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Last update for (4)Logistic : 2008, 06, 16 02:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3066 (4)Logistic 128*128jamssi0.4finalground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 23 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My firts map when I used temple :)

This isn't finished yet, I just wanna hear comment and tips to edit this map.
Too much min/gas in a very linear and safe placement.
Very tight.
I like this map a lot just because it feels fresh tho its pretty simple. gw

I agree with spines that those expos are way too safe for the players. It isnt that the map is tight its just that its too congested with a linear expo placement.
Where the hell is star locations? Yes, add gas to natural and keep that high"grass" or whatever it is gas exp. And remove the gas what i show in gmc.
remove the gasses in middle

this map is super terran
Oh i get idea. Remove ramp to gas expo. And add gas to natural, block with mineral island and remove gas ses on the middle.
It is tight because there is not a single alternative path. If there were some, the middle would be fine.
Wow, is it really so tight? ;o
Wasted space on top/bottom imo
modified by JungleTerrain
Off You Look Only if the map is good for terran but i f the terran player is a n00b wHAT WHAT! to win a terran he have to be a little bit better than you and btw most players play Protoss not terran
The number of players for each race does not affect balance. The current high ratio of protoss players probably will only be temporaily. There were times when everyone played terran, and times when everyone played zerg.

And what were you trying to say in the rest of your statement?
Nats are too open. Main2nat distance looks long. I dunno about balance, have to see the map in game =/ Overall I think I like the map ._.
"Nats are too open. Main2nat distance looks long." - no shit,nmjoo!

i would say when he drafted the map he made 2 serious design can be fixed,the other i doubt easily.

- on the top/bottom he wasted surface with this raised jungle formations - this only tightens the rest of the map whitout any good reason.this is one design flaws that can't be easily fixed - it requires hardcore design changes;only to delete the raised jungle stuff it won't be enough,mains have to be removed nearer to the top/bottom,also the nats,etc

-the second design flaw.far too much raised jungle formations behind the minonlies - and you have again a tighten effect for the rest of the map.this isn't hard to adapt.

i'm also absolutely against the amount of resources you used for the expos.with 9/main + 8/nat + 2 islands 16min.+2gas,you will be in bussiness on the large scale - gosu macro;and all these expos easy to cannont give 8 pieces to an island when you have 4 of them - that's bullshit!.when you have 2 islands like on arena,lt - shifted too much strategical weight on the islands - they become too important for a melee;huge amount of resources & easy to defend.bad combination.max. 6 rocks for each island!.if you wanna keep 9 mins in the main than cut out 1 from the nat - once more because you already have 4 islands
I made those exp islands, and remove gas from the middle. And add gas to nat.
Well, i played this map and yes, natural is too open. But i dont think main2nat distance is long.

I played tvp and i dont think middle is tight. ;/

And im not sure if mains were too big.
modified by SiaBBo
now play it pvt and you'll see
Cant you guys just stop underestimate my comments? -.-

And i played pvt. -.-
modified by SiaBBo
I edited those nats, and now them aren't so open. I hope so :)
Reps or it didn't happen! (Siabbo)

imo the map is more or less the best it can get to be. What Grief said is basically all right. I don't mind the high mineral block values though.

Not having played the map I don't know if the middle is open enough or not.

The nats look fine to me now, but I'd still need to play it to know. Anyone want to play games on the map (or any other map)? My msn is if you want. I'm mostly on iccup on kSa.Pollen if you want to get me on sc. I'm also kSa.Pollen on useast.
Well, i didnt save that replay, but i can play again with jamssi.

Btw, picture is too bright. ;/
modified by SiaBBo
Map felt very awkward, the main2nat distance is long, the main2main distance felt long. The shape and size of the mains is awkward.

I think the best thing for the map would be for you to start over from scratch =/
Ok, Nightmarjoo you're right, no way. Distances can't be too long, even though I, am experienced and halfway decently skilled mapper and gamer think they are just from a glance at a picture. Let's all listen to Nightmarjoo, because he's so confident in himself that he must be correct, right?

Well, I took out my meter stick and:
Teal - blue 119
blue - purple 116
red - blue 123

"Well, let's compare that to 108 siege tanks from 6 to 3 on python, 104 from 6 to 9 on python, 129 from 9 to 3 on python, and 151 from 6 to 12 on python.
So then, the shortest path in this map, is 3% longer, than the longest path in python. Hm, distances aren't long are they, Siabbo?"

Remember ur comment to Razer? LoL

Are you guys really thinking that this map have 2.5 rating?
noone really cares about rating here but this map is just sooo basic and still not that nice to play...
i could spam 3maps like this per day and they would look better ;D
Siabbo, see? The distances are long :) ~106 then is standard, with ~130 being on the long side. The map's distances are standard, but on the longer side, ez.

Map still feels awkward regardless of distances being mostly ok.

Also, my comment on your map was in response to a certain someone assuring me the distances were fine, whereas no one was arguing here, I just said I thought distances felt a bit long from having played the map, and they are a bit long, but ok.
Distances arent long. -_-
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This post is not displayed due to its content
This post is not displayed due to its content

--By.Alice vs ASK-_-KEY(1on1, 1.15)

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