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Last update for (3)LoliCatSpielplatz : 2008, 04, 27 21:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2328 (3)LoliCatSpielplatz 128*96ScoutWBF0.6beta

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 35 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

air-only map? cool idea. the bad thing is, you dont see ANYTHING of what is in your base :<
People will find a way :3

But I will have to test one thing: Will SCVs spawn under the web or not. One cannot drop directly under permanent Dark swarm, so I don't know if the workers will spawn right under the Web.
Yeah, pretty much. I once told Nightmar that I would make a 3Player Ashworld air map. When I talked with him I got the crazy idea to fill the whole main bases with disruptor webs. XD
Some D-Webs are stacked, that means that they are not sprites(i think) and it will crash ingame.
They are sprites.
have u tested? (Sprite limit, stacked webs)
Nah. But I'll do later.
hmm I was gonna do this in a 64x64 map.. And I will, if you don't mind....
I don't mind. It's your decision.
Uhh.... yeah, can you explain your reasoning behind that map's name?

EdiT: okay it crashes BW. I'll edit the map today and update it.
Please do not download this version!
modified by ScoutWBF
OK, fixed the dwebs on LoliCat, now you can open it and play it. Be sure to bring your sunglasses though!
Thou shalt not see buildings, nor lift ranged weapons against another, and thine fleets shalt fly above the heavens, laying waste to ground units and buildings alike.

lol thanks lancet.
can u mine minerals?
Lancet, you updated the map? I hope one can't put units next to one's main building to have some kind of anti air ^^

By the way thank you :D
modified by ScoutWBF
Yes, there is roon for some anti-air defense. I have not been able to put dwebs on top of the starting location, they just don't show when you try to play the map. Also some corners here and there may have enough room for a turret/cannon/spore colony. Maybe I could block them with unbuildable doodads or something. The map could use some more edits including maybe mineral blocks on the islands.
Min blocks are gay
Room for building aa is gay and detrimental to the concept, and can lead to disastrous positional differences/imbalances
How about placing unbuildable tiles on the edges?
Positional VARIETY!
Unbuildable tiles are a good idea because the blue and teal main are actually identical. Also, I do not allow ground units in the base on this map!

I guess it will be Zerg>Terran>Toss on this map :D
at least the name fits to the map...what you want more?
the idea is interested but how this map is executed (did i spell that right now? ;)) is very bad. this looks so very ugly all shapes and sizes of everything are wrong. even all minerals are the same type are just so slacky. all random dots in the lava also looks bad, is there a single doodad here?

and now to balancing..
why is there not a single replay in here? ye sure ppl have thought how this will be but its hard to just say what race wins.

since there is no ground allowed (no cannons) as far as i understand zerg can just make scourges early and spawnkill protoss, very funny...

the name sucks too how can i take this map seriously with that name, and that map preview, looks like u made this in a half hour
Yeah, the map was made just to fulfill what I said to Nightmarjoo. I told him I'll make a 3player air map with ash tileset and fill every main with D-Webs.

It was made for fun, not for competitions. Also decoration is not really needed on an air map.
Morrow, this whole map is intended to be a joke.

Though someone really could pimp it...
Nobody could pimp it, as the map would lose its real purpose. Only I, the creator, know how the map should be and not some other idiot.
As far as I know Scout did not present this map as a joke, BCPGALMENBMOT was made and presented as a joke, not this one. If this wap had been a joke I would not have bothered to fix the dwebs.

I think that the concept is great, mains impervious to drops because of the dwebs but also incapable of anti-air, and at the same time having non-dwebed island expos.

Having said that I agree very few will play it. It is difficult to see what you are doing under the dwebs. They will just "bug out" most people's eyes 5 min into the game, LOL!

With regards to air defense in the mains. The problem is that if you get too much of a terrain edge (dirt to magma) into a dweb box (how much I have not determined), the dweb will be unplaceable at the start of the game or if a dweb is placed too close to another dweb it will be bumped to another place at the start of the game (see my map "Spell Overlap" or my article on Spells).

As a result of this a lot of "holes" were left behind where air defense can be placed.

Also, I can't place dwebs over the starting location, they just don't appear in game. This creates an area for air defense around the CC/hatch/nexus.

I requested authorization by Scout to fix the dwebs and if he wishes I can also try to block spots for building air defense that may have been left behind or if he wants to do it himself he can, just let me know what you want to do.

: ^ )
If you want to, you can fix the buildable spots. I only hate it when people completely fuck up the concept of a map.

Thanks again :3
Even if it's just a concept-fucked-up-version of your map: Check out LCSP2 for proper DWeb placement.
Yes but I was restricted by the shape of the landmasses that are not that amenable to fitting dwebs in nicely as oppossed to the nice square-shaped mains in your map.
I'd start around the mains and just stick to the grid-like placement. Then grab some unwalkable tiles and fill the remaining spots. You won't lose much more space that way.

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