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Last update for (4)Bizarre Adventure : 2007, 06, 08 19:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2250 (4)Bizarre Adventure 128*128ScoutWBF0.3beta

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

Hi guys.

comment this map and make suggestions.

People that talk about siege tanks or adding anything fancy like DS/Web are being shot.
Why? This would cut the distance a lot and make fast units too strong in the early game. Also tank push would own protoss.
I disagree with epidiOn's suggestion.
I think the map is too terran favouring, it's very tight and tanks are strong... everywhere. Main minerals are ugly and unreaverable. There's a lot of wasted space. The only open part of the map is the very middle, but since there are not other expos there besides the nat itself it becomes largely useless. The path to the nat is very narrow, no way can protoss ever attack a terran. What's with the path from the main2nat? The islands are pretty small and easy to defend, I think that you should perhaps enlarge them so that 1. More space is used 2. It's harder to turtle on. Teal/purple can be manner pyloned 3 times but blue/red only once. I guess this is sort of a tvt kinda map =/

So my main concerns are the tightness and awkwardness of the map, the unused space, and the fact that terran can 'cliff' from lowground 90% of the map. And decoration could be better^^
Already found a way to solve the drop problem. I totally forgot about water XD
Yeah, I forgot about it because today's maps do not have water. For example Longinus,Geometry or Monty Hall.
i think top left and bottom right are a bit too crowded but thats imo - they seem pythonish :)

The map is alright, it has no real form or flow imo. The layout is pretty cool but its very subtle.. if you fooled around with the shape of the map you'd have a few ppl liking this map alot.

Red and Blues main need to be bigger or reshaped.
They're probably fine
What is fine? The main bases?
Man tank block vs toss = GG...
Tell me how to fix it and I'll do it. By the way, one does not have a 20tanks after 5minutes. Protoss can also expand T_T

Well Scout clearly you can assume that since the map makes tanks strong protoss will just sit there and wait for the inevitable, not actually play himself. The protoss actually playing would be silly, and would make theory crafting virtually impossible since you'd all of a sudden have to consider two players not just one and consider everything that happens in a game, and then where would bwm be at? We'd be fucked cuz we'd have to test our own maps for once, and that would just suck.

Yeah I think red/blue mains are fine, not having played it yet.

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