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Last update for (2)Odd-Eye 4.2c : 2024, 06, 23 03:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5507 (2)Odd-Eye 4.2c otherskb9728_CyGnus, modified by Suricatta4.0finalground

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v4.0 Uploaded 28 January 2023.

Odd-Eye was made by skb9728_CyGnus for MSL in 2009.

Changes from v3.0:
-Updated mineral lines to modern format
-Updated natural choke points to modern layout
-Slightly increased size of main bases
-Added gas to high ground 3rd base
-Added 1 mineral patch to high ground 3rd base
-Added 1 mienral patch to the 3/12 o'clock mineral bases
-Removed 2 mineral patches from bot left base
-Changed double-gas bases to 3k/3k split
-Made main base ramps wallable with depot/rax or 3 pylons
-Made high ground third base ramps wallable
-Made various choke points tight-wallable
-Increased width of cliff near bot left base so it can't be tanked from the low ground
-Mirrored tree doodad behind minerals in triangle base
-Removed extra doodad near 9 o'clock large ramp
-Fixed vortex bug on top left main ramp
-Fixed height bugs on ramps
-Fixed drop holes in some terrain
-Fixed bridge visuals for Remastered graphics

Updated 29 January 2023:
-Fixed Zergling holes in natural expansions
modified by Suricatta
Lovely <3
With added Geysers to the bottom left bases, you should probably do away with the double gas bases.
I did take the additional gas into consideration, so I reduced the amount of gas in the corner bases. The v3.0 had a 2500/5000 split in the bot left and a 5000/5000 split in the top right, and I reduced both of these to 3000/3000 (same as Eclipse double gas base). The v4.0 has the standard 12 geysers for this size of modern 2p map, though the total gas is lower (Butter has 11x5000 and 1x3000, Eclipse has 10x5000 and 2x3000, this has 8x5000 and 4x3000). I think this amount of gas is fairly standard, and it should be fine as is.
I love this map! is one of my favorties! Is there any chance you will ever change the southwest mineral formations? so the gas on top of the hatchery won't cause path issue with units trying to defend it?

Take a look at the corner expo at Eclipse, the geysers are near the border of the map, and not in the middle of the path from one ramp to another.

But in Odd-Eye, one of the geysers is in the middle of the way.

I also disliked the top right corner and i personally think both corner expos at Odd-Eye should have mineral formations and geysers placed like in the corner expo at Eclipse. But that might be just my personal opinion hehe...

Nice work!!!
Could definitely place Geysers more Eclipse-like here. Geyser positions aren't optimal anyway.
4.1 Changelog, 8 February 2023:
-Rearranged mineral lines in the corner bases.

Thanks for the suggestion Testbug!
4.2 Changelog, 19 April 2024:
-Increased cliff size in the natural expansion so that the cliff is touching the Vespene Geyser.
4.2b Changelog, 24 April 2024:
-Changed buildability on bottom right main base ramp to make it a 2 depot + rax wall instead of 1 depot + rax. This mirrors the requirements for top left spawn.
4.2c Changelog, 22 June 2024:
-Fixed mining bug for Zerg in bottom right main.

--SCRVN vs MrThang(1on1, 1.16)

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