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Last update for (2)Honor Guide Me : 2006, 11, 13 06:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1119 (2)Honor Guide Me 128*96maximumdan0.4final

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 25 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

still a sketch, mineral count at mains and nats could be more orthodox but i thought i would give this a try.
I like how you've moved the main battlefield away from the center. It's always interesting to try that. That's what I tried to do with Leviathan, make the battlefields a bit different.

Wasn't Bill307's Counterpoint a lot like this? This is cool, I like it.

But, I'd say it would look/fit much better in a 128x96... or 96x128, one or the other :P. I'm gonna take a guess and say that this map used to be called 'Skyshroud Sentry'

Overall: nice execution of a different style.
I like the style too. However the bottom right island is going to be taken all by one player in a game, Im not sure that its such a great setup.

Work on execution skills too

ya a little bit now that i look at it, both have a high ground route and a low route to get to opponent's nat, and 1 or 2ramps in the middle for more flanking.

mine has the back door nat entrance which i think would alllow more strategy though when it comes to putting a base attack together. my expos are also more in the battle field rather than secluded off safely to the sides.

just for the record, i had not seen bill's map before making this.
so much gasssssssssss
I like it. It's not the normal map setup, and it looks good too.

My only suggestions are in the GMCS. Remove 2 of the expos in the bottom right portion of the map, but keep the large one and add a geyser. As it is now, the player who controls that island will have an additional 3 geysers and mass minerals.

Actually, i really don'`t get it why anyne is making a map smaller than 128x96. The distances between bases is just to small, the island totally overcrowded with minerals.

It may be a good map if it was 128x128 with the same layout :/
you said you liked my 96x96 map avalanche o.o :p

also that is the point of under 128x96, small map for increased action/micro/units count for more etc.

i HATE 128x128 maps there so god dam big and all these dumb mass battles and so much cash. imo SC games should be like 30 mins tops.
well, you can hardly put much tacical possibilities into 96
128 x 96, new bottom right that might have too many minerals. still needs decoration.
modified by maximumdan
u can do much better with this layout.. remodel the botttom right so its more extravagent
do they make an editor where you can work zoomed out seeing the whole map?
they already did. scmdraft2. by zooming out, you can see about 90-95% of the map. don't ask me why they didn't make a "zoom to whole map"-feature...
Oh damn... frankly dan, this looks really nice man. Let's game on it some time, yeah?
Not enough gas.
8 gas now, made bottom right nicer with more doodads.

epidiOn i am bogmonster on useast
I'd open up the nat a bit more, even if there are two entrances. Right now that little entrance is TINY.
widened entrances to nats and improved bottom right
modified by maximumdan
Imo there is too much money at the bottom right island. 5 expos on one island is too much, esp. when they are so close to each other.

I like the non-symetrical style you have though.
Eh, I never get credit for mentioning things first.

The gas on blues nat will keep units from getting up top easily if the player has the gas being mined.

@NastyMarine, there isnt actually that much gas, take a look at the mainland, 2 each player, then on the island itll give a boost to the player that takes it.

interesting random map, could use an inverted ramp to correct positional imbalance of the main-nat distance =/
not to mention the huge difference in main size. If someone above mentioned this, I didn't read all of them.

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