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Last update for (4)Industrial Disease : 2006, 01, 21 21:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
789 (4)Industrial Disease 128*128ScoutWBF0.1final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

... bad
If you think the concept was stolen by one of the korean maps...yes i stole it.

Its still a pretty basic 4player map and it came out pretty good but there are just some doodads cause of the few avaible Doodads for the street thingies.

PLs some comments XD
Simply curve and unsuccessful card at which it is unpleasant to look. Yes, I don't love stupid cards and at once I speak, that they bad, unlike many who try to be pretentious due to lie. Probably, someone cards is pleasant. gl
very nice from the look
don't pay ANY attention to mOsQ, please.

-re-arrange the center expos, the minerals in the middle just confuse unit AI. better erase them, you`ve got enough expansions, esp. ones with gas
-make mains unsiegable from the structure-highground and the holes between it
-place the single gas in main to the natural, makes more sense. if you want to have a single gas on this map for zerg, due to the small ways, place a normal one at natural and a depleted into main
-make the V-notches in the center small, so you cannot drop on them, and you can open up the center via this
- the 12h and 6h expos, that block the path, have weird gas placement, make it normal, so units don't get even more confused
-the center is very tight, no room for large 2on2-battles. I'd remove the blocking wall to 3h and 9h -expos completely (look GMCS)

overall a very very very VERY nice map imo
you have improved a lot - esp. designwise - and with some tweaking (i wrote some points), that's a great map.

but still, give credit to the mentioned map (I know which you mean, cannot remember name right now) in the map description
I wnat to stress one more time that you shall NOT pay ANY attentioon to -vv|mOsQ
I made an extra gas in main instead of placing it at the naturals because it would have become a problem with siege tanks cause they could easyly attack the gas at some positions while it would be impossible for tanks to shoot the gas at other positions.

I will try to improve the map.Thanks Flo.
when you remove the walls at 3h&9h-expos (which I really suggest), this won't be a problem anymore actually
Ok changed some things.

The middle quite reminds me of LT XD
Actually i think that this is your best map for now. Good job. It reminds me of 2 korean maps (i forget the names), but still it's good. Only the teals expand have a problem. You might remove some of the wall behind it, to have some room, as the other expands. And on this map, one thing is for sure. Zerg will have hard time if he try to go FE. The distance is just very big from mains... And there is something else that worries me. I think that with this long coridors, terran will have advantage in his push, espacialy if he sige tanks behind the wall near the naturals.
imo, remake it to 100% symmetry and it will be really nice looking too
oh, it's disease btw
Who cares about the name?!
well, if you want to publisch something, you shouldn't make spelling mistakes in the name :P
Ok ok i will correct it XD
this looks so weird lol

It looks like you designed the map for ~110*128 until you realised that there was more space at the right border of the map. This of course leads to positional imbalances. Huge ones ;(

I don't think you can save this map without rebuilding. 127 / 2 = 63.5, not 58 or something T_T
btw I say that because I like the map except for that. Otherwise I would not care.
Seems like that.This could get horrible for me XD
Updated.Mineral only minerals have 500 minerals and the big mineral field in the middle has 1200 each.
The middle looks so hot! XD
It's a pretty tight center. I fear terran will claim it too easily without room for flanking.
500minerals are mined pretty fast. I don't think there should be a problem but I will test it.^^
Cmon give me some comments!
Doesnt those walls obstruct the pathing=?
Nope they don't.I just tested it.My SCVs slided along the minerals and scouted normaly.
Symmetrically it is disgusting
Its not symmetrical...
good map !!!

Should I replace the mineral wall with neutral buildings?Oo
I actually think that the new version is not good. you already did _much_ better, this looks as if you had fallen back to a level you passed some time ago.

why didn't you just re-build the former version? it was way better, and it had lots of style.

this current version again has too much "pointlessness". the minonlywall for example, it won't affect gameplay in a good way. try to think how you would feel ingame while playing - provided of course you're excluding the fact you're the author.
Actually its the same just that the buildings in the middle are bigger.I will decorate the map a bit.Forgot to do it.^^
Decorated and minerl wall was replaced by a building wall.They have 800 HP and 1 Armor.
SE crashes when opening the map.

I don`t see what good unit walls do here...
Mhhhh dunno why it crashes.

The unit walls are for reducing the space in the early game but adding space in late game.
I think I have to change norad II into power generators too because Norad still has 700HP on melee even when I changed it to 800
lol, you did not know that T_T
I will change it then.
I even opened the centre up XD
Wow those sami-air expands got 11 min blocks the first one, and 10 min blocks the second one. Don't you think that terran will feel very comfortable, just to take those both expands?
Also make both bottom gas expands, infront of the players, make their gas stations at the bottom of the expands. Right now one of the gas is on top, wich is easy to kill from center, and the other one will make bad pathfinding.
Oh, and imo, this map needs more simetry. If it's going to be a mirror, then make it look good. Right now the center is just crooked.
LGI tell me one of your messanger(ICQ,MSN or something) and we will talk about it there ok?^^
ICQ# 289478142

Bur right now i am going to a party, and then i have to go to work, from there so i will be back in 23 hours i guess...
No comments anymore?^^

By the way the 10mineral expands are only 1200 each mineral block.That means its the same amount as a 8mineral expand with 1500 per block.
Im pretty disapointed that you neither post comments nor submited this map to the MotW competition 8[
I think I have to move the natural down right a bit to the right side of the map.
well as you beg for it..

I think it is a solid map, the symmetry is still not perfect, something that would help the map a lot imo.
Have you even played it yourself?
Nope but with who should I play it?I dont know anybody XD
If you're looking for someone to play with, I am usually on east in either channel public chat kj or op sen. Just msg Guru_Pekkel.
kk I will contact you^^
Here is a new version of the map!

-more space at the lower middle expansion
-moved expansion of purple more to the right.

If you still have suggestions tell me!

-Some small terrain changes
I would move naturals closer to choke/base.
I will think about it^^
Name fits ^^
Yep and now you write a comment with more than 2 words^^
There were some bugs in the map if you played it,for example missing buildings.
I fixed them by the way^^
Change the center gas. Top and bottom aren't symmetrical, and i think you inteded it to be so.

Also, in my eyes, the map totally lacks of doodads and a nice overall look. I also miss cliffs or some tactical elements.

Pathfinding looks fucked up because of the neutral buidings somehow. not a big deal though.

Good, but not overwhelming.
I say it again:Pathfinding is normal!units dont get stuck etc.!

As it is now, it doesn't look appealing to me. Quite the same overall. Just black and brown. Also it seems as you tried to make it symmetrical, but it obviously isn't, which realyl fucks up the look of it totally, in my eyes.

Also you could change the minerallines with a space between them for reavers, and pull them off of the mapedge to help units drive behind it.
Remade centre decoration.It looks pwnage now!

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