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motw 41

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 10, 07 (Year, month, day)

Here we go again :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)Unholy GodsListoricMelee Picture0
(4)Path of Light1.2TravinMelee Picture0
(2)Three_SpiritsflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(2)ExileRSCup.SpitFire[7x]Melee Picture0
(2)EbullitionStarpartyMelee Picture0
(2)Ode to the sunSummerSkyMelee Obs Picture0
(2)Enemy_At_The_GatesflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

So I offer these 3 maps, look all very good to me.
Aw, comeon, Starparty, you can`t always nominate one of your maps by yourself... -_-

just kidding :P

Unholy Gods - n/c
Path of Light - sweet, but i definetly miss min-onlys.
Three_Spirits - looks nice, nothing special imo
Exile - best by now, but the naturals are very hard to defend atm.
Ebullition - the shape is quite awesome, but tanks n the high-ground expansions might hinder movement a lot. But a hot candidate on MOTW as well.
ode to the sun is awesome.

But if we want it to have in a MOTW-tournament, we need an observer-version too, and I can't make it if it is protected. So we need to be aware of that.
a propos observer version, i really am to dumb to create one, have you created obs versions for all motws? Maybe you could write the triggers (or even add them to your database) to download them maybe?
That would be great :)
This weeks MOTW sugguestions are all awesome... hard to decide. Still a lot of 2 player maps. I'd wish to see more 4 player maps.
See, we just force SP to make his next competetion on 4-player maps with 128*128 on Badland+jungle or something, and we will be flooded with good 4 player maps :D

ode to the sun is not protected anymore, so it gets my vote. Maybe we'll see more korean maps here from now on, can't be that bad neither ;)
ode to the sun looks really nice
It's incredible what maps are in the pool this wekk, absolutely incredible.
yeah, I cannot believe I waited so long for coming here 8[

my suggestion for next SP random competition:

2on2 map, 64x64!

Uh, you are allowed to suggest one map to 2 parallel running contests?
Sure. The MOTW is definetely the most important competition here, Starpartys Random Competiton are Fun Competitions who force you to think different. Both are different and for that, the jury is different and the "award" as well, so, sure, you can post whatever you want to whatever contest you want, even if it's the same map for different contests.

Or have you seen a rule forbidding this? ;)

Anyway, the weekend comes closer and we should start duscussing about the pool. What map is the best?
Three spirits look like a simple and comprehendable map too. Could give great macro battles..
Yeah, i like it too, it's nothing special anyway. Very basic and clean. have to agree on that.

ode to the sun looks awesome, but i'd say T > all here, so i wouldn't vote for it.

Ebullition also looks great, but i'd say T has an easy way defending his expansions and it also seems hard to break a T containment.

Exile is the best looking map this week i'd say, but the many doodads may be frustrating for Mass battles as well as Spitfire still hasn't thoguht about updating his map with a tankable expansionon the left and as well very hard to defend naturals. But still the hottest candidate for MOTW in my eyes. The temple path looks naet,but i somehow doubt that it will be used ingame.

Enemy at the gates looks like a high paced map, the distances are definetely short. The overall design is good, the look could be better imo.

Path of light is also neat, but it lacks on min-onlys as already said.

Unholy Gods is my baby <3

I don't care if it is imbalanced, I already fell in love with ode to the sun ;D MOTW!!
im not into exile though, and ode to the sun is too much like korhal in the design imo...

i dont understand what you mean with the t contain on ebullition.. the path behind the hill is really wide.
as said, it seems to be hard, i might be wrong :)

Yeah, OttS looks like a beautiful korhal, and more balanced somehow.

My favs are:

Unholy Gods
btw, what are the members of the committee deciding about MOTW?
Everyone who has a reputation here is allowed to vote (Well someone posting with 5 different names to make his map motw would be stopped^^)
Most of the time the decision was pretty undisputed.
So, even if I probably got no reputation here, I'll comment those maps.

Well, at first, I cannot cotton on to exile and ode to the sun.
Don't know why, but the design as a whole (even if it's done very deteiled and nice) does not fit with my taste. I just wouldn't like to play them.
And I disagree with those saying OttS would be a "better designed" korhal. It's _hell_ different. Having a large elevated path across the map doesn't make a map look/style like korhal.

Path of light looks neat, though the middle-design seems to be a mini-version of kaiber :P

Unholy Gods looks cool, I espacially like the design of the area around the natural and the cliff-expo in the back. But, I don't like the way of the neutral expansions at it is now...and maybe I'm wrong, but I miss some more tactical possibilities in mid- to lategame...
Nevertheless, it's really a cool map.

Ebullition looks best of all those maps imho.
It's fantastic design. I also see a suitable amount of tactical possibilities, though I think it will be hard to deny terran's expos.
But I'd really like to play it, for I has a great feeling about it.

Regarding my maps, I won't say anything except of the fact that they're the best.

No, kidding :D

If I'd have to award place 1-3, here's my personal ranking:

1) Ebullition
2) Enemy at the Gates (though I regret a bit having decided to make it very grey/brown for aspects of effect. But I still like its style)
3) Exile (would have been Unholy Gods if it had more tactical and strategical features)

And NO, I don't choose my nominées by the starting letter :o
Looks like it will be hart to make a decision this week.

Except for enemy at the gates, every one of the maps is ok to me as MOTW.
Flo, you're welcome ot comment and sugguest your ideas for the MOTW.

As long as these are all sugguestions, and an admin has to write the post, he will decide in the end. But the comments are worth a lot, after you can't decide on a map by yourself, personal taste just messes up an objective sight.

It's definetely the toughest decision this week.

I vote _against_ Unholy Gods. I think it's a fun map to play, but flo is right and the mid-game is not "exiting" enough imo. Might be lame after some games.

When i sum up - so far - Ebullition might be in lead by now. Maybe some comments on that map as well? Or other sugguestions?
well i cant vote for my own map :P
so ill say ode to the sun (?)
No, but you could state your opinions on all other maps as well!
panschk, what pushes you to exclude enemy at the gates so clearly?
(no offense)
If Unholy Gods is replaced by version II, I change my vote for third place from Exile to Unholy Gods II.
Ok guys, now it's getting into the hot phase (there is be a better idiom out there, i bet :P).

I still don't see a clear "winner" by now. The decision is just to tough to give motw away so fast, that's true, so, what to do!?
My vote goes to Ode to the sun.
Ode to the Sun looks awesome. I also love the Unholy Gods and the three spirits. Perhaps the Exile is the best... ehh I can't decide ^^
Ok, final vote now, which will count:

2)Enemy At The Gates
3)Unholy Gods II
Three Spirits
ok, someone has to write it and decide, i can't do it this week, maybe tomorrow afternoon.
my ranking:

1. Exile
2. Unholy Gods II.
3. Ode to the Sun
I know I have no repu here, but I wanted my opinion appear ^^
Enemy at the gates is a 2-player LT clone. This concept is so boring imo. Plus it has only average looks, so compared to some other maps it just falls short.

Well I already said my first choice would be ode to the sun, but as it won't win, my secound vote goes to Ebullition.

@lis: Don't panic, noone will die if we wait until tuesday to annoynce motw^^
specially since it isnt MotW tour week
btw is motwtour every 4 weeks or every month. That is not really the same!?
every 4 weeks
I'd say it is Ebullition? I write the newspost tuesday.
yeah, say it's ebullition.
yes, agreed
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