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Last update for (3)Venus Illegitima : 2007, 07, 16 06:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2337 (3)Venus Illegitima 128*96Nureru0.6beta

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

I haven't decorated the map yet, before you mention the ugliness. Just wanted to get that out of the way right now.

Uh, gas in the main is 2000 on the left one and 3000 on the right, main mins are all 2000.

You can't see in the picture but there's a couple of Zeratul blocking the ramp into that secluded expo from the main base.

I wanted to know if this was a decent enough idea to go about decorating it, or if it could be fixed to be a decent enough idea. I just didn't really want to spend another few hours decorating a map and then get lampooned for having a stupid idea.
Please don't use Zeratuls. In a 1v1 a person could probably manage to mind control 1, if not 2 of them, if desired. It's kind of lame that protoss, with a bit of tech and time, can get a super ninja. If you need a stronger block, put in two, even 3 layers of DTs, but NOT zertatul.

There's too much snow. More grass, more dirt, less eye-cancer.

Also, I have one issue with this map, balance wise. North has 6 bases. 1 of them defends 2 others (the min only, which has the main and expo behind it), while the other 3 bases all require their own legit defense. South side has 7 bases and 2 of them defend two others. Furthermore, the central one south side is back against the wall, instead of in the middle. Because of this, I'd say south is definitely stronger than north. If you buff north somewhat, I think this map would really have some potential.

I hadn't even considered mind control. Thanks for the heads up. Changed the Zeratul to regular DT. Also, I went through and added in another expo up top, scooted one of the expos up top left some, and made the top pretty much dirt and grass. The ice never bothered me, but I do know it bothers a bunch of other people, so I'll aim to please :D

Went through and added in a bunch of doodads. Not entirely sure how you guys spend so long decorating your maps. I'm probably just not very good at it, but it only took me like an hour and a half O.o

Don't think the middle design stands out as much now :(
Where is the 3rd playa????
12, 5 and 7
Oh i cudnt see :(
Thanks for the heads up on the tank, Deathman.
erm...your welcome? I am only thinking that that is possible.
No, I tested it, and you were right. I fixed that issue pronto. Something like that would just be silly to overlook.
pronto = soon?
Pronto is quickly and without delay. It was the very first thing on my agenda.
My other thought is how 12 and 5 will fight each other for the 2 o clock long expo.

Oh and I think that from the nat of 12 o clock playa you can tank the expo below it.
I would suggest turning it into a 2 player
Quick edit, put in some min blocks in the inbase expo. I also added in critters, since I was added to the contest o.O

Read the rules, and turns out I needed them, so there they are.
3 easy gaysers.
maybe a xel naga temple in the inside exp so it will delay terran to get the 3rd gass?

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