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Last update for (4)Backwater Station : 2006, 06, 01 05:12
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1136 (4)Backwater Station 128*128NastyMarine0.1final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (13 elements)

Looks a bit like Satterchasm/memory cell. Pretty nice.

You have some problems with positions though. Normally the choke for the bottom right player should be on top, now it is a it messud up, like on LT.
lol yeah.

except htat, pretty nice.
my idea for this map was to keep it as asymmetrical as i can... its suttin different and i think it turned out real nice. i wanted close positions.. far postions.. drop positions etc..
i'd made blues nat on top of his base.

looks good
yeah ... i was going to do that but then i culdnt make blues area balanced.. it wuldnt have even looked the same as the other 3 bases. so thats my little dilemma.. but other than that i think i did a pretty good job with it
it looks like blue and teal have massively favored positions
the 3 expos of all player are in different position...
yea early game red and teal are favored and then later game other 2 positions are favored....considering most games are shorter id say red and teal are a little too favored.
well yeah i planned it to be that way.. i thought hey i was going asymmetrical in the first place so i used it.. its pretty balanced for each base's differences and shuldnt cause too many problems that are any worse than recent pgt and wcg maps.. so i sed what the hell haha
maps shouldnt favor other positions.
Fix blue main.
Fix min only expos for red/teal.
Nice map.
honestly i really cant change blues main unless i change everything else on the map to mirror blues changes.

"Fix min only expos for red/teal"

i want everything assymmetrical and changing those positions will def ruin my intent.
Update: Modified some terrain .. took out some space out of red's base. extra decorations added.. comments?
assymetrical = unbelanced, like LT
its not as bad as many of u suggest. its really not as worthless as a couplee of u lay the map down to be
I have you alone said the truth I did not want to insult your map. ...
Well how about removing the bridges at 12? So the distance becomes a bit bigger, and the path could be opened up a bit?
actually im thinkin about removing both bridges at 6 so i can make a wider bridge with another program. and possibly do that witht eh 12 o clock bridges too.
Satterchasm on badlands?
haha yea a bit different tho.. theres similarities but there are many differences too
it is quite standard, that's what it has in common. and there are two bridges together ~~
Looks kinda hard for z to d early game from mnm and whatnot for all sls except teal
Updated the map to make some of the positions more fair. the close positions have a huge bridge for flanking room. the 12 o clock position needed to be changed a bit b/c it was too open. fixed it up a bit... comments???
I put some GMCS for your map. Basically what I'm suggesting is moving mineral exps of Red and Blue bases farther from nats.

If the distance becomes longer, the Red and Blue would be difficult to take min. exps as Purple and Teal do.

I think this will keep the assymetric property of the map and improve the balance among main bases.

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