg defense looks even harder - again favoring terran.
New iccup map.
Yeah congrats trcc. It was nice to be able to write "Adrenaline Rush by trcc, author of PGT's Memory Cell and Blizzcon's S ignal". I ommitted "winner of 3494345 MOTWs". You've got quite a resume :D

Yello-ant asked for a "weird map", so I showed him Sapphire, Avatar, and this lol.

I really hope those neutrals are ling tight. I didn't test it lol.

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